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Petition to Dr. James Lee, Janice Moore

Keep Aire Libre Elementary School Open

On February 9, 2018, Janice Moore, Aire Libre Elementary School Principal, sent out an email informing parents and students that they would be “repurposing” the school – meaning current students and staff would be sent to other elementary schools. They plan to send regular education students and staff to Campo Bello Elementary. This decision was brought about due to a decline in enrollment, with a predicted loss of 25 students over the next 5 years. Aire Libre Elementary School recently received a rating of “B+” – just one growth point shy from being rated an “A.” Campo Bello is currently rated a “B,” and Echo Mountain and Palomino are both rated “C.” Our teachers and staff have really brought ALES students to a level that competes educationally with neighboring schools in the district. Furthermore, these neighboring schools have a higher number of students enrolled, especially Palomino with almost 1,200 students. With that many students, why can’t we offer to bring some to our wonderful ALES? Our school is also one of the few in the immediate vicinity to offer a specialized Autism Program, as an “Everybody Matters” school. Along with a decline in enrollment and not meeting an “A” rating, it has been stated that every year, Aire Libre Elementary School costs the district $500,000; yet, they’ll be closing our doors and spending $13 million on a brand new building for students that has yet to be identified. What happened to “everybody matters?" We ask that you join teachers, parents, and fellow neighbors this Tuesday, February 20, at 6:30PM in the Aire Libre Elementary School cafeteria and help us keep ALES open for our children!

Heather Smith
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Petition to Parents of CES

Justice for Barbara Walters

Recently our beloved fourth grade teacher Ms. Walters was suspended from teaching for five days. To put it mildly, we are outraged and disgusted by what took place and believe that the punishment was unnecessary and unjustified. What took place has nothing to do with Barbara as a teacher and had no effect on her students until now. Now our children have to be without their teacher for an entire week and a very important week at that. Not only is this the week of parent teacher conferences that we all look forward to but also, our fourth graders are directly in the middle of an exciting reading project, "Read to the final four". They are going to be devastated when they learn that Ms. Walters is going to have to miss it.  Fourth grade can be a tough year when kids start to loose focus and begin to hate school but Barbara has been able to grab their attention and has given them a new love for learning through her personalized lessons and creative ideas. Barbara pours her heart and soul into teaching our children and loves each one as if they are her own. To have the administration take such drastic measure has sent the message loud and clear that you DO NOT have the best interest of our children at heart. What is best for our children is to have their teacher and their lessons free from this interruption. We will not stand by and let you take our children's teacher away. You are punishing our children by punishing their teacher. The event that took place has nothing to do with Barbara's ability to be the best teacher for our kids. We ask that you reconsider Ms. Walters' suspension and give the kids their teacher back.                                           

Todd Strickett
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Petition to PHS Pacer, Mike Puglia Students of Powhatan High School, Students of Powhatan High School, Mike Puglia

The goal is to save our student-athletes healthcare resources. #AthletesLivesMatter

