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SWIBCO: Target all products to boys AND girls

"When we tell children dolls are for girls and trucks are for boys, we're telling them not only are you a boy or a girl, but that being a boy or a girl is going to determine how you think and act and the skills you will develop." -Christia Spears Brown, professor of psychology and author of "Parenting Beyond Pink and Blue." I was recently shopping when I came across some adorable, name customized “Over the Road” wooden trucks, made by a company called Swibco. They were good quality and reasonably priced, so I was going to see if any of myself or my friends names were painted. When I took a closer look, however, I found that all the names written on it were male, with a small few unisex, like Alex or Chase. I understand that businesses usually only create personalized products with popular names, but how will cars and trucks become a “popular” thing for boys and girls alike if companies don't market them to girls? If trucks and cars aren't available for girls, then how will they become interested in cars? If they aren't interested in cars, who will help build new cars and technologies? Who will help when future generations with traffic problems? With malfunctioning airbags? Who will help when there's a car accident, and perhaps more importantly, who will prevent them? Upset, I looked at the next Swibco product, golden sheriff badges. I smiled. Surely, these would include female names. There have, after all, been some incredible women in law enforcement, like Zena Stephens, the first Texan, black, female sheriff of Jefferson County. Or Margaret Damer Johnson and Nina Boyle, two police volunteers in the United Kingdom during the first world war. Or JoAnne Misko and Susan Malone, two of the first female FBI agents. There were and are so many real life heros, so many of them female. Right? When I looked at the display, I wasn’t sure. Bradley. Frank. John. But what about Amy? Marie? Cathy? 51% of the human population is female. But when you walk into a local police department, it may not seem that way. Only 13% of police officers are women. But shouldn’t we be encouraging girls for future diversity instead of shutting down their dreams? I turned around to ask the manager of the store, when I saw another Swibco product. This one had only female names, these jewel colored, engraved… hairbrushes. Is appearance all society thinks us young girls are supposed to focus on? Is appearence all we want society to focus on? We learn that this world is split in two, and that we should stay in their side, that we shouldn't feel free to choose what we want. But it doesn't have to be this way. I want not just girls, but people everywhere to know that it isn’t wrong to do what they love, that it’s okay to go against what society expects. Whether that’s driving a truck across the country to deliver life saving medicines, to finding the cure for cancer, to defending their country in the military, to building up the physical environment we live in, to stopping world dominating cyber attacks, to shooting a free throw in front of a roaring crowd, and to chasing after criminals to ensure public safety. Because boy or girl, we’re all human. I believe that Swibco should include both female and male names in all their products. Sign here if you agree.  

Maya Thakur
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