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Petition to Prime Minister and Leader of Government Business - RT. Hon. Ruhakana Rugunda, The Speaker of Parliament of Uganda - RT. Hon. Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga, Uganda Minister of Water and Environment - Hon. Cheptoris Sam

Enact a Fair and Equitable Climate Change Law for Uganda

As you are aware, Uganda has already witnessed some of the negative effects of climate change, and many more are expected to impact the country. The major manifestations of climate change in Uganda include: severe water shortages; increased incidents of drought; reduced crop production especially the value of the Arabica and Robusta coffee crop which could fall by half by 2050 due to the contraction of the area that can support its production – with the cost of the associated losses from the fall in production estimated at US$ 1, 235 million; reduced potential for hydropower development due to a reduction in rainfall and water availability – with the decline estimated at 26% by 2050; and damage to the country’s physical infrastructure due to extreme weather events, with losses estimated at 0.1–0.4% of Uganda’s GDP in 2050 (Ministry of Water and Environment, 2017). The impact of climate change on Uganda is also manifested by the declining surface area of the Rwenzori ice caps which has reduced by 49 percent between 1987 and 2003, and is projected to disappear within the next two decades. Thus, adaptation and mitigation action is required in all major sectors of the economy including: agriculture; energy; health; transport and physical infrastructure; and water. A proposed National Climate Change law (now a bill) is expected to accelerate Uganda’s efforts to undertake adaptation and mitigation action across all the key sectors of the Ugandan economy. Since the draft National Climate Change Bill, 2017 came out at the end of July 2017 for public review, the Climate Change Department in collaboration with different stakeholders have held several meetings involving Government Departments and Agencies; Civil Society Organizations; Private sector; Members of Parliament through the Parliamentary Forum on Climate Change, among others. According to Mr Chebet Maikut - Commissioner of the Climate Change Department in the Ministry of Water and Environment, 'The proposed climate change law is deemed crucial in filling up the existing gaps in sectoral laws enacted by Parliament of Uganda'. Equally, CSOs are optimistic that the proposed law will create a clear regulatory framework where all the actors in Uganda are obliged to collectively  and individually take up climate change adaptation and mitigation actions. In advancing the concerns already expressed by civil society on this draft climate change bill, we would like to petition you and other relevant law makers - that when this important Bill comes before the floor of Parliament of Uganda, the following specific glaring equitable and fairness related gaps must be addressed: Under the proposed National Climate Change Advisory Committee, wider representation is needed to include in the membership of the committee, a representative of the youth, a representative of cultural and traditional institutions. Therefore membership of the committee should be increased to include: Representative from National Youth council, Ministry of Education and Sports and Ministry of Gender Labour & Social Development. The draft Bill requires the Climate Change Department to prepare an annual report on climate change for consideration by Cabinet and Parliament and provides the major contents for that report. It is important that among the contents, there should be a specific section detailing special measures and initiatives carried out to make the most vulnerable communities and persons resilient to effects of climate change it is proposed that Uganda’s CC law should establish an annual multi-stakeholder climate change platform at both the national and district local governments for mutual accountability between duty bearers and the general public. These forums would also be very important in terms of promoting public participation in decision-making and access to climate change information. However, an elaboration of this should be done as much as possible to uphold this important step towards promoting sustainable development in Uganda (for example, a schedule on composition of the multi-stakeholder forum). The draft Bill is weak with respect to the question of public participation in climate change decision-making. To be progressive, Uganda’s climate change law should make it possible for the public to challenge decisions taken where there has not been meaningful participation. Similarly in relation to the Right to petition court in defense of climate change adaptation and mitigation, Uganda’s climate change law should provide for the right of any person to apply to court where a person or entity has acted in a manner that has or is likely to adversely affect efforts towards mitigation and adaptation to the effects of climate change. A failure to address the above gaps will imply Business as Usual where citizens, communities, groups, private sector and legislators will NOT be in position to among others: promote robust measures to enhance public participation and accountability; impose  the much needed duty on local governments to mainstream climate change in their policies, plans and budgets;  require all the key sectors of Uganda's economy to implement climate change adaptation and mitigation plans through mobilization of the requisite resources.  

Uganda Coalition for Sustainable Development
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Petition to David Gauke - Justice Secretary, Bob Neil - Justice Select Committee

