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Petition to Archbishop Richard Gagnon

Call For Papal Apology For Residential School Abuses

FrançaisThe absence of a papal apology lies squarely at the feet of the Bishops of Canada. Despite misleading information from Church representatives, the simple fact remains - the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) has not invited the Pope to come to Canada to deliver the apology requested in TRC Call to Action 58, #CallToAction58. Call to Action 58 requests the Pope deliver an apology on Canadian soil to the survivors of Catholic-operated residential schools, their families, and communities. The Catholic Church is the only church or government body that has not formally apologized. Church protocol requires the CCCB to invite the Pope to visit. The Pope is not able to do so without an invitation from the Conference. Presented with one, the Pope would be in a position to respond. The petition is an opportunity for you to voice your desire for the CCCB to send the invitation. We must advance the healing process survivors and their families deserve, and the reconciliation our nation demands. More than a Catholic issue, it is a Canadian one, and we urge all Canadians to sign the petition and have their voice heard. On June 2, The Globe and Mail printed an opinion article written by the Hon. George Valin and Maurice Switzer. Since then, growing media attention about a papal visit/apology has been clouded with misinformation. The decision to publish the article resulted from years of delayed and unclear responses from the CCCB to deflect the issue from the core truth - they are blocking the papal visit by their failure/refusal, for undisclosed reasons, to invite the Pope. The Article as it First Appeared in The Globe and Mail on June 2, 2021 In the wake of the findings at a Kamloops residential school, Catholic bishops must pursue a papal apology – now By HON. GEORGE VALIN AND MAURICE SWITZER The Hon. George Valin is a Catholic who retired in 2019 after 28 years of service as a judge on the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. Maurice Switzer is a citizen of the Mississaugas of Alderville First Nation who serves on the Reconciliation Advisory Committee of the Ontario Human Rights Commission. There have been no reports of flags at the Vatican being lowered to half-mast, as they have been across Canada, to note the discovery of the remains of 215 children at a former residential school in Kamloops, B.C. – even though it was Catholic-operated. The mass gravesite is a stark reminder of the indignities and violence inflicted on, and the continued suffering endured by, the survivors of these institutions, their families and their communities. Today, the words of former senator Murray Sinclair, chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, continue to ring loud and clear: “This nation must never forget what it once did to its most vulnerable people.” According to the TRC’s final report in 2015, an estimated 150,000 Indigenous children were forced to attend 130 residential schools established by the federal government and operated by various church denominations. Of that number, the TRC found that more than 6,000 students died or disappeared. More than 80,000 residential-school survivors are still alive today, and many of them who testified before the commission described the horrific conditions. In addition to that egregious breach of trust, the commission concluded that all students had been the victims of cultural genocide. The TRC stated that reconciliation requires “an awareness of the past, acknowledgment of the harm that has been inflicted, atonement for the causes, and action to change behaviour.” That atonement cannot be achieved without the fulfilment of the commission’s Call to Action 58, which calls upon the head of the Catholic Church, whose religious orders operated the majority of residential schools – 73 of the 130 schools, including the one in Kamloops – to make an apology in Canada to survivors. Notwithstanding its decentralized corporate and legal structure, the Pope is recognized by Catholics, and most other people in the world, as the universal pastor and supreme head of the Catholic Church. The continued absence of an apology from him serves to deny survivors of Catholic-operated schools, as well as the countless numbers who died, the dignity of having their suffering properly acknowledged. But in a statement released on Monday, Archbishop Richard Gagnon, the president of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB), made no mention of a papal visit or apology. Previous efforts to pursue this apology have come to naught. In March, 2018, Bishop Lionel Gendron, the then-president of the CCCB, issued an open letter to Indigenous peoples in Canada advising that the Pope felt he could not personally respond to Call to Action 58. That letter, however, failed to disclose two material facts: that Catholic Church protocol stipulates that the Pope will not visit a country unless he first receives an invitation from the Conference of Catholic Bishops of that country, and that the CCCB had not invited the Pope to do so. When asked, in 2020, why his predecessor’s letter failed to mention this, Archbishop Gagnon replied: “Not everything can be said in a letter … the issue is in continual reflection and evolution. Conversations are ongoing.” And when asked to explain why the CCCB has not invited the Pope to Canada to deliver the requested apology, he replied: “Discernment around this issue is still ongoing. The Holy Father has told us that first of all it is vital to work with the Indigenous peoples on the local level before anything else can be envisioned. This is what we are doing.” Church leaders appear to be suffering from a serious case of “clericalism” – the assumption that they are superior to the laity and that their authority should be accepted without question by those without a clerical designation. The CCCB president ignored the fact that Catholic lay people have the right to ask respectful questions of their clergy and to receive complete, transparent and candid answers. The questions submitted to him were respectful, clear and unambiguous; his answers were unresponsive, evasive and not transparent. Catholic-operated residential schools were located in only 16 of the 60 dioceses in Canada, and one wonders whether the majority of bishops feel no need to address residential school horrors such as have been discovered in Kamloops because there was no residential school in their diocese. But by failing to do so now, the bishops of Canada risk extensively eroding credibility and trust in their leadership. It is time for Catholics to confront stubborn church leaders, ask that they act with decency and courage and to do the right thing: invite the Pope to Canada without further delay, to deliver the apology requested in TRC Call to Action 58. ----The appropriate response to TRC Call to Action 58 is for the Pope to make the requested apology on Canadian soil. This is not just a Catholic issue; it is a Canadian one. Please sign the petition, so survivors of Catholic-operated residential schools receive the apology they deserve. Honour the memory of those who passed away and lost loved ones so we can continue the pathway to the healing process as a nation.SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR A PAPAL APOLOGY - SIGN THE PETITION

