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Petition to Sadiq Khan

Save Lambeth Police Stations - Put people first

The Labour Mayor, supported by the Labour councillors in Lambeth, has decided to cut police stations and police bases across Lambeth.We are extremely concerned by the Mayor's plans. We believe visible community-based policing is vital to tackling crime, and provides reassurance and support to residents and victims of crime, especially at a time when London has seen a rise in serious violence and terrorist attacks. Brixton station would remain as the only publicly accessible station to report crimes in the borough. The following stations and bases would close: Kennington (Station)Streatham (Station)Loughborough Junction (Police Office/ Box)Cobalt Square (Office)Clement Avenue (Safer Neighbourhood base)Coldharbour Lane (Safer Neighbourhood base)Norwood Road (Safer Neighbourhood base)Cavendish Road (Police Station/ Annex, no public access) In 2013, Mr Khan asserted that changes to the structure of policing in London were decided by the Mayor, and criticised changes made by Boris Johnson. Now, as Mayor, Sadiq Khan pretends that the decision to close police stations and police buildings is nothing to do with him. Meanwhile Labour councillors in Lambeth have done nothing to lobby the Mayor to reverse his decision. We call on the Mayor of London and the Labour elite in Lambeth to reconsider their cuts to the police service and keep our police contact points open.  

Cllr Tim Briggs, Leader of the Opposition, Lambeth Council
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Petition to John Penrose, Jeremy Hunt, James Rimmer

Save Weston-super-Mare General Hospital Accident and Emergency Department

PLEASE SIGN OUR PETITION WE DEMAND THAT THE A&E DEPARTMENT AT WESTON GENERAL HOSPITAL IS RETAINED AT FULL CAPACITY!! The Accident and Emergency Department at Weston-super-Mare General Hospital is under threat. It has been announced that from July 4th 2017 it will be closed from 10 pm to 8am every night, The Weston Area Health Trust claim that this is down to patient safety concerns raised by a Care Quality Commission inspection done in the last few weeks, but in reality this has been planned as part of the Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) for well over 6 months. The Hospital Executive flatly denied this Closure was going to happen, and not without a full public consultation, when approached by the Weston Mercury Only 6 Days later without consultation they announced the closure would you want a 30 mile journey in the middle of the night if your child falls ill?Would you want an extra 30 mile journey to your nearest open A&E if you suffered a Heart Attack or Stroke in the night?....and this is complicated by the current lack of sufficient ambulance cover across the whole of the West of England.Contrary to the claims made by James Rimmer, Chief Executive of Weston General Hospital it's obvious that the downgrading can do nothing but damage patient safety, and we are concerned that this, so called, temporary solution will quickly become a permanent situation.Weston's Conservative MP, John Penrose, agrees with the closure, calling it "essential", yet he made no mention of the closure during the General Election Campaign, which concluded only days before, even though this was raised at the local hustings he attended. The closure will also shift additional load onto our nearest neighbouring A&Es at Taunton Musgrove Park Hospital and The Bristol Royal Infirmary; both of these hospitals are facing their own cuts in A&E services under the STP.. Why should the residents of Weston-super-Mare be collateral damage to this Tory Government's unnecessary austerity cuts? Why is our A&E losing night time doctor cover? Other smaller hospitals are retaining theirs. With an expected resident population of 220,000 in the near future for North Somerset,  our above average elderly population, and our increasing tourist trade bringing a huge summer surge, surely it's madness to reduce our emergency facilities? We had 200,000 visitors over the Air Show weekend (17-18 June 2017) alone! PLEASE SIGN OUR PETITIONWE DEMAND THAT OUR A&E DEPARTMENT IS RETAINED AT FULL CAPACITY!! (This petition will be presented in to the Weston General Hospital Executive Board on 4th July 2017)

Weston-super-Mare Constituency Labour Party
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Petition to Iain McNicol

Labour Party Northern Ireland to be given the right to stand candidates in NI.

Labour Party Northern Ireland (LPNI) are recognised by Labour Party as a CLP (Constituency Labour Party) only, so therefore are not afforded the same rights, funding and support equated with full regional status like Scottish Labour and Welsh Labour. With 3000+ members we are the biggest party in Northern Ireland in terms of membership (unconfirmed) yet we are not afforded the same rights as Scottish Labour and Welsh Labour to stand candidates in their respective regions. Why should we have the same rights as Scotland and Wales Labour? Welfare reforms agreed on and implemented by the mainstream parties in NI have gone politically unchallenged in NI. People in NI are suffering from Tory austerity voted on and implemented by SF/DUP Executive are not effectively represented politically in NI. Health service in NI is suffering from ward closures, A&E closures, GP and front line services in crisis, are all politically going unchallenged in NI. Cuts to social care services in NI are not effectively politically challenged in NI. It has been suggested by senior people in The Labour Party that we should support/join and/or vote for our "sister party" SDLP. But many of us in LPNI feel this is morally and politically wrong because firstly SDLP still promote the continuing criminalisation of women to abort a pregnancy in Northern Ireland which goes against Labour Party principles of gender equality. Secondly many of us in LPNI feel that SDLP do not appeal to or represent working class people in Northern Ireland, they do not have the ear of nor do they represent many of the trade unions in Northern Ireland and only tend to appeal to middle class nationalists. Lastly SDLP are a nationalist party so have an overriding agenda of the re-unification of Ireland whereas LPNI only agenda is gender, sexual orientation, race and social equality in Northern Ireland. So please sign the petition but also share it far and wide on your social media.  

Matt Beeching
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Petition to Jeremy Corbyn MP, Iain McNicol, Tom Watson MP, Ian Lavery

Revoke Tony Blair's membership of the Labour Party.

Recently, we've heard from Tony Blair on outlets like #Ridge on Sky News, we've heard him have 'sympathy' for Theresa May and previously claim he didn't support Labour in its current form, then declaring his support for Corbyn after outrage from Labour members. In 2003, he took Britain into an illegal war and ruined the lives of millions in Iraq which has contributed, in part, to a rise in global terrorism. Britain under his premiership failed to such a point that he had to hand over to Gordon Brown, who lost the General Election of 2010 with people's memories fresh with the experience of 'Blairite' Britain. His continued association with the Labour Party is damaging the reputation of the Labour Party. Just a few weeks ago it was announced his 'immunity' to actions taken during his premiership is being reviewed and, if lifted, the lack of immunity could lead to him being charged with war crimes. Labour does not need people like Tony Blair. He is reportedly worth over £60 million from deals with dictators like Gaddafi and Nursultan Nazarbayev (Dictator-President of Kazakhstan), to whom he offered advice on how to spin the Kazakh Massacre of 2011 which saw over 14 trade unionists killed by the Government who were striking against unpaid wages and payments. Tony Blair has repeatedly shown why we should not dignify him with membership of the Labour Party. He needs to be expelled from the Labour Party and be investigated for war crimes. I call on the Leadership of the Labour Party to remove Tony Blair from Labour Membership and call for investigations into his alleged war crimes. We can investigate Middle Eastern people and African people for war crimes, but we can't investigate the war crimes of western leaders, who have committed war crimes? Nonsense! 

James Edwards
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