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Petition to Planning Department, Dublin City Council

Say NO to building on the St. Paul's Playing Fields (St. Anne's, Raheny)

This is a photo of St. Anne's park, Raheny, stretching back to the sea at Dollymount. The lands outlined in red are the St. Paul's playing fields which earlier this year were sold by the Vincentian Fathers to a property developer. These lands were in the ownership of Dublin City Council from 1938 until 1953 when they were acquired as additional playing fields by the Vincentian Fathers for their school, St. Paul's College. The playing fields remained open to the park until 2001 when a fence was erected around them.Because these were institutional lands, of high amenity value, in the middle of a park, they were protected by our planning laws from residential development.In 2013, as a result of a legal action, Dublin City Council were forced to amend the zoning on religious and institutional lands to allow for 'consideration of residential development'. In 2015, these lands were sold to a developer. Having paid approximately €4,000 to Dublin City Council for these lands in 1953, the Vincentian Fathers received a reported €18,000,000 on foot of this sale in 2015. The Irish Times report that should permission be granted, the value of the land itself will increase to €80 million. Good news for the developer Crekav Trading Ltd., and their financial backers M&G Investments (subsidiary of Prudential). Bad news for St. Anne's and the people of north Dublin.We believe that development on these lands, which are and always have been in the heart of St. Anne's, is an abuse of the 2013 amendment to Z15 and we object to any residential development of any kind here.These lands run alongside the main avenue of St. Anne's from the Sybil Hill gate to the Millennium Arboretum. They are bordered by ancient Scots Pine and Holm Oaks, planted by the Guinness family who were the original owners of the estate. They form a visual part of the park and are integral to the character of the park. The construction of a residential development in this part of the green belt is wholly inappropriate, conflicts squarely with zoning and would have a ruinous impact on the special character of the park. If you are leaving a comment, please consider stating the general area where you live (eg Raheny, Dublin; Clontarf, Dublin; Coolock, Dublin etc)  

I Love St. Anne's
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Petition to Bromley council Statutory Planning Authority, Jim Kehoe, Marc Hume, Tim Horsman, Dame Tessa Jowell, Jim Dowd, Steve Reed

Refuse KICC's application for change of use of 25 Church Road

MAKE YOU VOICE COUNT - SIGN THE PETITION TO SAVE 25 CHURCH ROAD, CRYSTAL PALACE, SE19 2TE 25 Church Road is the only large, purpose-built, public entertainment venue in the town centre. Located in the heart of the Crystal Palace Triangle, this landmark building has a long history of serving the community by providing local entertainment from its roots as a 1920s art deco cinema through to its use as a bingo hall as recently as 2009, when Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC) bought the building and attempted to take it out of leisure use for the first time in over eighty years. As the last remaining dedicated D2 ‘Assembly and leisure’ venue left in Crystal Palace, it has played a substantial role is serving the cultural and entertainment needs of Crystal Palace for generations. It has the potential to do so again and to further the social, economic, recreational and cultural interests of the local community and businesses within its current planning use. The long standing, and vital, contribution to the cultural life of Crystal Palace was recognised in 2014 when Bromley Council agreed to register the building as an ‘Asset of Community Value’ and is reflected in the views and wishes of thousands of traders and residents, who have campaigned tirelessly for over five years to preserve the heritage of 25 Church Road However, the potential opportunity to return 25 Church  Road to its historic public entertainment roots and preserve its long established status as a major ‘Assembly and Leisure’ venue,  is once again under threat by KICC’s latest planning application for a mixed use D1 Church, conferencing and counselling centre with some D2 ‘Assembly and leisure’ elements - although there would be no obligation whatsoever for the owners to run any D2 leisure activities once the ‘change of use’ had been granted If successful the proposed ‘change of use’ would result in the loss, perhaps forever, of the last remaining dedicated D2 Public entertainment venue in Crystal Palace and any meaningful preservation of this recognised ‘Asset of Community Value’. We, the undersigned, consider such a loss to be unacceptable and the proposed change to mixed use to be detrimental to the cultural and economic vitality of Crystal Palace. We therefore call upon Bromley Council, as the Statutory Planning Authority: 1. To continue to recognise 25 Church Road’s status as an ‘Asset of Community Value’ - within its current D2 planning use, in accordance with the provisions of the Localism Act 2011 and the Assets of Community Regulations 2012.  2. To take into account 25 Church Road’s ‘Asset of Community Value’ status as a MATERIAL PLANNING CONSIDERATION AGAINST any change of use from D2 to a mixed use D1/D2.  3. To refuse KICC’s planning application, as contrary to both planning policy and the clearly voiced views of the traders and residents of Crystal Palace to save 25 Church Road as a public entertainment venue, through the preservation of its exclusive use for permitted D2 ‘Assembly and leisure' purposes.  

