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Petition to Mayor Pete Buttigieg, South Bend Common Council, Mr. Aaron Perri, Mr. Steve Cox

Protect Potawatomi Park

Protect Potawatomi Park is an action group formed in response to the South Bend Fire Department's proposal to build a new fire station in Potawatomi Park. Our purpose is to mobilize opposition to the plan and prevent the fire station from being built in the park.  Potawatomi Park is a crown jewel of South Bend. Visitors are not only local; they come from surrounding counties and Michigan to enjoy the park’s benefits.  The park land was deeded to the city of South Bend in 1954 from St. Joseph County. At that time, the County Commissioners stipulated:  "Said described real estate to be used as and for park purposes only, and in the event said City of South Bend fails, refuses or abandons such property for park purposes, the said real estate shall then revert to St. Joseph County, State of Indiana."  A fire station here violates the premise on which the land was originally deeded.  We object to park site for the following reasons:  Disruption of Park Activities      Each year, South Bend Parks and Recreation Department offers a free Sunday evening concert series at the Chris Wilson Pavilion at Potawatomi Park. This outdoor community pavilion is located directly behind the proposed site. A sustained fire siren would disrupt the musical enjoyment of attendees.     The Park Department has approved development of a Sensory Garden near the Conservatories. This garden will give adults and children with sensory processing disorders, such as autism, an opportunity to explore the five senses in a safe and calming atmosphere. A fire station is not compatible with this project and could even be damaging to the persons visiting the Sensory Garden.  Noise       A fire engine or ambulance siren has a noise level of 120 decibels. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the recommended safe exposure time for a decibel level of this magnitude is only 7 seconds. Of course, a siren at any location would have this risk. However, children are primary users of the nearby swimming pool and Kids' Kingdom. Children are a particularly sensitive population regarding noise. Moreover, according to the EPA, high decibel levels of noise can cause severe health damage such as hearing loss, heart disease, and even risk to mental and social well-being.  People go to a park to escape noise and enjoy a more peaceful setting. A fire station and a park are mutually incompatible. Access      A fire station siren would have adverse impact on persons with disabilities, especially children. One mother wrote in the South Bend Tribune,  “As a mother of a special needs child who cannot handle loud noises,…if a fire station is built where it is proposed, I will no longer be able to take my son to Potawatomi Park.”  In addition to the persons with sensory disorders visiting the Sensory Garden, school buses bring hundreds of children to the park, including children with disabilities. The impact on these students could be negative and unexpected.  Traffic        Twice a day, almost 2000 students and staff enter and leave nearby John Adams High School. IUSB adds even more traffic. Emergency vehicles leaving the fire station during these times would encounter heavy foot and vehicle traffic, putting both pedestrians and drivers at risk. A traffic study as well as an environmental impact study should be done to assess the consequences of the park location.   Long Term Impact      The proposed site is currently open green space.  If a fire station were built on this land, any other possible future park-related functions, such as a dog park or Botanical Garden, would be ruled out. This park land will be lost forever to future generations.   Position  We support the South Bend Fire Department and its need for an expanded Station #9…but not in Potawatomi Park. We urge the City to carefully research and develop an alternate site.

Protect Potawatomi Park
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Petition to Your friendly local land managers

Petition for directional, bike-specific, sustainable trails in Marin County

This petition is a request from citizens of Marin County and surrounding areas to propose creation of new directional, bike-specific, sustainable trails in Marin. These undersigned citizens maintain the following:  Off-road cyclists are a legitimate group of local citizen taxpayers, who encompass greater than 40% of the regional trail users.   The mountain bike community is all-encompassing, from children to older adults, and welcomes all nationalities, genders, religions, and races.  There is currently not enough trail access for this large and legitimate user group in the county County RTMP plans are not adequately addressing the needs of intermediate and advanced off-road cyclists, and are limiting the advancement of engaged beginner and high school athletes  These riders feel increasingly disenfranchised by the current RTMP projects, and feel there is a pressing need for NEW purpose-built, directional, bike-specific, and sustainable trails in the county These new trails would be built to conform to current environmentally and physically safe standards such as what is seen in Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Idaho and British Columbia. Narrow, technical, hand-built trail is safer and more satisfying to riders, more environmentally friendly, and helps limit speed on trails Such trails can be built and maintained without significant environmental degradation or threat to sensitive species Mountain bike trail enthusiasts are our newest land stewards and can help advise the county and land managers in determining where to safely and sustainably build these new trails, and they are willing to volunteer to work Ignoring this need will unnecessarily exacerbate tensions within and between user groups, and between user groups and land managers  If you believe in these statements, please sign this petition so it can be brought to further RTMP and trail building planning meetings. 

