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Petition to Mayor Hayri İnönü

Animal welfare non-existent in Maçka Sanat park in Istanbul - We demand a change!

The aim is to reach a signature of 10.000 people of this petition to then be sent to the Mayor of Şişli municipality, Mr Hayri İnönü.  Maçka Sanat Parkı in Istanbul is an area where you find more than 150 stray cats and kittens. Depending on the season that you visit you will find different amount of people in this park. The amount of people is in reality irrelevant. This since we think that another person is always helping in order to not be of help ourselves. There is noone for these cats on a regular basis.  The park cats are multiplying quickly since people leave their non sterilized housepets there. They get pregnant and have kittens over and over if not sterilized by the municipality. The cats are living on a filthy ground full of years of bacteria and these viruses kills the cats very quickly.   The municipalitity comes 2-3 times a week and leave a small amount of dry food which is far from enough. If it rains the cats have nothing but mud to eat.  Istanbul is a city where we believe that stray cats live a happy life. Since we think that they get food and love. If you see a green area well then that looks perfect! In reality it's pure hell for the cats here and they die a horrible death in this park.  We choose to see what we want and look away from the unhealthy dying animals. It's animal neglect to leave cats living in this situation. It's NOT animal welfare.  What we require from the Şişli municipality is:  - To install a 24 hour surveillance system in both Macka Sanat park and Macka park.   - To impose a fine on people who leave cats in the parks of a suggested TL 2000 . - To have security workers in both parks at a maximum of hours.  - To visit the park every weekday to give dry and wet food in proper containers NOT on the ground.  - To give adequate veterinary care in the park as well as bringing ALL the sick cats to the clinic for treatment.  - To sterilize and neuter each cat in this park and properly monitor this situation.  - Agree to a projectplan together with a few designated volunteers this to include a plan to remove the current grass area in Sanat park. This will remove viruses in the ground and NEW ground will be put in.  - All current cat houses and dog houses will be replaced with new disinfected ones.  This project plan should take place within the year of 2019.  Funding shall be at the Sisli municipality expense.  We are all here to help the Government in terms of THEIR work and responsibility in animal welfare in Turkey. We need to see the stray animals as owned by the municipalities and it is their responsibility that they do not suffer.  This is how we can help you get control again over a much neglected area to the point of animal cruelty.  The people who have signed this petition agrees with us and we demand that you bring this up for discussion ASAP. We also inquire to see the municipality's plan for the year 2018 and 2019 for Macka Sanat and Macka park this including the amount of funding calculated and how to be distributed. It should be a document open for the public to read.  With kind regards  Therese Sundbrink      

Therese Sundbrink
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