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Please repeal Penal Code 377A in Singapore

There has been a renewed call by prominent figures recently to challenge and repeal the penal code section 377A in the light of recent events, when India's Supreme Court made a decision on the same issue. However, some (Paul P.) have taken to the internet to remind people that Singapore is a conservative society which values family tradition and values, and that by keeping the Penal Code, we would be showing the future generations that the act of marriage should only be kept as "an acceptable norm" between a man and a woman, saying that by supporting the LGBT, we are imposing on a silent majority. While I can understand where he might be coming from, I would like to voice a concern that I am sure a lot of us share.  While the concept of LGBT might be frowned upon by many, we must understand that what it really is, is the expression that Love has no boundaries, and it is a beautiful thing. While it is against the religions of many, we must also understand that Penal Code 377A is a law, and we must respect that Singapore is characterised by a diversity of religious beliefs and practices due to its diverse ethnic mix of peoples originating from various countries, and the Law is not made to impose religious practises on others, if not there would be Laws against eating beef, pork or meats as a whole. Singapore was built on accepting and appreciating the similarities and differences of those around us, so if we can respect and understand people around us of different races and religions, why can't we also learn to respect and understand the people around us of different sexualities? Many question why the LGBT will not be "normal" and just love someone from the opposite sex; but the reality is that the LGBT do not choose to be LGBT, but they are what they are thus should it be for us to make their love illegal? By keeping Penal Code 377A are we not imposing on them?  On that subject of imposing, how would legalising the marriage between two people in love be "imposing" on others? Just because homosexual marriage is made legal, does not mean that one is obligated to marry a homosexual, if one is a heterosexual, then one has a heterosexual marriage, if one is a homosexual, one has a homosexual marriage.    But I digress.   The point is that I am encouraged by the actions the world is taking to become more inclusive and accepting of the different people around us, and at the end of the day LGBT is a beautiful thing, and maybe we cannot understand that but we can understand that it is somebody else's life, and they have a right to be happy too.   I am sure I am not the only person who feels this way, so let us show the others. Show the others that LGBT is a beautiful thing. Show the others that we should really be more open and accepting and respectful. Show the others,   that Love has no limits.   *All use of the term LGBT refers to ALL sexualities not limited to Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals or Trans.    ALSO PLEASE VOTE BECAUSE EVERY VOTE COUNTS THANK YOU SO MUCH !! Also feel free to support the other petitions as we are all fighting for the same thing!

Kyle M.
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Petition to John Emmett Valkyrie

Demand Safety @ The Beat MegaClub

Disclaimer : This petition is designed to show community support in assisting The Beat MegaClub to become safe and accessible to patrons. We accept no legal responsibility for garnering support for this change, neither do we make knowingly false claims. We want to work with the venue to make it safe and enjoyable for our community.  This petition demands policy reformation by The Beat Megaclub, Brisbane after events taking place on Friday 6 July 2018 endangered the Queer Collaborations Conference Attendees. There was drink spiking and assault reported by multiple attendees. However, when notifying staff and security, neither would assist in the crisis. The complacency around drink spiking and assault allows it to happen and keeps rape culture alive. We demand that The Beat Megaclub, Brisbane engages in best practice by reforming and enacting its policy on managing and assisting with crisis, as well as developing policy on screening staff and patrons before they enter the venue for substances other than necessary medication.  We demand public apology. We demand reformation of policy at The Beat Megaclub.  We expect return of cover charge for the complacency of staff and security which endangered our safety. We want The Beat Megaclub to hear the voice of the community that keeps it alive, and to respond as requested, and with respect. We do not want to have to boycott The Beat Megaclub as it is one of the most iconic queer spaces in Brisbane. 

John Emmett Valkyrie
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