David Carbonell
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Petition to Troy Houtman, Chris Clark, Hoyt Hillman, Tori Deatherage, Troy Palmer, Cindy Claycomb, Chris Highfill, Ron Allen

Approve a shared-use plan for Pawnee Prairie Park

There are more than 1,000 families living in the neighborhood that borders the west side of Pawnee Prairie Park. Land locked by US 54 to the north, Pawnee Prairie Park to the east, and rural Sedgwick County to the south and west, the residents in this Wichita community have no convenient and safe access to a public park that meets the diverse recreational needs of their families. Pawnee Prairie Park is the City of Wichita’s largest public space. Encompassing 625 acres, this city run park is a largely underutilized land mass that currently bans recreational activities other than horseback riding and hiking. The City of Wichita Department of Animal Control shows only 58 horses registered in the city limits. Residents in the adjacent community believe Pawnee Prairie Park is large enough to meet the diverse recreational needs of the community, as well as the needs of 58 resident equestrians. Equestrians claim allowing other forms of recreation in Pawnee Prairie Park would put all at risk due to horses being startled, yet equestrians already safely coexist with other recreational enthusiasts at numerous parks throughout the nation.  To exacerbate the issue, the nearby singletrack cycling park, Air Capital Park, is only accessible to residents of the local community by using the dangerous and shoulderless Kellogg frontage road that crosses the Cowskin Creek between Maize and Seville roads. As Wichita residents, we propose the following: 1.      A safe near term plan for the suspension of the bicycle ban in a limited area of Pawnee Prairie Park so as to allow nearby residents safe and legal bicycle access from the Pawnee Street entrance of the park to Air Capital Park. 2.      For the Wichita Park Board to work with recreational subject matter experts (Bike Walk Wichita, Kansas Singletrack, Prairie Travelers, equestrian groups, etc) and community stakeholders on developing an equitable and safe shared-use plan for Pawnee Prairie Park. The foundation of this plan should be for the park to be a complimentary component of the overall Wichita parks and transportation master plan. Future shared-use park development should prioritize maintaining the "preserve" feel of the park, while still serving the recreational needs of nearby families, and the diverse fitness and recreational interests of Wichita citizens. With some exceptions, public space should always be governed from the standpoint of accessibility and inclusiveness for a majority of the residents in whose city the public space is located. Citizens of Wichita are bigger than this false dichotomy of equestrian vs every other form of recreation. We believe that the city should agree to move forward with a bigger, more diverse vision for Pawnee Prairie Park that shares the city's largest public resource safely and fairly.

Michael Gomm
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Petition to Walnut Creek Planning Commission, Walnut Creek City Council

Support Carondelet’s Athletics Complex; Give Female Student Athletes a Home of Their Own

For 50 years, Carondelet High School student athletes have had to beg, borrow and pay for often inferior outdoor athletics facilities in 11 of its competitive sports programs. Landlocked on a campus that is half the size of comparable local high schools, Carondelet’s young women have had no home for tennis, soccer, lacrosse, softball, water polo, swimming and diving. Young women today deserve to have the same opportunities as their male counterparts – to build their talents and skills, to develop leadership and team-building experiences gained through athletics, and to feel that they are equal, that they matter, and that they are empowered. Toward that end, Carondelet has made it a priority to acquire the ClubSport Valley Vista Tennis and Swim Club to build an athletics complex that will serve the needs of its students. The shuttered ClubSport site needs a new owner that is a responsible neighbor and adds value to the community. Carondelet High School will be that neighbor. In addition to providing its young women with equal facilities and a home to train, compete, and excel, the new facility will serve as a community resource for avid tennis players, swim team families, and adults and youth in this community. The Valley Vista Racquet Club and the Barracudas Swim Club strongly support Carondelet’s acquisition of this property and the construction of this new facility, as do other Walnut Creek community athletics clubs. Carondelet has consulted with specialists, engineers and architects to complete impact studies and design its new complex to mitigate any potential impact on its neighbors. We, the undersigned, strongly support Carondelet’s plans to convert the former ClubSport Valley Vista to a beautiful new athletics complex, which will advance women’s education and be a benefit to the entire community.

Carondelet High School
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