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Take down DramaAlert

Keemstar is a internet hypocrite who has a past of creating fake news and drama, shown people’s faces against thier will, being a cyberbully, being a pedophile and being racist against black people. Keemstar literally said these extremly racist and discriminating words one time: “Everybody just type in the chat Alex is a stupid n*gger. Type Alex is a stupid n*gger” “Im white i run this world, you’re black, you’re my slave” “You know how we got the name cracker? Because we used to have whips cracking the f*ck out of you. Those days are still 100% alive” “What are you going to bet with your welfare check?” “These Motherfu*kers hate the fact that they’re black”. These words are the most racist, the most stupid and the most disrespectful told by Keem. One time, YouTuber totalbiscuit once called out Keem with a tweet stating “You will never be news”. Keem soon responded with “Can’t wait to report your death!” because totalbiscuit had been diagnosed with cancer earlier. That is the most evil and cruel thing to say. Keemstar has also made false claims that ruined thier whole life! In 2015, There were many pedophile reports targeted to YouTuber Bashurverse from DramaAlert. Many people belived in DramaAlert since DramaAlert is a news channel. This brought negative attention to Bashur so much that he started getting depressed. Bashur once said “I was gonna commit suicide after that video was made. And i was lucky clara was woken up by the screams or i wouldn’t be here today” Keemstar also doxed Bashur’s MOTHER by tweeting out her phone number on Twitter. Bashur commented: “Keemstar even doxed my Mother! My mom is turning 60 this year, and she was swatted, over and over again” In the end, Bashur deleted his YouTube channel and his life is ruined. Keemstar has also falsely claimed YouTuber Pyrocynical of being a pedophile when Keem himself WAS A PEDOPHILE. In a stream where you could share screens with viewers, a underage girl standing completely naked had two papers covering her boobs and vagina stating “I LOVE KEEMSTAR”. Then she turned around to show her butt. Not covered. And Keem just watched and was like “Its great”. He also accused Pyrocynical of being a pedophile. He said the girl Pyro dated was 15 and Keem made the situation worse by lowering her age down to 13. Unlike the next one that has been falsely accused, Pyrocynical is still around today. One time, without knowing good. An old man engaged in Child Pornography got arrested. Keemstar wanted to have this on the news but took the wrong guy AND REVEALED HIS FULL NAME. Everybody was hating the poor old man. He was innocent and he was crying in a stream where he said he’s going to kill himself. Shortly after, he died of suicide. Keemstar is a mistake and he should not be anywhere on the internet. Not even on YouTube. By signing this petition, you help the whole YouTube and internet community, you help the family that got hurt by the old mans suicide and help Bashurverse and the whole world. You can fix everything just by signing. Thank you.  

Dopey Dopeman
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