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Petition to Paul Ryan, Ed Royce

Reject the racist, anti-Azerbaijani resolution at U.S. Congress

On Sep. 26, 2017, Congressman Christopher Smith (R-N.J.) and Congressman Jim McGovern (D-MA) have introduced a resolution called “Promoting United States national security and foreign policy objectives through consolidation and strengthening of the rule of law and respect for human rights in the Republic of Azerbaijan” in the House of Representatives of the U.S. Congress.  This resolution, if passed and enacted, will inflict a tremendous damage on one of the most important friendships the U.S. has in the world, namely the long-lasting friendship with the Republic of Azerbaijan, which is a secular nation in the Caspian region and an exemplary model for interfaith tolerance and harmony. Congressmen Smith and McGovern have introduced this resolution primarily at the behest of the well-financed Armenian lobby, which pursues only one goal: to damage Azerbaijan as much as possible. The reason behind Armenian lobby's pathological hatred and racism against Azerbaijan is quite clear: Armenia still holds a considerable part of Azerbaijan's territory under occupation after expelling 800,000 Azerbaijanis from these occupied lands. And advocating for Armenia's corrupt and abusive government, the Armenian lobby in America does its best to legitimize this illegal occupation and cover up the brutal ethnic cleansing, as well as damage Azerbaijan-U.S. strategic relationship. Therefore this resolution is extremely biased and unfair towards Azerbaijan, which is the most valuable and reliable U.S. friend in a difficult neighborhood.  Considering the tremendous value and importance of the U.S.-Azerbaijan friendship as well as the biased nature of this document being heavily pushed by an ethnic special interest group, the resolution should definitely be rejected. We urge the U.S. Congress to vehemently reject the resolution “Promoting United States national security and foreign policy objectives through consolidation and strengthening of the rule of law and respect for human rights in the Republic of Azerbaijan” that would damage first and foremost America’s own national interests.

Andrew Green
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Petition to Das Williams, Janet Wolf, Joan Hartman, Steve Lavagnion, Peter Adam

Save Goleta Beach Park for today and future generations

Goleta Beach Park (GBP) through its history has experienced both ends of mother natures forces with wide beaches, and major erosion without much sand.  Sandy beaches not only provide the beach experiences we all enjoy, but they are a natural buffer for landward assets in a park setting for grass lawns, picnic benches, playgrounds, restrooms, and parking facilities. And as important, they are home to a wide variety of marine and biological habitat that live and migrate in the coastal zone. Because of the 2016-17 El Nino storms GBP was ravaged again with major winter storm activity with high surf and landward penetration. Fortunately about 2/3 of the Parks property is protected by rock buffer and these areas were mostly spared any permanent damage. However the mid-section of the park began experiencing erosion and our Santa Barbara County Parks Department installed a new rock buffer in real time thereby providing the same protection afforded to all other assets in the park.  However the rocks were installed under an emergency permit with the California Coastal Commission (CCC) which expires shortly. The Supervisors have a vote to decide the fate of this new protection on August 22, 2017. This petition ask for your support for the following different options at GBP for consideration at the Supervisors hearing: The new rock revetment installed 2017 in the mid-section of the Park be incorporated with modifications into the existing 20 year Conditional Use Permit permitted in 2015 with the same monitoring and reporting in the Adaptive Management Plan governing the Park today. The best protection of coastal landward assets is wider beach buffers.  The County should continue to provide beach nourishment through County Flood Control bringing sand sediment into GBP to supplement natural accretion. Santa Barbara County should study sand accretion reefs for accelerating natural sand deposits and accretion at Goleta Beach Park , providing a natural buffer zone during major storm activities, wider beaches for the recreation enjoyment for all visitors, and improving the coastal zone marine habitat.  One approach is The Fish Reef Project, a world-wide nonprofit that is willing to invest in populating these accretion reefs in the Goleta Bay after feasibility and modeling studies are documented for County and State agencies to agree in permitting. Santa Barbara County should study restoring the historic kelp beds in the Goleta Bay that were destroyed in the El Nino storms over the past 30 years. Kelp beds are returning in small areas in the bay today, and along our coastline, which have impacts to natural sediment transport in the Goleta Littoral Subcell (starting a Coal Oil Point moving easterly past GBP).  These sand-dwelling kelp beds have been studied independently for their biological approach to restoring the entire Goleta Bay for their calming effects on wave and tidal activity, and the marine environment.   Goleta Beach Park is the most visited recreational park in the County with over 1.4M visitations a year.  We ask the Santa Barbara Supervisors to please support these various options as you are the citizens guardians in protecting this beach/park environment for the enjoyment of today's and future generations of visitors. Our group is also raising funds to continue fighting to save Goleta Beach Park. Funds collected will support the Save Goleta Beach Park efforts lead by Friends of Goleta Beach Park and The Reef Project,  a non-profit organization. Click here to support at our  Go Fund Me Campaign.