Picture Palace Campaign
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Petition to Carwyn Jones, Geoff Lowe, Rodney Skelland, Ken Skates, Mark Pritchard, Lawrence Isted, Phil Wynn

Justice for Wrexham AFC - #wheresourshare

Back in 2009 the owners of Wrexham AFC, a company called Wrexham Village, submitted planning applications to develop land around the Racecourse Stadium. The Chief Planning Officer at the time stated that… "This requires the erection of a 5,000 seat stand. The cost of building the stand should be apportioned to each of Phase 1 and Phase 2. Otherwise Phase 1 could be completed and the new stand not started at all, and then the cost of the new stand might not make it financially viable to proceed with any of Phase 2 and Phase 3." After stating that obvious fact, the Council then put no measures in place to secure the integrity of what is a hugely significant part of the Welsh sporting and social landscape. We the undersigned call on the Welsh Assembly Government to call in and investigate all aspects of planning applications P/2008/1295 and 6. This to include the legal advice highlighted by former Council Leader Aled Roberts in the BBC Week in Week out documentary of 2011. Councillor Roberts stated that the council had taken the best advice in determining its response to the applications. The subsequent outcomes have proven far from satisfactory. The Council has refused to release any detail regarding this advice and the current Council Leader has refused to answer any questions on the subject. The only response from the Guildhall has come from Council Officers who were involved in the original flawed decision. It defies all definitions of openness and fairness. Wrexham is a town in North Wales but the current council regime seem to believe that it is a Banana Republic. Put simply. In order to gain planning permission to build their flats the developers told a series of outrageous lies. They lied to the council. They lied to the fans and they lied to the Town. All of this was done with the connivance of Council Leader Aled Roberts, Chief Planning Officer Lawrence Istead and Chief Legal Officer Trevor Coxon who failed to protect the basic interests of the Town whilst claiming to have taken the “best legal advice. “ The actions of Wrexham Village should be subject to a police investigation on the grounds of “obtaining a pecuniary advantage by deception” but it is the role of Wrexham Council that needs to be examined here. The history of this piece of land is well known locally but perhaps needs repeating. Wrexham Village took the land out of the club in exchange for debts run up by their own incompetence. They paid £5m for this land. They built student flats on part of the site and that is now valued by themselves at £13m. They sold the stadium part of the land to Glyndwr University for £2m and are currently selling the remainder of the land to Macdonalds for around £6m. So a £5m investment has yielded a return of over £20m. And yet they claim that there is no profit in order to fulfil their promises. Not a single penny. They are supported in this by their friends at the Guildhall. A long term solution for that site needs to be found. Hell will freeze over before Wrexham Village do the right thing and deliver on their promises. Wrexham Council are unwilling to enforce the promises made by Wrexham Village and that leaves the Welsh Assembly Government as the only body able to ensure justice for Wrexham AFC. Macdonalds must not be allowed to develop that land until a solution is found to the needs of Wrexham AFC. We have run up against a brick wall at the local authority where the Councillors fight with the Council Officers to see who could give less of a toss to this important