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Petition to Football Federation Australia, Football Queensland, Mayor Tom Tate, The Hon Greg Hunt

Issue Gold Coast City FC with a QPL Licence

Gold Coast City FC is one of the Gold Coast’s highest performing clubs, finishing second on the ladder in 2017, playing in the FFA cup and with some of their players even representing Queensland. In October 2017 Gold Coast City FC separated from Palm Beach Soccer Club after Palm Beach decided to hand back the NPL licence to Football Queensland. Gold Coast city FC had already trialled and selected approx 150 children to play in this elite competition so applied to Football Queensland for an NPL licence. Football Queensland rejected the application for both an NPL licence or a QPL licence, leaving 150 kids to either miss out on playing their loved sport of soccer or fading back into the community football program and being unable to further their skills. Some of these families have relocated to the Gold Coast from other states to play and represent Gold Coast City at great expense. All of these children and their families have been absolutely devastated by this decision and need our help! Footballs Queensland is the only government body that can help find a solution to allow these kids to play the elite soccer competition that they have trained, trialled and worked so hard for Please stand with these kids and their families, OUR FAMILIES, and send a clear message that Gold Coast City deserves to stay in the game!

Danielle McDonald
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Petition to Transport and Industrial Relations select committee, Alastiar Scott, Andrew Bayly, Peeni Henare, Iain Lees-Galloway, Clayton Mitchell, Sue Moroney, Parmjeet Parmar, Denise Roche, Maurice Williamson, Jian Yang, Jonathan Young

Footpath cycling - make it legal for kids, seniors and other vulnerable people

Under current law it is illegal for kids to cycle on the footpath, with two very tiny exceptions (very small wheels and delivering newspapers or junk mail).  This is a problem because: it discourages kids from cycling, as roads are too busy and dangerous for their level of skill and development to keep kids safe parents must encourage their kids to break the law It doesn't make sense and it needs to change. Why do we care? We want our kids to be able to safely ride to school, soccer or around their neighbourhood.  We want to make it easy to get active.  Families who want to go for a ride are forced to load their bikes onto the car and drive to dedicated facilities. We want to teach our children to obey the law, not pick and choose We care about our aging population and other vulnerable cyclists We still want safe and connected cycleways for everyone to use but we also want kids to be able to use the footpath to get to and from them. We need kids to be physically active to keep them healthy We want to be able to teach our kids to be responsible, courteous and considerate path users.  This will make them better drivers. We need to let our politicians know that this is something we care about, and that we want changed NOW.  They need to hear that it is no longer a low priority and it needs to come out of the "too hard" pile.  They need to hear that this is something that all New Zealanders care about, that we want to keep our kids and vulnerable riders safe without them having to break the law.  We want change.

Jo Clendon
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Petition to Cardinia Shire Council

STOP the Expression of Interest for management of our kinders and give the PARENTS a VOICE

Expressions of Interest were put out to manage our Kindergartens within Cardinia Shire Council with NO CONSULTATION and NO NOTIFICATION to the families at the centres. We have historically been the decision makers for our children and their education, including deciding on the Early Years Manager for our centre. In the policies framework for Early Years Management taken from the Department of Education site,  it states that: "EYM is built on a four-way partnership, where partners work together to deliver quality early education experiences for all children. These partners are: families, EYM organisations, local government, the department."  p19 "Families have input into the future planning of the service"p21 I believe this EOI has not allowed families to have input into the future planning of the service as per the policies provided by the Department of Education.The council have not provided a platform for parents to be involved. This process needs to be more transparent and DISCUSSED with the families at the centres.  I am demanding that this tender process is ceased and that council meet with the families of EVERY centre involved to ensure that they are representing the needs of our community. Please sign this petition and WRITE to your local councillors and MPs. They have an obligation to represent your voice. Tell them that the Expression of Interest for the Early Years Management in Cardinia Shire needs to be STOPPED and that Council need to meet with EVERY centre and allow them to have a voice throughout this process.

sharyn ling
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