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Petition to Andy A. Hafen (Mayor of Henderson), Steven Wolfson, clark county animal control, Brian Sandoval, Mayor Carolyn Goodman, Don Burnette

Allocate more resources for dog rescue/protection in Las Vegas NV

Las Vegas NV and surrounding cities have seen a spike in abused dogs and insufficient: animal control staff, wildlife control, dog rescue personnel and operations. Here are reports from the past two weeks: (see photo above - not our dog) Henderson animal control personnel leaves dog to die in car: Coyote jumps wall and kills dog: Coyote pack kills over 12 dogs in Henderson neighborhood: In addition there are countless unanswered reports called in every day for abandoned dogs, stolen dogs, and dogs being used as 'bait' for underground (illegal) pit bull fighting rings. The answer when the public appeals for help is "We (police/animal control/county officials) don't have the resources to help enough." Well it's time to find a creative way to get more resources to help this pandemic. We are appealing to Clark County/Nevada/Las Vegas officials to address the concerns of tens of thousands of pet owners and lovers to please allocate the budget, resources, and public communications to help keep our dogs (with or without owners) safe and happy as possible. Thank you Natalie and Jordan Malik

Jordan Malik
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Petition to Chris Giunchigliani, Steve Sisolak, Marilyn Kirkpatrick, Larry Brown, Lawrence Weekly, Susan Brager, Mary Beth Scow

Save Hobbit Wash Wetland in urban Las Vegas from destruction

The Hobbit Wash (as local children named it who catch tadpoles there) is a hobbit-size, yet functional and ecologically valuable wetland located in the middle of urban Las Vegas, Nevada. Tragically, a commercial, 49,925 sq ft “Congregate Care Facility” planned on the 4.58 acre parcel will obliterate the entire Hobbit Wash, killing or displacing all life in this small wetland. The Hobbit Wash will be bulldozed, filled, and replaced with a massive concrete flood control channel, culverts, and a proposed 83 bed medical rehab home with future expansion on the site.  There are many foreclosed and derelict commercial lots and properties where a Congregate Care Facility can be built to advantage. There is only one living Hobbit Wash Wetland left within urbanized Las Vegas where Nature, water, and geology combine to produce a small, living wetland. This is a little oasis among pavement and buildings where local school children and other visitors can enjoy the green reeds, dragonflies, butterflies, seasonal wildflowers, numerous nesting birds (including burrowing owls), tadpoles, lizards, cottontails, and other desert wildlife, as well as study the cycle of natural storm water recapture in an arid landscape. Hobbit Wash Wetland has existed for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years as a tributary of the old Flamingo Wash. Unfortunately, the rest of the Flamingo Wash, along with most of the greater Las Vegas Wash of which it is a part, has been obliterated; completely concretized into lifeless flood channels throughout the city. Hobbit Wash has great potential as a "pocket wetland" if simply left alone... and with minor improvements can be preserved as an education destination accessible from the paved Flamingo Arroyo Trail. Clark County Commissioners and the developer need to hear from you, because the small wildlife, reeds and bullrushes, and entire Hobbit Wash Wetland cannot defend themselves. Even now, after multiple cycles of destruction by clearing and bulldozing, the Hobbit Wash is recovering, because of nourishing flood waters that naturally flow into this special place in the desert, a last remnant of the great washes that gave Las Vegas ("the green meadows") it's name. The owner of the Hobbit Wash has put up a fence that encourages trash and declares the site a "vacant lot," though years of Google Earth aerial photos (see above) show the living wash and basin that is located below street level. Sadly, the Army Corps of Engineers has declared the patches of wetland in the Hobbit Wash "too small" to fall under its jurisdiction as "waters of the U.S." That opens the door to final destruction... unless Clark County Commissioners and the developer can be convinced to Save the Hobbit Wash Wetland for the benefit of education; as urban parkland in a diverse, modest-income neighborhood; for wildlife, and for natural groundwater capture. Funds can be earmarked by Clark County to buy this habitat. Please sign this petition and / or write to Clark County Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani. Learn more at:

Friends of Hobbit Wash Wetland
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