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Justice for Gaffney: With GAFFNEY'S LAW Stop LEO's from being allowed to DRINK & CARRY

On May 13th, 2016, Michael Gaffney 37, beloved, father, son, partner, and friend senselessly died at the hands of an off duty officer that had been drinking and engaged in a bar fight, that ended when the officer chose while under the influence, to shoot an unarmed man. We want a law, Gaffney's Law, to make it illegal, punishable by law, for off duty law enforcement to carry service weapons into any bar or establishment where they intend to consume alcohol. Alcohol and guns don't mix. If you cannot drive under the influence, it only makes sense you shouldn't carry under the influence. Michael Gaffney was not armed, he had no weapons. The officer involved knew Michael, they had been to parties and BBQ's together. Yes, they were both drinking, yes, a fight ensued, but never should an intoxicated officer with a gun solve drunken anger with his service weapon. Police officers are to protect and serve, not get served and shoot. Please, I urge you to consider Gaffney's Law. Make it illegal to mix guns and alcohol, so this might not leave another daughter, girlfriend, mother, and friends without someone they love. We have decided to try to get justice for Michael by helping create Gaffney's Law. Please help us with our petition to change current Attorney General guidelines to make them enforceable laws that prohibit law enforcement from engaging in alcoholic consumption while carrying. Thank you for considering, Gaffney's Law.

Ellen Sona
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Petition to Chequamegon School District School Board, City of Park Falls City Council, Park Falls Area Residents

School Resource Officer at Chequamegon School District - Park Falls Campus.

Our children, their safety and their education are important to all parents and the community of Park Falls. Since September, Park Falls Police have been summoned to the Park Falls Campus roughly 31 times! We need to support our teachers and administrators, and create a positive and safe learning environment for our students. A School Resource Officer can help us with this need. A School Resource Officer (SRO) would be a welcome addition to our district. School Resource Officers can be a valuable part of the school staff and an important link between students, teachers, administrators, the police, and the community. They can deter and respond to criminal behavior at school. They can provide security and coordinate response during emergency situations. As role models, they build a bond between young people and law enforcement that provides understanding from both sides. SROs can engage with students at special events and help to create an inclusive environment that is free from bullying. Students who feel safe become better learners and better citizens. School Resource Officers are not meant to be the school disciplinarian, but their presence does help students, staff and administrators focus on education. The Chequamegon School District - Park Falls Campus would benefit greatly from funding a SRO. We as parents and community members are respectfully asking the Chequamegon School Board, City of Park Falls, and Community Members to create and fund this position. We ask for this because we value the safety and security for everyone in the school community: teachers, administrators, and most of all, our children. WJFW News Report - Student Threat

Anastasia Kolb
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Petition to California State Senate, California State House, Jerry Brown, XAVIER BECERRA

Transparency for Police Shootings in California Now!

On March 18, 2018, Stephon Clark was shot 20 times and killed unarmed in his grandmother's back yard by Sacramento police.  Footage from body cameras and a county sheriff's department helicopter raise serious concerns about the procedures that lead to the shooting and has revived debate about accountability by local police departments.   This latest tragedy shows once again that we need transparency.  It is essential that the State of California lead the nation in establishing mutual trust and respect between communities and their law enforcement.  In light of this incident, the following should be undertaken to that effect: Transparent standards should be established for the use of body cameras and the release of footage from them.  The Sacramento Police should be applauded for using body cameras and for releasing footage to both the family of the victim and the public in a timely manner; however, the on-the-fly decision by the officers on site to mute their cameras and prevent audio from part of the indecent from being recorded diminishes trust on the part of the public that there was no malice involved.  State law should establish transparent and consistent policies on the adoption of body cameras by police, when both video and audio must be recorded or not, and when the recorded material is released to whom (such as by passing AB-748).   The state legislature should immediately pass and fund AB-284 directing the Department of Justice to conduct a study on police-related shootings in the state.  Furthermore, the legislature should undertake a bill to fulfill the original intention of the measure to give the Department of Justice authority to investigate officer-involved shootings.  The Department of Justice should use information gathered to help inform best practices for law enforcement in addition to investigating for potential wrongdoing.   The state legislature should undertake legislation to restore independent civil oversight of police departments  made impossible by the Copley decision.  State laws intended to protect officers from pressure from employing departments and frivolous attacks from defendants have inadvertently grown to make it impossible for independent oversight of police departments or even their supervising commissions.  

Joseph G
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