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Save Mr. Cesaro's Job

Mr. Michael Cesaro is the IB History and Government and Economics teacher at Algonac High School. He has recently been laid off for the 2016-2017 school year. He is by far one of the hardest working teachers in the district and is the absolute last person who deserves to be laid off. Mr. Cesaro is one of the few teachers with the qualifications and experience in teaching difficult subjects such as, IB History I and II. It is very clear that as a teacher Mr. Cesaro is always doing what is in the best interest of his students. He puts in countless hours designing lesson plans, not only for his own classes but other teacher's classes as well. Considering all of Mr. Cesaro's qualifications and experience it is completely astonishing that he would even be a teacher that is considered to be laid off. I personally have had Mr. Cesaro as a teacher this past school year for IB History and I have learned more from him in one year than I have learned from any teacher in my past eleven years of schooling. He is one of those teachers that will connect with his students personally and make learning not only fun, but simple. If Mr. Cesaro is laid off, new teachers, who may have the qualifications to teach certain subjects but do not have any experience in actually teaching the course, will be given the responsibility to take over these classes. Mr. Cesaro has already gone through the IB training and has many years of experience in teaching rigorous courses such as, IB History. If Mr. Cesaro is laid off then these new teachers will have to go through all of the IB training throughout the summer that he has already gone through. This to me appears to be a waste of the school's money and time. Overall, I feel that Mr. Cesaro is an extremely hard-working, committed, and quality teacher for the Algonac School District and to lay him off would be a terrible decision by the school board.

Hayley DeBoyer
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