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Petition to President Trump's Agricultural and Rural Advisory Team, USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service

Americans Want Labeled Beef

Please support the clear and transparent labeling of USA born, raised and harvested beef. Getting this definition attached to the phrase “Product of the USA” is your only assurance that the beef you purchase was solely raised in the United States.  The United States Cattlemen's Association asks that only beef that has been born, raised and harvested in the United States be labeled as U.S.A. Beef. Due to the repeal of the Country-of-Origin Labeling law in 2015, there are no clear definitions for what constitutes a U.S. beef product. For example, cattle or beef that is imported into our borders and then undergoes further processing or handling at a USDA-inspected facility can be labeled as a "Product of the United States”, even if the handling of the product was minimal.This lack of a clearly defined label is highly misleading to the consumer. Consumers are only able to make wise choices if provided the information they need to make those choices. Clear, Transparent, Defined labeling fulfills: 1. Consumers desire transparency and freedom of choice in the foods they purchase. Consumers are aware that there may be different feed, veterinary practices or husbandry practices that are used in raising beef or cattle in other countries. For example, some countries utilize forced or slave labor in the raising of cattle and production of beef. Other countries cause irreparable environmental damage, either through rainforest deforestation or harmful production practices. Consumers have the right to make decisions that align with their personal values and beliefs.  2. The ability of consumers and retailers to recognize products that have been recalled, thereby increasing food safety at home and in the grocery store. Consumers and retailers need to have the capacity to trace product and make smart decisions in the case of bio-security issues involving herd health or when emerging zoonotic diseases come to light  3. The prevention of U.S. economic loss by ensuring our ranchers, feedlot owners, and backgrounders are all allowed the opportunity to succeed in a global marketplace. U.S. cattle producers need to have the ability to differentiate their domestic product from imported product in the marketplace. Country-of-origin labeling prevents U.S. agriculture jobs from being outsourced to other countries who can produce beef at a lower cost due to less stringent environmental and workplace regulations. Just as Americans don't want U.S. factories moved overseas, why would we send agriculture jobs out of our country? Please support the clear and transparent labeling of USA born, raised and slaughtered beef.  For more information, visit United States Cattlemen's Association at or on Facebook at 

Americans Want Labeled Beef
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Petition to Trey Gowdy, Jeff Duncan, Joe Wilson, Mark Sanford, Mick Mulvaney, Lindsey Graham, Tim Scott, Nikki Haley

Label Pesticides and GMOs

      A couple of years ago, Monsanto's scientists did a study on rats that were fed GMO food, and the rats had no problems whatsoever. Later on, different scientists did a two-year study on the same type of rats, and this time 90% of the rats that were fed GMO-products grew tumors (cancer) within 4-6 months. Same type of food, same type of rats. Monsanto is poisoning our food and they know it.  Some time ago, individual states tried to make a law where GMO’s on the market HAVE to be labeled. 13 states tried. None have succeeded. None have succeeded because Monsanto threatened to sue the state for millions of dollars. If Monsanto sued the state, they would soon be more powerful than the states. Soon, they would be more powerful than the president himself. I say that we all come together to label GMOs and harmful pesticides and raise awareness about them. Pesticides are killing our children. The FDA has already granted Monsanto permission to put more Roundup in our foods than it takes to cause cancer! Now, Monsanto and Bayer have planned to merge. That would make the biggest and most dangerous merge in more than a year. We've got pesticides in our home. We've got pesticides in our food. Now we've got pesticides in our medicines? I say we stop this. As Rachael Carson once said, pesticides are biocides.  

Natalie Phalange
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