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Petition to The London Labour Regional Board, The Labour Party NEC, The Labour Party Democracy Review

Re-run the local elections 2018 candidate selection across the Labour Party London Region

This petition has been started by Ealing Momentum on behalf of Labour Party members across the London Region. We believe that the 2018 local government candidate selections have been conducted in a manner that has resulted in potential candidates being excluded from selection on spurious grounds and has disenfranchised newer party members in a way that is unjustified and avoidable. We ask that London Region remedy the current situation by doing the following: Re-run the local government candidate selection process with a maximum 6-months period of membership prior to the date of the first shortlisting meeting required to qualify for voting rights and a maximum 12-months period of membership prior to the date of the first shortlisting meeting required to stand for selection. This is line with Appendix 4, I.ii.g of the 2017 Labour Party Rule Book. That any potential candidates excluded from shortlisting or selection must be re-interviewed and reassessed for suitability for selection. Interview notes from the previous selection process must be made available to those candidates who were excluded from progressing to shortlisting or selection. Examples of concerns we have in the selection process include: Imposing unnecessarily early cut-off dates for eligibility to stand or vote in the selection process, thus disenfranchising a larger proportion of more recent Labour Party joiners than is necessary or desirable. In some instances, people who have been members of the party for 18 months have been unable to participate in the selection process for their local government candidates. Potential candidates being excluded from the panel on grounds that are spurious and do not stand up to scrutiny. Examples of this include opaque and inaccurate data regarding campaigning records of potential candidates used as justification to exclude them, but seemingly not considered for other potential candidates. Furthermore we are aware that social media postings and private correspondence between potential candidates and their local council has been processed by the Labour Party and used as part of the justification for excluding candidates - this is both unfair and a breach of the Data Protection Act. Irregularities in the conduct of selection meetings, including reports of meeting outcomes being annulled at the request of LCF officials without clear reason for that annulment being given and questionable behaviour of LCF officials conducting the meetings (including allegations of racism, homophobia and assault). LCFs being unwilling to be held to account or, in some instances, not held to account at all. For example, in Ealing Southall the LCF chair was contacted directly to request she attend a branch meeting to answer questions relating to the conduct of the process after a motion was passed by two branches for her to be held to account. This was in the absence of any action by the CLP after a series of motions had been passed (the CLP meets irregularly due to local deficiencies in transparency and accountability). The LCF refused to attend and said that the CLP delegates to LCF should be approached - however they had not been party to meetings where the LCF made decisions about the selection process and were therefore unable to give account of events. There are many more examples, too numerous to mention here, that have occurred across the boroughs within London Region during the recent and ongoing local government candidate selection process. Labour Party members across London have significant and serious concerns regarding the fairness, inclusivity, transparency and therefore validity of these recent selection processes. We ask that the process be re-run and that steps are put in place to prevent such issues arising in this and any future Labour Party selection processes run within London.

Ealing Momentum
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Petition to David Miliband, Chuka Umunna, Hilary Benn

Save Labour's voice: party membership currently represents 0.054% of 2015 Labour voters

Plea to mobilise Labour Party supporters & prevent a potential break-up within the party. Political opposition and discursive democracy are essential requirements for any functioning democracy; they prevent totalitarian one-party states. The U.K.'s main opposition party has distinctly changed its party’s ideological stance, supposedly mandated by a sudden increase in Party membership. There has been a demonstrable slump in electoral support, whilst several prominent and competent Labour MPs have become marginalised and confined to the back-benches.  The present situation is a result of the party's shift to the far-left & the personal leadership qualities of Jeremy Corbyn, who ironically believes opposing his Leadership is undemocratic.  To be clear: his mandate to be the primary representative of opposition to the U.K. Government derives from just 422,871 people in 2015 (0.00650571% of population) & 506,438 people in 2016 (0.00779135% of population). Across the year period, the United Kingdom Population passed the 65,000,000 mark. Enhance our democracy by mitigating this deficit. Join the Labour Party for as little as £3. Encourage activism in support of an electable Labour Party that can provide scrutiny upon the actions of the Conservative Government. The present requirement for an electable, effective Labour opposition is perfectly demonstrated within the ideals of the late, Sir Gerald Kaufman. Family Spokesmen : "Sir Gerald dedicated his life to serving those who he believed would benefit most from a Labour government and Labour values in action. "He believed that policy and principle without power were simply not enough to deliver the better life that he fought for on behalf of his constituents for almost 50 years.

Labour Activism
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