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Petition to Nevada Homeless Alliance, Procter & Gamble, The Shade Tree, Las Vegas Rescue Mission

Menstruation shouldn't be the reason to choose between a meal or your period

Homelessness is an issue that can impact anyone at any point in their lifetime. Forbes magazine listed the Las Vegas community as the eighth highest populated city with homeless people. Many issues can surface that effect homeless people, one that effects homeless women directly is menstruation and the ability to receive menstruation products. Approximately 39.7% of all homeless people in the United states are women. In the Las Vegas area there is an approximated 7,000 residents who are homeless, according to the Southern Nevada Homeless Census done at the beginning of January. Of the population, approximately 2,779 of them are women. Menstruation is known to occur to women throughout their lifetime. One study shows that women have approximately 500 periods during their lifetime. We have been "blessed" to have products that will help with menstruation and our hygiene such as pads/tampons. These products range from $4-$7 dollars a box and will usually last you 1.5 cycles. For homeless women this amount of money can be the difference between a meal or feeling good during their cycle. In Southern Nevada, programs such as The Shade Tree help homeless women with shelter where they can use the facility to shower, sleep, and get a hot meal. Donations are given to these organizations but there is limited supplies to hand out on a regular basis. These menstruation products come at a cost of luxury and shouldn't force women between eating or their period. There needs to be an organization or project, such as the Period project, here in Southern Nevada that has an emphasis on providing care kits to homeless women. Large corporations, that have an emphasis on making menstruation products should donate more products, especially to cities with a higher homeless population. With their help a variety of organizations can open up and help women, not just in Southern Nevada but throughout the Country.  Included below are links to the donation pages of organizations in our city that help homeless women and strive for their progression back into society. -

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Petition to Carolyn G. Goodman, Lois Tarkanian, Steven G. Seroka, Bob Coffin, Stavros S. Anthony, Ricki Y. Barlow, Michele Fiore, John J. Lee, Isaac E. Barron, Pamela A. Goynes-Brown, Scott Black, Richard Cherchio

Lower Speed Limits for Pedestrian Safety

Las Vegas is a city that has been built for drivers, not pedestrians.  So as a result of this, there are a number of streets in Las Vegas, where the speed limit is just too fast and therefore unsafe to walk on.  One street in particular that we want to target with this petition is Boulder Highway, as there have been about 7 pedestrian deaths on that street already.  Currently there have been almost 70 pedestrian fatalities this year.  Unfortunately, it is impossible to stop that one person from darting across the middle of the street, but statistics show that when the speed limit is lowered pedestrians have a better chance of surviving a crash.  We need to take action as soon as possible because you never know when it could be one of your relatives, family friends, etc. that will be the next person getting hit.  For example, about four years ago a mother named Sherri Bush lost her son James Spagnoli to a pedestrian related accident.  James was hit on Flamingo Road outside of a crosswalk by a car that was traveling 47 mph.  Sadly, James passed away from his injuries received in the accident, shortly after.  Although James did make the decision to cross the street illegally, his death possibly could have been avoided if the speed limit on that street was lowered.  Lowering the speed limit will not only allow drivers to be more aware and react with ease, but it will make Las Vegas a safer city to walk in.

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