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Petition to John Emmett Valkyrie

Demand Safety @ The Beat MegaClub

Disclaimer : This petition is designed to show community support in assisting The Beat MegaClub to become safe and accessible to patrons. We accept no legal responsibility for garnering support for this change, neither do we make knowingly false claims. We want to work with the venue to make it safe and enjoyable for our community.  This petition demands policy reformation by The Beat Megaclub, Brisbane after events taking place on Friday 6 July 2018 endangered the Queer Collaborations Conference Attendees. There was drink spiking and assault reported by multiple attendees. However, when notifying staff and security, neither would assist in the crisis. The complacency around drink spiking and assault allows it to happen and keeps rape culture alive. We demand that The Beat Megaclub, Brisbane engages in best practice by reforming and enacting its policy on managing and assisting with crisis, as well as developing policy on screening staff and patrons before they enter the venue for substances other than necessary medication.  We demand public apology. We demand reformation of policy at The Beat Megaclub.  We expect return of cover charge for the complacency of staff and security which endangered our safety. We want The Beat Megaclub to hear the voice of the community that keeps it alive, and to respond as requested, and with respect. We do not want to have to boycott The Beat Megaclub as it is one of the most iconic queer spaces in Brisbane. 

John Emmett Valkyrie
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Petition to Erik Barmack, John Barbieri, Ray Hopkins, Shawn Makhijani, Peter Rice, Marie Holive, Beatrice Springborn, David Charmatz, Nick Grad, Peter Roth

A compelling story audiences are waiting for - The 100 Spinoff: Lexa and the Grounders

The 100 Spinoff: Lexa and the Grounders #LexaSpinoff You see, Lexa did not die at all. The stray bullet severely wounded her, and Titus' forceful extraction of the Flame traumatized her mind. But she did not die. The Flamekeeper had to make a split-second decision: leave his weakened Heda at the mercy of the clans or fake her death and bring her to safety to preserve the chance of achieving the goal they have been working towards all this time. He had Anya’s father, a renegade Elder and healer, look after her in a secret location near Polis, before taking her out of the Coalition lands. The removal of the Flame from its rightful carrier resulted in a loss of memory and identity. She would need time to recover to find her way back to herself, her people, and everything that was important to her. This is a story of Earth’s future and Lexa’s survival. Because Jason Rothenberg knows nothing! Lexa and the Grounders Deserve A Better Story The 100 has failed some of its most promising characters and storylines, namely Lexa and the Grounders. Anya, Lexa, Lincoln, Nia, Ontari, Roan and Luna have all been killed off for the sake of propping up a forced plot in which the invaders from space are portrayed as heroes. Many fans of The 100 and the vast majority of the Clexa fandom dream about a spinoff series or movie which will give them the story we really want to see: that of the Grounders, told through the perspective of their greatest Commander, Lexa, played by Alycia Debnam-Carey. There are many ways to tell this story but we are particularly intrigued by the above story concept, thought up and written by @kattaloop, in which Lexa survives The 100’s tropes and inconsistent writing. It also paves the way for the kind of world building and backstory to make for intriguing television. With your help, we hope to expand on Kat’s concept and campaign for a network or production company to pick up the idea of a #LexaSpinoff and make it reality - without the involvement of Jason Rothenberg. Please sign this petition with your reasons for wanting a spinoff and share it with everyone you know. For more of everything, visit our website which will be updated with content and information as it becomes available. You may get in touch with us using the Website's contact section or via @lexaspinoff on Twitter. Long live Heda!

LexaSpinoff Project Group
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Petition to VCAA

Alter the Victorian Curriculum to Include Women's, POC and LGBT+ History

Every Victorian student completes history to some extent, be it in primary school or secondary school, be it an elective or a mandatory subject. Students of colour, female students and LGBT+ students all take it too- and I'm one of them.  As interesting as the history curriculum is, there is a staggering lack of inclusion in its course. Women's history, LGBT+ history and history of colour is often left out in the cold. I urge history teachers in their next class, just ask your students "what were the Stonewall Riots?" or "Who was Marsha P. Johnson?" and see what their responses are- let alone if anyone can give a correct answer.  History pertaining to specific groups and minorities is just as important as general history or infamous wars. The VCAA website states that its curriculum is established to educate students on their history and where they came from. Teach students who fought for women's rights in Australia, teach students about the history behind Pride Month, teach students about the progression of the rights of indigenous peoples.  It's the 21st century, and my generation, Generation Z, is the most sexually and racially diverse generation ever. So let us start learning about it. Teach us what led to us becoming the most racially and sexually diverse generation yet, despite homophobia and racism. Teach us about feminism and the women that led the way, from brave nurses that aided in the most gory of wars to powerful politicians that broke through the glass ceiling against all odds.  I'm not asking for a total revamp of the curriculum, I'm not asking for you to stop teaching us about World War Two or to gloss over the Cold War. I'm just asking for an inclusive curriculum, one that will teach ALL students about their history and past, and make them appreciate their present and future. I'm asking for a history that's not white-washed. I'm asking for a history that's not all about men or heterosexuals or cis people. I'm asking for my history and the history of students of colour, the history of women and the history of the LGBT+ community.  VCAA, you want us to understand where we came from, our family trees and the formation of our country and our world. Women, POC and LGBT+ people aren't only a part of it- they created it. So stop hiding it from us. Share it. Help us understand it so that we can carry on their legacy. I want to learn about my history and where I came from, and don't we all? So I ask of you, VCAA, tell me where I came from and tell my peers and students to come where they came from and the effects that these oppressed groups had on Australia and on the world. Tell us how they helped make our country into the beautiful, accepting nation it is today. Help us learn about what went right, what went wrong, what challenges they faced and what they accomplished.  Parents, it's your child's past, present and future. Educators, it's your passion. Students, it's your story. It's time to accept and include it. 

Keelia E
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