Kathua Rape

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Justice to Asifa: Immediate death sentencing to the eight accused.

Well it's the same shameless act which is being recently discussed all over the media . Justice to 8 year old girl child who has faced the worst that seized the beauty of her life or that seized her life. Our little Asifa is no more with us . And with shame your efforts to give justice is very awkward . Political parties take is as a golden opportunity and just to get votes and favour of idiots they organise strikes. Fuck the parties and to be more specific shame on BJP, Congress, and many other.  Now where is Shiv Sena, valentine's day celebration Shiv Shiv and when it's about rape no sign of them . And now comes the media, have you ever thought why it's a shame for the women after going through any sexual assault, it is because of we people only who just publishes the news "the girl or women raped". Why there is no news that a man raped a women or anything that is not pointing out there is a mistake on the girls part which is not at all there.  Here's a full report on the truth THE KEY ACCUSEDSanji Ram, 60: A retired revenue official, the main conspirator who incited his nephew, an alleged minor, to abduct the eight-year-old girl as revenge for the Bakarwals having beaten up the boy in the past. He was in-charge of the temple where the girl was abducted and raped. Sanji Ram’s nephew, 15, (19 according to a DNA report, said the charge sheet): A school dropout who abducted, raped and strangulated the girl before bludgeoning her face with a stone. Parvesh Kumar, alias Mannu:   A friend of the juvenile who helped execute the plan and repeatedly raped the girl.Vishal Jangotra: Sanji Ram’s son who studies in Meerut. He raped the girl with the juvenile who called him up and asked him to return, “in case he wanted to satisfy his lust”. Deepak Khajuria: A special police officer who wanted to rape the 8-year old one more time before she was killed. Surinder Kumar: A special police officer, witnesses say they saw at the crime scene. Sub-inspector Anand Dutta and head constable Tilak Raj who tried to scuttle the probe by not collecting vital evidence and washed the girl's dress to help the accused . Now it's to time to realise the truth.  Punish the accused immediately .  Or every single women should find a place where you are safe and free .

Yadhu K
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