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Petition to Christopher Wray, Secretary of Homeland Security Elaine Duke, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe

Declare the NRA a supporter of domestic terrorism

The National Rifle Association (NRA) in no longer a sportsmen's organization; it's a political lobby. It spends enormously (over $3 million per year since 2013) to keep our gun policies in a hopelessly backward, 18th century state. More Americans have died from gun violence (over 1.5 million) than from all the wars since the Revolution, and Americans overwhelmingly want some form of gun control. A sensible reading of the 2nd Amendment would allow gun ownership but restrict purchase of equipment designed for mass murder: large clips, military grade semi-and fully automatic rifles, and ammunition for the same, which could be as easily tracked as over-the-counter medication. Yet none of this will be regulated while the NRA is allowed to influence public policy with its entirely lopsided donations to Republican legislators. One of the many stupid things NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre (who earns nearly a million dollars a year) has said is that "the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun." As at Stoneman Douglas High, where three or four armed deputies waited outside during the shooting, this is rarely true and unfortunately doesn't help the shooter's victims. In Las Vegas, where over 500 people were shot with automatic gunfire, the shooter was completely inaccessible and shot himself before police arrived. What the NRA does now is use these horrific attacks to spread the demand for weapons, enriching gun and ammo manufacturers while putting Americans at increasing risk of being shot. Domestic terrorism is on the rise in the wake of Trump's Russian-engineered election. White nationalist groups were eager to claim the shooter in Parkland as one of their own. The NRA, which facilitates both the arming and the militant ideology of these groups, should be declared an organization that supports domestic terrorism. While right-wing politicians try to divert our attention to immigrants and foreign terrorist groups like Islamic State, the real damage to our democracy is being engineered by the NRA, which has been successfully spreading anti-government hysteria and seeking to legitimize armed insurrection for at least a decade. Even if the FBI refuses to make such a declaration, a strong public demand for it could tarnish the reputation of NRA-supported candidates enough to interrupt their pernicious influence on our politics. The victims of Stoneman Douglas (Parkland, Fl), of Sutherland Springs (11/5/17), of Las Vegas (10/2/17), of the 2016 Orlando shooting, of Sandy Hook Elementary, and on and on and miserably on deserve no less.  I will update this petition with links and contact information as it gains support. Please sign the petition and growing number of similar petitions at and elsewhere.

Chris Monroe
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Petition to U.S. Congress

Stop gutting federal gun laws

Now is not the time for silence. It's time for outrage. Our hearts go out to the families and friends of the hundreds of people that were killed or injured at the Mandalay Bay Casino mass shooting in Las Vegas, the worst in the nation's history. But sympathy will not save the 33,000 Americans who will be killed this year by gun violence.  Legislators beholden to the gun lobby will no doubt say now is not the time to talk about gun laws. There is no other kind of attack on Americans that is met with this level of indifference. It needs to stop. Right now Congress is considering deregulating silencers which would make it harder to identify from where gunshots are coming in active shooter situations. The House is close to passing a bill making it easier for people to carry concealed weapons to any state in the nation with not so much as a background check.  Tell Congress #Enough. Sign this petition to tell Members of Congress to: Vote no on H.R. 3668, the SHARE Act that would gut long-standing regulations on silencers and loosen restrictions on armor piercing bullets. Block H.R. 38, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act that would force states to honor the concealed carry weapons permits of every other state, regardless of how lax the other state's law. Ban weapons of war: assault weapons and large capacity magazines, which have no place in the hands of private citizens. (photo credit: D. Becker/Getty Images)

CT Against Gun Violence
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Petition to Carolyn Goodman, Scott Adams, Councilwoman Lois Tarkanian, Councilman Steven G. Seroka, Councilman Bob Coffin, Councilman Stavros S. Anthony, Councilman Ricki Y. Barlow, Councilwoman Michele Fiore, Orlando Sanchez, Brad Jerbic, Michele Freeman, William McDonald, Clark County Manager, Clark County Public Works, Brian Sandoval, Downtown Area Command, Marilyn Fenimore, Steve Sisolak, Lynn Goya, John J. Cahill, Marilyn Kirkpatrick, Larry Brown, Lawrence Weekly, Chris Giunchigliani, Susan Brager, James B. Gibson, Clark County Democratic Party, Nevada State Democratic Party, Clark County Republican Party, Nevada State Republican Party

Rename "Giles Street" to "1 October Memorial Way" to Honor Victims of 1 October Shooting

We, the undersigned supporters would like to see the City of Las Vegas and/or Clark County rename Giles Street, adjacent to the Las Vegas Village. We are petitioning the city and/or county to change the name of Giles Street to 1 October Memorial Way in honor of the 58 lives lost during the mass shooting on October 1, 2017 at Mandalay Bay. Giles Street runs North/South between E Reno Ave on the North and Mandalay Bay Rd on the South. A map of the area and street can be found at We would like to see a permanent way of being able to honor the victims from this horrific tragedy. Being able to rename the street that directly wraps around the venue where this incident occurred would provide a great opportunity to continue their legacy. Giles Street was the main street that thousands of people fled to while tying to escape the gunfire. This street was one of the main thoroughfares medical personnel used to evacuate victims and provided access for private citizens to use their vehicles to load victims into their vehicles and rush them to several local hospitals. Renaming this street will not be a constant reminder of what happened on 1 October, but a way for our city and the country to remember the innocent victims and being able to honor them will live on for generations to come. It will also be a way for those that live within our great city to honor the First Responders and private citizens that risked their lives to save the many countless lives. It will also provide the survivors a way to remember and reflect. Thank you for considering our request to rename this street. ** As renaming a street is a very complex and challenging project, many agencies must review and approve the name change. These include, County, City, State or Federal Governments, Police and Fire Departments, the Post Office as well as others. As a result, we're petitioning all those who can make this happen to make them all aware of our intentions to rename this street.

John W
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Petition to Brian Sandoval, Mayor Carolyn Goodman, Scott Adams, Councilwoman Lois Tarkanian, Orladno Sanchez, Steve sisolak

Don't Throw #VegasStrong Crosses in Storage like old furniture

Don't Throw #VegasStrong Crosses in Storage like old furniture Greg Zanis, a retired carpenter, traveled from Chicago and lined the 58 crosses behind the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign honoring the 58 lives lost during the Oct. 1 shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival. The 58 crosses that were moved from the Welcome to Las Vegas are currently on display at the Clark County Museum and will be on display until Dec. 17. After that they are going to a new home... In a warehouse. Are you kidding!! This shooting devastated our community and your just going to throw them in storage like old boxes? Erik Poppa, Clark County spokesman stated "The crosses are being preserved for the future and no permanent exhibit is planned. They will be displayed when it’s appropriate, possibly, for instance, on the one-year anniversary." I was outraged when I heard this. You wouldn't put a tomb-stone in storage would you? How about instead of just throwing them in a storage unit, you put them at the Memorial Garden? If not the Memorial Garden, somewhere other than a warehouse... People grieve and mourn in different ways and they need a place to go to reflect on their terms. The fact that someone would have to schedule an appointment to see a cross is appalling. It's as if they were going to the doctor. Come on Las Vegas, we're better than that! We have a "Neon Bone-Yard" (Neon Museum) that people can see the history of Las Vegas and see all the old Casino Signs and Neon Displays. Why put something so important that people died from in storage like old boxes? How about working with the community on the best place to keep them on display? Putting them in storage is just disrespectful..

John W
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