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Petition to The Board of Supervisors

STOP development of the Dollar General Store in Middletown, California

The community of the Middletown is asking that the Lake County Board of Supervisors deny development of the Dollar General Store in Middletown. Residents do not want to see this large, out-of-state corporation adversely impact the locally owned businesses, historical values, and social and ecological values of our town. The plans for the business show a 9,100 square foot, stucco box-style building with some parking spaces.  The architecture is severely mismatched and is in direct violation of the Middletown's building design guidelines.  The unsightly loading docks will frontage Calistoga Rd., and this facility will increase big-rig traffic through downtown.  This type of retail does not offer any goods or services that the community is lacking.  The benefit of the limited jobs it could produce will be more than outweighed by possible loss of locally owned businesses and export of revenues to an out-of-state corporation with almost 12,000 stores nation-wide.  The large stucco building with the loading dock as frontage to Calistoga Rd. will forever serve as a black eye on the historical face of the community. Middletown is a small, beautiful community with historical and cultural significance.  The close-knit community has small businesses who's families have been part of the community for generations.  Allowing a large retail corporation selling cheap wares into our community will have a significant impact on the local charm, architectural and historical values, and economic well-being of the town.  Please join me in asking our The Board of Supervisors to block this unwelcome development.FOR MORE INFO please RSVP to our event on Facebook at:

Jennifer Hartnett Serenity
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Petition to Mayor Pete Buttigieg, South Bend Common Council, Mr. Aaron Perri, Mr. Steve Cox

Protect Potawatomi Park

Protect Potawatomi Park is an action group formed in response to the South Bend Fire Department's proposal to build a new fire station in Potawatomi Park. Our purpose is to mobilize opposition to the plan and prevent the fire station from being built in the park.  Potawatomi Park is a crown jewel of South Bend. Visitors are not only local; they come from surrounding counties and Michigan to enjoy the park’s benefits.  The park land was deeded to the city of South Bend in 1954 from St. Joseph County. At that time, the County Commissioners stipulated:  "Said described real estate to be used as and for park purposes only, and in the event said City of South Bend fails, refuses or abandons such property for park purposes, the said real estate shall then revert to St. Joseph County, State of Indiana."  A fire station here violates the premise on which the land was originally deeded.  We object to park site for the following reasons:  Disruption of Park Activities      Each year, South Bend Parks and Recreation Department offers a free Sunday evening concert series at the Chris Wilson Pavilion at Potawatomi Park. This outdoor community pavilion is located directly behind the proposed site. A sustained fire siren would disrupt the musical enjoyment of attendees.     The Park Department has approved development of a Sensory Garden near the Conservatories. This garden will give adults and children with sensory processing disorders, such as autism, an opportunity to explore the five senses in a safe and calming atmosphere. A fire station is not compatible with this project and could even be damaging to the persons visiting the Sensory Garden.  Noise       A fire engine or ambulance siren has a noise level of 120 decibels. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the recommended safe exposure time for a decibel level of this magnitude is only 7 seconds. Of course, a siren at any location would have this risk. However, children are primary users of the nearby swimming pool and Kids' Kingdom. Children are a particularly sensitive population regarding noise. Moreover, according to the EPA, high decibel levels of noise can cause severe health damage such as hearing loss, heart disease, and even risk to mental and social well-being.  People go to a park to escape noise and enjoy a more peaceful setting. A fire station and a park are mutually incompatible. Access      A fire station siren would have adverse impact on persons with disabilities, especially children. One mother wrote in the South Bend Tribune,  “As a mother of a special needs child who cannot handle loud noises,…if a fire station is built where it is proposed, I will no longer be able to take my son to Potawatomi Park.”  In addition to the persons with sensory disorders visiting the Sensory Garden, school buses bring hundreds of children to the park, including children with disabilities. The impact on these students could be negative and unexpected.  Traffic        Twice a day, almost 2000 students and staff enter and leave nearby John Adams High School. IUSB adds even more traffic. Emergency vehicles leaving the fire station during these times would encounter heavy foot and vehicle traffic, putting both pedestrians and drivers at risk. A traffic study as well as an environmental impact study should be done to assess the consequences of the park location.   Long Term Impact      The proposed site is currently open green space.  If a fire station were built on this land, any other possible future park-related functions, such as a dog park or Botanical Garden, would be ruled out. This park land will be lost forever to future generations.   Position  We support the South Bend Fire Department and its need for an expanded Station #9…but not in Potawatomi Park. We urge the City to carefully research and develop an alternate site.

Protect Potawatomi Park
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