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Mountain Bike Trails in Door County

Please sign this petition if you would like to see purpose built, single track mountain biking trails in Door County!   Door County Silent Sports Alliance maintains that recreation is important for all aspects of life and indeed forms a lifestyle.  In Door County we are blessed with a multitude of parks and waters to recreate on.  However, one of the major silent sports is noticeably absent on the peninsula, and that is mountain biking. DCSSA is currently working with national and regional trail building and advocacy experts, and local property managers and officials, to establish a county-wide purpose built trail system in Door County that will appeal to everyone. Even though mountain biking is the driving force behind these trails, the majority of trails planned would support and appeal to multiple user groups such as walkers, hikers, runners, snowshoers, and fat bikers.   Mountain biking has stimulated the economy in numerous areas where high quality trail systems have been built. There are several areas in the Midwest that have benefited substantially from this approach by establishing and executing on plans to draw mountain bike tourists. A few of these are Duluth (MN), Marquette (MI), Copper Harbor (MI), and the Cable (WI) area trail systems, all of which have earned IMBA (International Mountain Bicycling Association) Ride Center designations which are recognized and promoted world wide. Door County already has the all the existing infrastructure and attractions to capitalize on the enhanced tourist visits. Door County residents, tourists, and businesses could benefit greatly from the added tourist draw, especially since these types of trails will draw tourists in the critical shoulder and winter seasons.    Not only are the trails instrumental in redirecting local young people from inside to outside and healthier pursuits, but also to the local business owner, who will see the dramatic effect that a high quality, well planned trail system has in increasing tourism. Benefits of a trail system are many, and effect a wide spectrum of the local population.   Whether you are a parent concerned about you children’s health, a teen who wants to be able to bike on fun, purpose built trails, or someone who would use the new trails for walking or snowshoeing, please help spread the word. Business owners, add your support and help draw bike tourists during the critical shoulder seasons and attract winter fat bike and snowshoe tourists.   YOUR support is critical in the success of our mission.  Please sign this petition if you would like to see more purpose built, single track mountain biking trails in Door County!

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Uncensor, in the sense of media + the public view, female breasts.

As times press forward, we must be progressive in our legislation. We can't stick with old traditional laws. They simply don't hold a place in modernized culture. The "Free The Nipple" movement is, to put it simply, the proposal that we should uncensor the female breast (more specifically the nipple) both in the sense of public view and the media.  Women's rights have been fought for for a little over a century. It all began in the late 1800s and early 1900s with the actions of Jane Addams, Susan B. Anthony, and other women's rights activists. One of the biggest milestones during this time was women earning the right to vote. Little by little, because of actions from people like Addams and Anthony, women have become more and more equal to men. A century later, we're still fighting to make women absolutely equal to men. The latest craze is the "Free The Nipple" movement. This might not seem like it's within the same ballpark as voting rights, but it's still a fight for equality, no? For some odd reason, only women's nipples are censored or deemed to be "inappropriate" in the sense of public view and media. Some media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, unfairly take down pictures of women with their breasts exposed while men are able to post topless photos of themselves without repercussion. If men are allowed to bare their chests on an Instagram post, women should be allowed to do the same. Considering this country was founded on puritan values, it's no question why any sort of "exposure" was considered indecent. However, men fought and won for their right to expose their chests in the 1930s. Prior to this, men also faced the same issue as women: risk of arrest for "indecent" exposure. Women should be able to enjoy the exact same freedoms as men. It's because of the risk of arrest, a criminal record, and being treated like a "freak" or "social outcast" from the stigma that some women are afraid to speak out and act. Social conformity is what's preventing us from being progressive. Realistically, in "modern" civilization, there should be no laws that bar any one gender, ethnicity, or color from the same freedoms others get to enjoy. Gender discrimination and sexism should no longer exist. If we want to progress as a nation, we can begin by not sexualizing breasts in situations they aren't meant to be sexualized in. Remember: The primary function of the breast is to feed children. It is NOT inherently sexual in the sense of sex. Fetishization of the breast is a purely a product of culture. They cannot be compared with genitalia. Also, don't forget: The media and especially the porn industry continue to sexualize breasts in culture because they make money off of it. If there's one extra thing they can make a quick buck with, you can bet they'll support it. In this case: they support the over-sexualization of female breasts. Since the media reaches out to large audiences, it has a huge influence on these audiences. Thus, the culture of over-sexualization spreads. If we fight for the Free The Nipple movement, soon enough, women will become closer in equality to men! No one should have to feel ashamed of their body!  Let's get rid of gender discrimination and sexism in the modern world once and for all! --- (Quick introduction of myself: My name is David A., and as I am writing this (4/23/2018), I am a 17-year-old senior in high school in New Jersey. I strive to be a humanitarian, philanthropist, human rights activist, and computer scientist when I grow up. Ever since I was a child, I've dreamt of making the world a better place. One of the biggest things I wished for was absolute equality amongst all races, colors, nationalities and between both genders. I dream of a world of peace, not of discrimination and hatred. As a child, I personally never sexualized breasts. My western culture taught me to sexualize breasts, but I never followed in its footsteps. It always seemed a little "off" to me. While others my age used terms such as "boobs" or "tits," I stuck with "breasts." Call me old-fashioned but... Recently, perhaps about 2-3 months ago, I was sitting in a car listening to the news. A story came on about a French figure skater's apparent "nip slip" while performing during the 2018 Olympics. "This? THIS made national headlines? The fact that the media is unnecessarily drawing attention to this event is bad enough," I thought to myself...)

David A.
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Petition to Ohio, Ohio State House, Ohio State Senate

Support & Advocate for Youth Mental Health Services Across Ohio

To Concerned Citizens and Ohio Legislature:  The political youth of Northeastern Ohio is reaching out to you today with concerns for our state's mental illness epidemic in relation to violent behavior. Backed by a strong foundation of evidence in this topic shows that the enforced medicating of those who are mentally ill, and efficient psychiatric care would be the best course of action for reducing the rate of crime and school shootings within our communities. Statistics show that most mental illness begins development from a young age. This behavior is facilitated in children by factors including, but are not limited to bullying, economic status, race, and family life. We at YAMI wish to advocate for legislation that helps fund new construction of psychiatric facilities that are closely accessible to the youth of Ohio. In addition, we also promote the enforcement of stricter medication legislation for opiates and prescription pain killers. Lastly, we wish for the Ohioan governments to implement highly effective psychiatric care in all public schools for students of all ages. Our plea to you, and all Ohioan legislators, is to help promote and pass legislation that would bring this type of change to our communities. With Ohio having the fifth highest rate of serious mentally ill patients, we are here to advocate for this legislation in hopes that not only this rate would go down, but that we would have the proper care in our areas to prevent its development in our youth. This petition shows the support of our community and of Notre Dame Cathedral Latin High-School. Our goal is to have over 100 names signed to this petition with the hope it will show how even a small group can create change to advocate and increase services for Mental health programs in Ohio.   Sincerely, Youth Advocacy for Mental Illness (YAMI)

Paige Rowley, Olivia Remchick, Kathryn Burns
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