local issue. The assembly is the last hope that we have in saving this important national asset. ###################################################### Yn ôl yn 2009 cyflwynwyd gais cynllunio gan gwmni o'r enw Wrexham Village, perchnogion Wrexham AFC, i ddatblygu'r tir o amgylch y Cae Ras. Dywedodd y Prif Swyddog Cynllunio ar y pryd ... Mae angen codi eisteddle gyda 5,000 o seddi. Dylid rhannu cost adeiladu'r eisteddle newydd rhwng Cyfnod 1 a Chyfnod 2. Fel arall gall Cyfnod 1 cael ei gwblhau heb gwychwyn ar eisteddle newydd o gwbwl, a gall cost eisteddle newydd olygu na fyddai'n ddichonol yn ariannol i barhau ag unrhyw ran o Gyfnod 2 a Chyfnod 3. Wedi datgan y ffaith gwbwl amlwg yma, ni chafwyd unrhyw fesurau penodol gan y Cyngor i sicrhau rhan hollol allweddol o dirlun cymdeithasol a hunaniaeth chwaraeon Cymru. Rydym ni sydd wedi arwyddo isod yn galw ar Lywodraeth Cymru i archwilio pob rhan o geisiadau cynllunio P/2008/1295 a 6. Dylid cynnwys y cyngor cyfreithiol cafodd ei amlygu gan cyn Arweinydd y Cyngor Aled Roberts yn rhaglen ddogfen BBC Week In Week Out yn 2011. Dywedodd Cynghorydd Roberts fod y Cymgor wedi cael y cyngor gorau posib wrth ddod i benderfyniad ynghylch eu hymateb i'r ceisiadau. Nid yw'r hyn sydd wedi dilyn yn foddhaol o gwbwl. Mae'r Cyngor wedi gwrthod rhyddhau unrhyw fanylion ynghylch y cyngor yma ac mae Arweinydd presenol y Cyngor wedi gwrthod ateb unrhyw gwestiwn ar y mater. Daw' unig ymateb ar hyn o bryd gan Swyddogion y Cyngor fu'n rhan o'r broses ddifygiol wreiddiol. Mae hyn yn mynd yn erbyn pob diffinaid o chwarae teg a thryloywder. Mae Wrecsam yn dref yng ngogledd Cymru ond mae'r Cyngor presenol yn credu ei fod yn rhyw fath o Weriniaeth Fanana. I siarad yn blaen, er mwyn sicrhau hawl cynllunio i adeiladau eu fflatiau bu'r datblygwyr yn rhaffu celwyddau. Cafwyd celwyddau noeth yn eu trafodaethau gyda'r Cyngor. Cafwyd celwyddau noeth yn eu trafodaethau gyda'r cefnogwyr a'r dref. Cafwyd hyn oll gyda goddefiad Arweinydd y Cyngor Aled Roberts, y Prif Swyddog Cynllunio Lawrence Istead a'r Prif Swyddog Cyfreithiol Trevor Coxon fethodd a sicrhau buddianau'r dref ar ôl honi iddynt gymryd y "cyngor cyfreithiol gorau." Dylai gweithred Wrexham Village fod yn destun ymchwiliad gan yr heddlu ar sail “obtaining a pecuniary advantage by deception” ond rôl Cyngor Wrecsam sydd angen ei ymchwilio yma. Mae hanes y llecyn yma o dir yn adnabyddus yn lleol ond efallai bod angen ail adrodd y stori.Llwyddodd Wrexham Village i gyfnewid y tir am ddyledion cafodd â ddeiliwyd o'u methianau hwy fel perchnogion. Talwyd £5m am y tir ac adeiladwyd fflatiau'r myfyrwyr ar y safle. Mae nhw eu hunain yn credu fod gwerth o £13m i'r fflatiau. Gwerthwyd y stadiwm a rhan o'r tir i Brifysgol Glyndŵr am £2m ac maent, ar hyn o bryd, yn gwerthu gweddill y tir i Macdonalds am tu £6m. Felly mae eu buddsoddiad o £5m wedi elwa dros £20m ond eto maent yn honi nad oes unrhyw elw i wireddu eu haddewidion. Dim un ceiniog. Maent yn cael eu cefnogi yn hyn o beth gan eu cyfeillion yn Neuadd y Dref. Mae angen dod o hyd i atebion hir dymor ond mae'n debyg mai breuddwyd gwrach yw disgwyl i Wrexham Village wireddu eu haddewidion. Mae Cyngor Wrecsam yn anfodlon gorfodi'r addewidion a wnaed gan Wrexham Village ac mae hynny'n golygu mai llywodraeth Cymru ydi'r unig gorff all sicrhau cyfiawnder i Wrexham AFC. Ni ddylwn ganiatau i Macdonalds ddatblygu'r tir nes bod datrusiad wedi ei ganfod i anghenion Wrexham AFC. Rydym wedi methu'n glir â thrafod efo'r awdurdod lleol ble mae'r Cynghorwyr yn brwydro yn erbyn Swyddogion y Cyngor er mwyn gweld pwy all falio'r lleiaf am y mater lleol pwysig yma. Y Senedd yw'r gobaith olaf sydd gennym ni er mwyn achub yr ased cenedlaethol yma.  

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