At Powhatan High School we have an amazing Athletic Trainer who offers injury diagnoses and therehabilitation. The rehabilitation is free to the students so then they do not have to travel for physical therapy which will save families in Powhatan County. 2011 was Mike Puglia's first year as the athletic trainer and has helped bring us $80,000 worth of supplies and rehabilitation equipment with help from Bon Secours Sports Medicine, Powhatan Physical Therapy, and various community projects. It is a facility that has grown from athletes only being told whether they can play or cannot play to now being able have our injuries diagnosed and be helped by our athletic trainer through every step of rehabilitation. The most important part of injuries is being able to diagnose an injury and doing whatever possible to return to play at the correct time without risking a re-injury. In order to rehab precisely there must be the right supplies and resources as well as enough space to conduct the proper rehab. Currently, we have the resources and space necessary to allow our athletic trainer to help us through rehab. However, next year PHS will be reallocating how the room will be used and a solution for next year's athletic training/rehabilitation facility is still under discussion. With a solution yet to be firmily in place the services our student-athletes depend on to be safe and healthy for the year are in jeopardy of not being available for season's to come. We have had much support from fellow students, coaches, parent, and teachers. Many of them have voiced out there opinion on the matter, here are there comments. We encourage you to voice your concern and share your positive experiences in utilizing these resources as well. Remember this petition is not about placing blame it is to bring to light the successes as well as positivity this facility and program has brought to our school, community and athletes in hopes of finding a solution soon KEEP IT POSITIVE. 1. Sign, share and comment on the petition and through your community. 2. Email our athletic director Jim Woodson and school administrators Kim Parks and John Ringstaff about your concern and positive experiences with the program and ask for an appropriate solution with our student athletes health care are as the top priority! Stay tuned as we share our successes and positive experiences we are sure to have something in place soon. "We need Mr. P to stay in his room. Mr. P means a lot to the students especially me. Mr. P has help me ever since I broke my leg. It's been a blessing having Mr. P here at the high school. If you kick Mr. P out of his room he will not be able to do rehab for all of the student athletes. Mr. P is a vital part to this school and a blessing to have." -Lamont Henderson (football player and track) "As an athlete and student of this school for the past 3 years I have realized how important it is to have someone to help you on and off the field. Trainer P has helped me tremendously as an athlete and as a student as well. From the athletes standpoint, by Trainer P having a rehab room i didn't have to go to the doctors to get my problems diagnosed he did it for me on the spot and if there is something wrong with his access to a room and machines to do rehab with, I am back out on the field as soon as possible. From a student's standpoint by him being able to do rehab right after school in his room it enables more time for me to be able to do my homework for class because i am able to do it right then and there and only for a brief amount of time instead of spending time and money going to a rehab center after school. In the 2015 football season I witnessed 10 plus teammates get year ending injuries and by having access to Trainer P and his rehab room he was able to evaluate and tell those athletes whether they should continue to play or not and with the help of P and his rehab sessions with them a good number of them returned and played the rest of the remaining season or continued on to play other sports later in the year. Along with that the athletes with major injuries such as MCL and ACL tears are able to do play football again next year with the help of trainer P and his resources in the rehab room those athletes are Lamont Henderson and Jon Arnold. In conclusion, without Trainer P and his resources in the rehab room student athletes will lose time on and off the playing field, money, and the sense of responsibility this school should have for its student athletes that strive to make are athletic programs better." -Jacob Oglesby (baseball and football player) "To whom it may concern, Having Mr. P (Puglia) at our school has completely changed the athletic safety program at our school for the better.  I have never seen someone so dedicated to the health and well-being of our students as he.  There have been countless times that he has singlehandedly taken it upon himself to improve our school and I might add that many times this has taken place outside of his normal work hours.  He has a vision for this school that is both progressive and visionary and all wholeheartedly for the benefit of our students.  Recently, an issue has come about regarding the discontinuation of the use of a classroom that he has been vital to the athletic program.  Unfortunately, this change without a viable alternative would hurt the program that Mr. P and our students have been building.  It is my hope that we can look for a creative solution that will benefit all." Thank you for your time and consideration on these matters, -Christian Miller "To whom it may concern, My son is Joseph Santiago, he is in the tenth grade. He plays basketball. Joseph has had many injuries since ninth grade. Mr. P has been a blessing not only to my son, for many other students that are athletes and non athletes. Mr P is for all of the students. I was disturbed to hear that an impulsive decision was being discussed of taking away his PT room. Joseph is bothered by this because he feels that there are other rooms available if space is needed that Mr. P's doesn't need to be inconvenienced and may not be able to be accessible to the students. There are so many students that he has helped over the years regain the strength and confidence they need to be back doing what they love to do. He has shown great commitment to all at PHS and we should in return show him that caring support that he has shown not only to the students but the families. Please reconsider and do the right thing and keep Mr. Puglia's physical therapy room just that a PT room. When something is good and working, it shouldn't me messed with. Please put your focus on issues that really need change at PHS. This is clearly not one of them." Sincerely, -Lori P.Santiago (Parent of basketball player) "I was really sad to hear that Mr. P's room was going to be turned into the new Health/Drivers Education room. As a teacher and a coach of multiple sports at Powhatan High School and as a former high school and collegiate athlete I know the importance of a nice trainer/rehabilitation room. We are lucky to have such a highly skilled and caring person like Mike Puglia serving our kids and making all the necessary precautions and steps to keep our student-athletes on the playing fields and courts. As most of us know, he was awarded the Virginia Athletic Trainer of the Year and we will be holding him back along with our student athletes if he loses his room. I advise the people making these decisions to go there after school and check out Mr. Puglia's space and our student-athletes he works with. I already feel that we are way behind many other high schools in the area as far as athletic development and proper weight training/sport specific programming. Where were are lucky is having the best athletic trainer around. I know for the past few years my room has been used for health and drivers