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Ofsted to run an inspection at Bright Horizons Fulham following child being assaulted

Bright Horizons is one of the country's largest private childcare providers with a network of 300 nurseries. The Fulham branch, was rated outstanding by Ofsted in 2017.Mid-December 2019, after nearly 7 months investigation from the Westminster Police and LBFH LADO, the Evening Standard revealed that nursery worker at Bright Horizons Fulham private day care centre on Lettice Street has been convicted of assaulting a 7 months-old child while trying to get them to sleep at nap time, in May 2019. While only one nursery practitioner has been convicted of assault by beating, and unlike Bright Horizons statements, the investigations show clearly that the practitioner behaviors is not an isolated case. Two nursery workers had been caught on CCTV that day, maltreating the poor baby. The two nursery practitioners, both hired and trained by Bright Horizons, stated that this is how they have been trained, and forcing baby to sleep is a common practice in this nursery.  OFSTED has been contacted directly after the case was revealed publicly. Yet to this day, no further actions have been taken by OFSTED, and the Fulham nursery is still rated outstanding. Parents or future parents looking for a nursery might be misled by this obviously outdated rating.  We want OFSTED to run a new investigation, contacting Charing Cross Police Station, LBHF LADO, and Westminster Magistrate Court to have all information available to update their rating and take any appropriate actions against Bright Horizons Fulham Day Nursery and Preschool to ensure children safety. 

Alex Riziere
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