Lobby David Gauke To Reform Crooked Regulator

The Solicitor's Regulation Authority is cheating thousands of fraud victims out of justice and financial redress each year when their funds are stolen by corrupt solicitors. The regulator is content to sacrifice justice in order to avoid paying compensation to victims.  More specifically the SRA is :- 1. Failing to prevent or protect legal service users from fraud. 2. Failing to act in the best interests of legal service users in accordance with their remit under the Legal Services Act 2007. 3. Failing to follow correct "Due process" and watering down allegations against solicitors in order to evade claims against the SRA for dishonesty and misappropriation. 4. Failing to take preventative measures to halt fraud by intervening at solicitor firms to limit client losses. Intervention infers solicitor dishonesty, so subjects the SRA to compensation claims.  5. Failing to facilitate redress through professional indemnity insurance, or via the SRA's own underwhelming and ineffectual compensation scheme of last resort. 6. Failing to be accountable & transparent for lack of "Due Process", deceit, and acts of impropriety against misconduct victims, all of which deny victims justice & redress. 7. Maladministering its compensation scheme on account of its conflicted position, Machiavelian rules, non-independent panel, and its desire to limit its exposure to claims.  Support this petition for David Gauke to intervene to :- 1. Bring the SRA executives up before the Justice Select Committee for :- i. Multiple breaches of the Legal Services Act 2007.ii. Treating victims of fraud with contempt and disdain through deceit and impropriety at odds with SRA's remit to regulate in the public interest.iii. Dismantling legal service consumer protection through inappropriate and unreasonable regulatory policy. 2. Call for SRA Executives to tender their resignations for their collective irresponsibility in destroying legal service consumer protection (especially against fraud). THERE IS CURRENTLY NO PROTECTION AGAINST SOLICITOR FRAUD. 3. Deny the SRA control of a compensation scheme - a privilege they are abusing and which conflicts with their ability to deliver justice. 4. Reform / Disband the SRA, or repeal the Legal Services Act 2007. Solicitor fraud is destroying the lives of thousands of people around the world every year after they have placed their trust in solicitors to legally protect their funds. This petition was created because all the official routes to hold the SRA to account through the Legal Services Board and the Justice Select Committee were met with denials. Written requests by 24 MPs for the SRA to act fairly in relation to SRA claims fell on deaf ears. The CEO simply ignored them and the fact that the SRA had acted improperly.  Users of legal services are not being protected against solicitor fraud. The SRA is bringing inadequate penalties and permits fraudulent solicitors to return to practice after brief suspensions to inflict more harm. The SRA is breaching its remit under the Legal Services Act 2007 to "Provide swift redress when things go wrong".  Thank you for your support - please circulate to your colleagues, friends and family. Regards, Colin Rimmer  

Colin Rimmer
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Petition to ATTORNEY GENERAL CHAMBERS, People's Action Party, K. SHANMUGAM, Ms April Phang Suet Fern, Ms Claire Poh Hui Jing

Singaporean couple TORTURES intellectually disabled woman to DEATH

SINGAPORE PROSECUTION IS ONLY SEEKING 14-15 YEARS OF JAIL FOR COUPLE WHO TORTURED INTELLECTUALLY DISABLED WAITRESS TO DEATH. From this article by the Straits Times, it is stated : Describing their acts as "an appalling case of abuse and cruelty", prosecutors are seeking 15 years' jail for Tan and 14 years' jail and 12 strokes of the cane for Pua. Tan Hui Zhen & Pua Hak Chuan is the Singaporean couple who tortured an intellectually disabled waitress, Ms Annie Ee Yu Lian for a period of 8 months with the intention to cause hurt which eventually led to her death. As stated from this article by Channel News Asia "An autopsy detailed the extent of the abuse she suffered: 12 fractured ribs and seven fractured vertebrae, a ruptured stomach and a body crowded with blisters and bruises. Below as taken from the same article by the Straits Times, is the abuse that the victim went through: - Tan and Pua beat her on her buttocks with a roll of shrink wrap measuring 51.5cm in length, 24cm in circumference and weighing 1.05kg- Tan kicked and stepped on her chest - Tan banged her head against a wall - Tan hit her on the palm and back with a wooden pole that eventually broke into two- Tan tried to strangle her - Tan whipped her back, buttocks and upper body with a plastic belt- Tan slapped her on the face with her bare hands as well as with bathroom slippers. She occasionally told Pua to take over when she became tired- Pua smashed a pedal dustbin on her shoulder, causing the plastic to crack- Tan psychologically abused the victim by undermining her sense of self-worth and questioning her daily. Tan told the victim she had a “pig brain”- Tan and Pua started recording “debts” that they claimed the victim owed them, which included “compensation” for making Tan angry- To repay the “debts”, Tan made her surrender her monthly salary of $1,200, from which she was given a weekly allowance of $50, which was later cut to $30 Quoted from The Straits Times article "The next morning, after discovering that she was dead, Pua tore off a layer of plastic from the shrink wrap and flushed it down the toilet to get rid of fingerprints. Tan then called her own brother to say Ms Ee had committed suicide but eventually called the police. When the officers arrived, Tan said the victim was a clumsy person who would often injure herself. She also claimed that Ms Ee often jumped up and landed on her buttocks for no apparent reason." NOT ONLY DID THEY TORTURED THE POOR GIRL TO DEATH, THEY TRIED TO COVER THEIR TRACKS WHEN THEY FOUND THE POOR GIRL DEAD. IF THIS SENTENCE IS PASSED, THEY WILL ONLY BE IN THEIR 50s WHEN RELEASED FROM JAIL. HOW CAN WE LET SUCH BEASTS ROAM FREE AND POTENTIALLY TARGETING ANOTHER VICTIM OF WEAKER MENTAL CAPACITY?      

Neo Chuan Yi
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