education classes. I have never had an issue with this and wouldn't mind if it continued in the future. I hope my input will be considered and our student-athletes best advocate (Mr. P) be able to keep what he has put in place as a great foundation of athletic training and rehabilitation." -Anonymous coach/teacher "Mr. P losing his rehab room would be such an inconsiderate thing to do giving that he has had the biggest impact on the athletic department at our school. Regardless of the time, sport, or consequence P has stayed true to the safety and happiness of all athletes that walk through PHS, and nothing should be put in place of this vital asset- his rehab room.During basketball season when I couldn't bend my knee without some severe pain, I considered staying out for the season to see if it would heal. The thought of sitting out the whole season devastated me and when I told Bowman she said "Go to P"... well I didn't know who "P" was but when I walked into his room he welcomed me just as if I had been coming to him for weeks. Immediately, he solved my problem with a tape job and some pre-wrap, that lifted a stressful weight off of my shoulders. I continued to go to him for the duration of the season and the pain I had been dealing with for years never came back. If P was to lose his rehab room, personally, I don't know if I would tryout next season. The protection would go down and injury rates go up... and that's not something a 15-18 year old, and their parents, wants to battle." -Maggie Salomonsky (basketball player) "Mr. P has helped me with my injuries throughout my high school career, even when I first met him in 8th grade. This year I injured my knee during football and it was a long process to get it back right. If it wasn't for Mr. P and his rehab room than the recovery for my knee would've taken longer. Mr. P worked well with me and was able to work with many other injured players because of the giant space he received. He wouldn't be able to fit multiple players in a room if he's forced to go to a smaller one. It would devastate me if he has to give up his room because he has worked way too hard by making everything just right. Even though I am graduating this year, I would like for Mr. P to keep the rehab room because that's the only room in the entire building where he can get his work done and help out the student-athletes in PHS." -Chris Bethea "Mr. P is one of the most genuine, caring people I have met within all my years I the Powhatan school system, he treats these students like his own and stops at nothing to get them back to doing what they love. From life-altering injuries to a simple hamstring strain like mine, he works with you until you are back in the court or field representing Powhatan better than ever. In early November I injured my hamstring at a dance team competition. The following Monday I went to Mr. P; a man I'd never spoken to but heard so many wonderful things about from my peers, and he had a plan for my physical therapy that same day. I continued my studio classes and within a few months I had made amazing progress. While it may seem minor to many, it was the world to me, I couldn't do what I love, I had gone from leaping across the floor to not being able to touch my toes. He was the only one who helped me get back to where I was and I am forever grateful for that. While going through physical therapy I encountered so many students in that training room, each of them a different story, varying severity of injury, and a desire to get back in the game. Mr. P made that happen for all of them. Instead of paying outrageous amounts of money, something many families can't afford to visit a physical therapist every few weeks, Mr.P offered rehabilitation in the convenient location of our own school, an absolute blessing to myself and many others. I know countless athletes at out school who have been helped by Mr. P's training, to take that away would be taking a piece of Powhatan High School and the growing impact this man has had on Powhatan county." -Summer Harding (Dance team) "During my time on the Powhatan High School basketball team I have gotten to know Coach P personally because i have dislocated each of my shoulders and I'm having to get surgery done on my right shoulder. P was able to set every appointment up for me so that I can return to normal. If he were to lose his ability to provide rehab then my parents would have to spend a lot of money on physical therapy instead of having it free by Coach P. Last year when I dislocated my left shoulder, I thought I would be out for the rest of the season, but because of him I was able to return before the season ended and came back stronger than I was before." -Joshua Deal (Basketball player) "Hello!I want to let the school know how much Mr. P being at the high school has helped the athletes.Please do NOT take his room away. Mr. P needs it and so do all of the athletes at PHS."Thank you-Susan King (Parent of a football player) I am Philip Martin's mother. I understand that the school wants to kick Mr. P out of his office and I wanted to voice my concerns. Mr. P has been a great access to Powhatan High School and has helped 100's of athletes. Unfortunately, we've had to use Mr. P's services on more than one occasion and I would hate to think how much money he has saved the parents of Powhatan students by providing services that he has provided. I find it a bit insulting to have a person that has done so much for our kids and for the athletes, to be told that he is being moved to a storage room for his office and that he will not have a room to work on the kids, unless he uses the weight room. Mr. P should be able to work on students without having other students watching or staring at them. There is such as thing as privacy. I hope the school administration will rethink their decision and find it in the best interest of the students to leave Mr. P exactly where he is or offer him a bigger space." Thank you Dena Martin (Mother of football player) "My name is Philip Martin, I am a graduating senior this year. I played varsity football for three years, threw on the outdoor track team for two years and one year on the indoor team. My junior season of football I received a hard head to head hit in practice. As a result I had received a concussion. Without the guidance and support from Mr. P I more than likely would have been to scared for my safety to return to playing the rest of my junior season, and all of my senior season. Also I am a Student athletic trainer, I avidly participate in the Sports Medicine program at Powhatan High School. I have seen first hand how having the ability to have a room large enough to be able to rehabilitate student athletes is essential in my mind to one insure the safety of the student athletes, two educate the student athletes, and lastly being able to go to rehabilitation after school without having to leave the school if the student is able to drive, or having to make the rehabilitation appointment work around the parents of students who cannot drive turns an injury that could be treated in two weeks in Mr. P's rehab room, to it taking two months through the doctors offices. Yes some thing Mr. P cannot do in his office, but ninety percent of injuries brought to Mr. P he can rehabilitate if he has space to do so. This is just a mere few reasons why Mr. P should stay in the room where he is now. Hopefully hearing what needs to be said from myself and my fellow student athletes will prove to whom it may concern why Mr. P needs to stay right where he is. Thank YouJohn Philip Martin (football player) Please join the cause to help our athletic trainer, Mr. P, keep his rehabilitation room so that he continue what he does best and that is giving the students all they need in order to be successful.

Michael Puglia
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