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Ketamine for Chronic Pain - Public Hospital

Give my own experience, I posted on a support group and there was an outpouring of the number of people that have been given the run-around, received the treatment before but now refused it, only been able to receive it as a private patient (which when most chronic illness warriors are either on the DSP or unemployed  due to their illness and can not afford private health) Ketamine is a highly specialised pain management drug. It was invented in the 1960s for use in anesthesia. These days it is mainly used in disaster relief or emergency anesthesia. Vets often use it as an anesthetic agent. Its use in the management of chronic pain arose when people recovering from anesthesia who had chronic pain reported improvements in their pain, which lasted sometimes for months following the ketamine anesthesia. Research into how best to use ketamine infusions is ongoing. The Wikipedia page for ketamine has a lot of background information regarding the use of ketamine in anesthesia, but only a little information about the type of infusion you will be having. My story comes from 5 years of Fibromyalgia along with other chronic illnesses, after my doctors and specialists recommended Ketamine to me as a 75% chance that I will be free of pain, I was excited BUT that is where it stopped, ever since (over 12 months) I have got the run around and told today it is because Medicare no longer cover Ketamine Infusion!What rubbish, it is an effective pain relief that kees people that are constantly in relentless pain cope with their burden of pain without opioids (oxycodone etc) that have a tendency to be addictive medications.Ketamine is given during an inpatient hospitalisation verse oxycodone that sees countless overdoses each year.Sign this petition, give chronic illness sufferers/ warriors a voice and make this treatment available with Medicare as a public patient.

Nicole Pfeiffer
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