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Petition to U.S. Senate

Support Fair & Humane International Labor Conditions

We believe that all people have the right to fair and safe working conditions.  According to the United States Department of Labor, it is estimated that 25 million people are currently trapped in forced labor conditions.  4 million of these individuals are children.  Much of this work involves extremely hazardous conditions (physically, emotionally, and mentally) as people are forced to work in cruel conditions that can range from being confined to small fishing vessels, made to climb into dangerous mineshafts in search of diamonds or gold, and all the way up to having to fight as combatants in armed conflict.  No one deserves to live and work in these conditions. There are currently two Senate bills that can help in this fight against inhumane and forced labor if passed.  The first is S.2104 - Global Labor Support Act of 2021.  The aim of this bill is to help protect and build up workers' rights by supporting equal pay; providing access to justice; giving protection from violence, harassment, and discrimination; promoting access to paid family, medical, and sick leave; increasing the general population's awareness of international labor rights; and otherwise promoting and protecting internationally recognized labor rights.   Secondly is S.2991 - Countering Human Trafficking Act of 2021.  This bill is meant to establish a Department of Homeland Security Center for Countering Human Trafficking.  The aim of the center is to prioritize the victim-centered approach for those who have been trafficked, to increase justice efforts on investigating and prosecuting forced labor cases, and eradicating forced labor from supply chains, starting at the governmental level.   Both of these bills have been introduced to the Senate and referred to committees but have not yet been voted on.  Signing this petition will send an email to your representative urging them to support both of these bills and help get them to a passing vote and implementation.   For additional information and resources please also visit  

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Petition to Brown Graduate School

Stand up for Ayşe Şanlı against discriminatory termination

Ayşe Şanlı, a 4th year PhD student in Anthropology at Brown University, is facing termination after her department ignored her disability accommodations.When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Ayşe Şanlı, an international grad in Anthropology, started to face challenges regarding her health and well-being. Before Fall 2021, she sought and received accommodations from Student Accessibility Services (SAS) and communicated these accommodations to her department. In the meantime, Ayşe received a warning letter placing her on academic probation, and laying out deadlines for the completion of her preliminary exams. Ayşe did everything possible to make progress towards prelims while dealing with both her disability and the pandemic’s impact on her progress. In spite of the challenges she faced, Ayşe submitted her preliminary exam statements, and was prepared to take her exams before the final deadline in her warning letter.  But while Ayşe was in constant communication with her committee, the Anthropology Department made no effort to work with her. Her requests for feedback on her prelim statements and requests to schedule her oral exams were ignored. Now, Ayşe is being terminated from her program for “not meeting program deadlines.” Even though her accommodation letter from SAS explicitly states that Ayşe should have “flexibility with major programmatic milestones,” her department has shown no flexibility with the deadlines in Ayşe’s warning letter. Instead, the Department served Ayşe with a termination letter on November 30th - a full week before her final deadline. Now Ayşe is being forced out of her program, severely limiting her future employment possibilities. As an international grad, she’ll also be forced out of the country and cut off from her only source of income.Ayşe is ready to take her preliminary exams, and with cooperation from the Anthropology Department, she can advance to candidacy. Please support Ayşe Şanlı and stand against ableist discrimination at Brown by signing our petition. Brown University must honor Ayşe’s disability accommodations and reinstate her in her program.

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