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Bring Nick Clark Back

  Hey Fear The Walking Dead fans, as you know most part of Fear fans have one thing in comun, they love Nick and think that his death was shocking. A lot of people would love to see Nick back, inclunding me and my friend, that´s why we are here, not only to pass this messsage but also because we need your help.                                                 Fear The Walking Dead was a show that showed a family drama between the Clark family and the Manawa family, and some other people they found along the way. This show showed the union and the adaptation of the group, not only to the apocalypse, but also to the circumstances that it brings. After some comflicts, some group members died and with each loss, the group´s dynamics changed. Fear The Walking Dead, didn´t had one but several main characters what made Fear The Walking Dead different from The Walking Dead, but with some characters´s death, the show lost his meaning and his history.                                                                                                                             Nick Clark was a teenager drug addict who brought some problems to his family. At the beginning of the apocalypse, Nick was useless and seemed to be a dispasable but as time went by Nick turned out to be a necessary and smart character. Nick was becoming stronger and more concerned with doing the rigth thing. Nick had a huge love for children and for his family and always tried to help his group whith thei´r problems while dealing with his owns, even if he had to sacrifice himself for it. This is why Nick was the proof that was still some hope in that mad world, making Nick Clark one of the most beloved characters in Fear The Walking Dead.                                                             The third episode of season 4 (Good Out Here) was the most shocking episode of the show because in this episode we watched the death of the beloved Nick, the way the episode is done is amazing but Nick´s death ruined and changed everything, including the show (in mine and many people´s opinion).We don't think it makes any sense for one of the most beloved characters in the show, Nick, to be killed by Charlie, an 11-year-old girl he liked and protected. We respect Frank Dillane's decision to leave Fear The Walking Dead but we'd love him to come back because his work was great and his performance was extraordinary.                                                                                                 We have to bring Nick back, so we were thinking and we thought we had a good way for Nick to come back.So, as we saw on the show, Charlie shoots Nick and leaves, so she doesn't know what happens from that point on. Hearing the shot, Alicia, Victor and Luciana find Nick on the ground losing blood, and our idea is that from that moment, it's all in their minds, because they had a truck accident with many impacts and seeing Nick getting shot was very shocking for the group. Morgan, John and Al, who were in the truck accident, upon seeing the other characters in despair, think that Nick is really dying and imagine the same thing (possibly in different ways), but basically all this six characters see Nick dying . Meanwhile, the "real Nick", when taking the shot, enters the house to save himself and since he was shot and also was in the truck accident, he may also have hallucinated some things, so he didn´t follow the group. As the other six thought Nick died, they got that idea stuck in their heads and left, and when they found Charlie they told her she killed Nick, so she thinks she killed Nick.                                       Now we ask for your help to make this idea real and bring the beloved Nick Clark back.With enough people we can reach AMC and talk to the directors/producers and Frank Dillane, and in that way they can think better and make this possible.We count on your help. #bringnickclarkback

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Queremos Nintendo apoiando o Brasil e seus jogos em Português #QueremosNintendo

- ENGLISH VERSION BELOW - - Acompanhe os avanços do projeto em - Ouça a música tema do movimento aquiCompartilhe o abaixo assinado com a #QueremosNintendo dizendo o que você quer, mandando seu recado para a Nintendo! ⚠️Sejam GENTIS em suas mensagens. A Campanha tem que ser positiva para ser bem aceita. Enviem muitas mensagens, mas mensagens GENTIS. ----- Nós, fãs brasileiros, somos muitos e apoiamos a vinda da Nintendo para o Brasil. Esta não é uma petição comum. Com tantos desenvolvedores Brasileiros com games no Nintendo Switch, desta vez temos o apoio de muita gente da indústria como a mídia especializada e não-especializada, e alguns estúdios de games. Podemos ver que as mídias sociais da Nintendo agora estão em Português e queremos mais! Esta petição é para pedir que mais games da Nintendo sejam traduzidos para o Português do Brasil. Queremos 3 coisas:1- Jogos da Nintendo em Português! Como Zelda, Pokémon entre outros.2- Um Canal de Youtube Brasileiro da Nintendo, assim como Nintendo Portugal.3- Apresentações em Português do Brasil e Eventos oficiais no Brasil. Vamos mostrar que somos muitos, amamos a Nintendo e adoraríamos ter uma representação maior da nossa língua no universo Nintendo! ----- Compartilhe o abaixo assinado com a #QueremosNintendo dizendo o que você quer, mandando seu recado para a Nintendo! ⚠️Sejam GENTIS em suas mensagens. A Campanha tem que ser positiva para ser bem aceita. Enviem muitas mensagens, mas mensagens GENTIS. Acompanhe os avanços do projeto em Ouça a música-tema do movimento aqui ------ENGLISH------  We, Brazilian fans, are many and we support Nintendo coming to Brazil. Learn about the project at Listen to the Event Theme song here This is not a common petition. With so many Brazilian developers with games on the Nintendo Switch, this time we have the support of many people in the industry, as specialized and non-specialized media. We want 3 things:1- Nintendo Games in Portuguese! Like Zelda, Pokémon among others.2- A Brazilian Youtube Channel from Nintendo, (just like Nintendo Portugal).3- Presentations in Brazilian Portuguese, and Official events in Brazil. Let's show that we are many, we love Nintendo and we would love to have a bigger representation of our language in the Nintendo universe! Share the below signed with #QueremosNintendo saying what you want, sending your message to Nintendo! Be GENTLE in your messages. The Campaign has to be positive to be well accepted. Send many messages, but GENTLE messages.

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