Friends of Goleta Beach Park
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Petition to Lynne Goldbach

Repeal of taxability of Security Payments for Senior Citizens

This issue is to ask that an injustice in the tax code to be corrected in the reform that will be happening this year. It deals with Code Section 86 which deals with the taxability of Social Security Benefits on seniors. Senior Citizen have tried to save for the future. They hope and pray that their pension fund, and Social Security Benefit will give a comforts retirement. Seniors are overwhelmed now when it comes to cost of food, housing, medical and prescription drugs.  Many States in the union do not tax Social Security payments for their State income tax.  Thus, my suggestion is the Code Section 86 be repealed in entirety. However, if this does not happen, it should be updated. Code Section 86 was put into law on April 20, 1983 It became effective for all tax years after 1984.It reads as follows: Social Security Per IRS Web site: Tax Formula.  Here’s a quick way to find out if a taxpayer must pay taxes on their Social Security benefits: Add one-half of the Social Security income to all other income, including tax-exempt interest. Then compare that amount to the base amount for their filing status. If the total is more than the base amount, some of their benefits may be taxable Base Amounts. The three base amounts are: $25,000 – if taxpayers  are single, head of household, qualifying widow or widower with a dependent child or married filing separately and lived apart from their spouse for all of 2016$32,000 – if they are married filing jointly$0 – if they are married filing separately and lived with their spouse at any time during the year. Maximum taxable part. Generally, up to 50% of your benefits will be taxable. However, up to 85% of your benefits can be taxable if either of the following situations applies to you.  The total of one-half of your benefits and all your other income is more than $34,000 ($44,000) if you are married filing jointly).  Proposed Ideas: 1) Repeal totally 2) If not repealed, the exclusion for Married filing joint should be increased from $32,000 to $50,000 for 50% rate. (Single rate $25,000 x 2 = $50,000 or new married exclusion) . If not repealed, the exclusion for Married filing joint should be increased from $34,000 to $68,000 for 85% rate. (Single rate $34,000 x 2 = $68,000 or new married exclusion) .  Since 1984 to 2017, the consumer price index has increased by 134.6%. Each year, Revenue Procedures announce increase in rates for various other parts of the tax code. It includes increases for Tax Tables, Exemptions, Child Tax Credits and many more items.  For a listing of the items, please see the following: Revenue Procedure:  2015-53 Revenue Procedure: 2016-55 However, there has never been an adjustment due to inflation for Code Section 86. A paper was completed in 2015 which addresses the inflation issue. Past changes to tax law have benefitted families with children substantially by increasing exemptions, child tax credit, earned income credit, and college credits. It is now time to help out the middle class elderly people by repealing the tax on Social Security or at least make it fair and equitable based on changes in the economy of the United States over the past 33 years.  If not repealed,  the  50% single taxable new rates with Consumer Price Index should be $33,650.00. ($25,000 x 134.6%), and the married filing joint should be $67,300 ($33,650 single updated rate X 2). The 85% single taxable new rate  be $45,800.00. ($34,000 x 134.6%), and the married filing joint should be 91,600.00 ($45.800 single updated rate X 2).          

LJ Goldbach
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