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Struggling on Government assistance

Hi, first off i want to THANK YOU! For taking a moment in your day to read my article.. I know the title might have you thinking, but please don't judge. Let me tell you about myself and work my way to the issue! I'm a disabled guy,  born with bone deformity & the list goes on. Regardless of all my problems, I graduated from high school & a college! First apartment at 18, Very intelligent and didn't let my disability stop me. Even getting on city buses with my electric scooter, something most would consider for "Old folks" .. Now fast forward a few years, hard finding jobs in the field i graduated in. I have so many messages from human resources people telling me they liked my resume. NEVER received a job interview tho, i even applied for McDonald's.. Never been to jail, or anything to stop me from getting job so i ended up stop looking after so long. Plus I'm on SSI which could be cut off if i made "To much". Also you can't have over $2,500 saved up. Got to inform them if you win lottery etc.. Basically it's like you stuck! The check we receive goes to rent, electric and food. Etc. Nothing more or less. Every month, i feel they should raise the pay to disabled people.. I'm GRATEFUL for anything though don't get me wrong! Blessed might i add, but just wish i wasn't disabled. Then i can have the ability to be ABLE to make MORE money. I know ALOT of disabled people who been cut off or receive a small portion of their benfits due to "Making to much".. AGAIN thanks for reading, pray for a CHANGE! Please check out my GoFundMe page too. Thanks!!!    

Tyree Williams
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Petition to National Labor Relations Board

Delta must do right by its workers

Over 2014 and 2015, over 160 of Delta Airlines employees -- many of whom were older, more experienced, and formally unionized prior to the merger with Northwest -- were fired and replaced with part-time “Ready Reserve” workers who accept lower wages and no benefits. It felt like a purge of quality workers who were receiving quality pay and benefits. I know this story well, as I was among those fired. I had worked diligently for eight years as a customer service agent, trainer, and was on the Safety Committee. I was a model employee, but it wasn’t good enough for Delta. We must make it clear to Delta Airlines that we are watching, and we do not approve of its putting profits over people. Please join me in demanding that Delta Airlines re-hire those workers with good standing, and compensate them for what they would have made in the time since they were fired. Delta seems to be doing this most in Right to Work states, where companies can fire at will and their actions won’t be challenged. This is not right. When news came out about Amazon’s ill treatment of its workers, people took action and Amazon was forced to respond, and account for its policies. We can do the same for the thousands of hard workers at Delta Airlines. Please join me in calling on Delta Airlines to re-hire and compensate those workers it let go and replaced with lower wage part-timers in 2014 and 2015.  = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = To the Delta Mgmt. responder (Bird Brain's comment) below: We have over 8,000 people here that don't think Delta did the right thing. Now, all Delta has to do is convince the NLRB, or better yet, a Federal Judge & Jury of 6-12 people that Delta "Policy" is right!

James Malcolm
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