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Petition to Andy A. Hafen (Mayor of Henderson), Steven Wolfson, clark county animal control, Brian Sandoval, Mayor Carolyn Goodman, Don Burnette

Allocate more resources for dog rescue/protection in Las Vegas NV

Las Vegas NV and surrounding cities have seen a spike in abused dogs and insufficient: animal control staff, wildlife control, dog rescue personnel and operations. Here are reports from the past two weeks: (see photo above - not our dog) Henderson animal control personnel leaves dog to die in car: Coyote jumps wall and kills dog: Coyote pack kills over 12 dogs in Henderson neighborhood: In addition there are countless unanswered reports called in every day for abandoned dogs, stolen dogs, and dogs being used as 'bait' for underground (illegal) pit bull fighting rings. The answer when the public appeals for help is "We (police/animal control/county officials) don't have the resources to help enough." Well it's time to find a creative way to get more resources to help this pandemic. We are appealing to Clark County/Nevada/Las Vegas officials to address the concerns of tens of thousands of pet owners and lovers to please allocate the budget, resources, and public communications to help keep our dogs (with or without owners) safe and happy as possible. Thank you Natalie and Jordan Malik

Jordan Malik
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