Hon. George Valin and Maurice Switzer
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Petition to Vatican- Catholic Church - Anglican Church

Catholic Church Must Apologize for Residential Schools & the Murdered Children in Canada

 "A mass grave containing the remains of 215 Indigenous children, including some as young as 3, has been found on the grounds of a former residential school in British Columbia, a grim finding from one of the darkest chapters of Canadian history." Washington Post  Residential Schools were run by the catholic church and ripped children away from their families where they suffered sexual violence, abuse, assimilation, loss of their identity, and murder.  The Catholic and Anglican Church must formally apologize for its role in these schools and the murder and abuse of indigenous children.  "The commission ultimately determined that at least 3,200 children died while a student at a Residential School; one in every 50 students enrolled during the program’s nearly 120-year existence. That’s a death rate comparable to the number of Canadian POWs who died in the custody of Nazi Germany during the Second World War" The National Post  The Catholic Church has never formally apologized for its actions and has gone without impunity with coverups of abuse of children and young people for the last 100+ years.  The Catholic and Anglican Church Must formally acknowledge its role in Residential Schools, apologize, and begin consultations of Indigenous communities in Canada to help in the process of Reconciliation and forgiveness.  The Government of Canada should mandate Indigenous history as a prerequisite for all formal education, including in all catholic schools.   

Edy Haddad
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Petition to Marc Miller, Carolyn Bennet, Justin Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland

National Inquiry into deaths at Canada's Indian Residential Schools

With the recent and tragic discovery of the remains of 215 Indigenous Children at the Kamloops Indian Residential School, we call on the Government of Canada to establish a National Inquiry into the Indian Residential School system. We implore the Government of Canada to meet the following demands: 1. We DEMAND the Government of Canada to use any and all resources to locate and identify any other evidence located at all former Residential/Day Schools throughout the Country including the use of Ground Penetrating Radar to locate further Mass Graves on these Residential/Day School Properties. 2. We DEMAND the Government of Canada to make every attempt possible to identify the remains of all children who have lost their lives at these Schools and that they be returned to their Communities so that they can have their final resting place at home with their family and community. 3. We DEMAND the Government of Canada to open an Independent investigation into the Churches who operated these Residential/Day Schools to be fully investigated into their conduct and that every resource be used to identify any living Priest, Nun, etc who may still be alive and that they too be held fully accountable for their Genocide up to and including being brought before the International Criminal Courts at the Hague for their Genocide. 4. We DEMAND the Government of Canada to hold the Churches that operated these Residential/Day Schools to be held accountable both Monetarily and Criminally up to and including being brought before the International Criminal Courts at the Hague for their Genocide. 5. We DEMAND the Government of Canada to ORDER a thorough Independent investigation into the policies implemented at the time by the Department of Indian Affairs and any of their 'Agents' to be investigated into their involvement in this Genocide and that any living member of the Ministry of Indian Affairs or their Agents involved in the establishing and maintaining of this Policy be held fully accountable up to and including being brought before the International Criminal Courts at the Hague for their Genocide. 6. We DEMAND the Government of Canada to direct the Canada Revenue Agency to remove the 'Tax Exempt Status' from any and all Religious Organizations, Churches and Community Organizations who were involved in the set up and operation of all Residential/Day Schools forthwith and further compel them to finance the location, identification and return the remains of these lost children to their families and communities. 7. We DEMAND the Government of Canada to compel these Religious Organizations, Churches and other Community Organizations to monetarily compensate the families and communities of these lost children for their loss as well as compensation to those still living who continue to struggle with the traumas perpetrated against them. We compel them to cover all expenses for their mental health, Addictions and Trauma Therapy to not only Survivors but to the families and community members of those children who never returned to their home communities. 8. We DEMAND the Government of Canada to sever all ties to the British Monarchy as were it not for the Crown giving Royal Assent for this horrendous Policy, our Indigenous People's would not have been subject to the Grave Abuses and Traumas perpetrated against them by the Government of Canada on behalf of the Crown. 9. We DEMAND Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to acknowledge on the floor of the House of Commons the role in which his father, former Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau, and to make significant reparations to the Families , Communities, Residential School Survivors and those surviving family members of those children who died as a result of neglect, physical and sexual abuse and Murder at the hands of those who were given charge of the children forcefully removed and incarcerated in the Residential Schools 10. We further DEMAND the Government for full compensation be awarded to those Indigenous children who were apprehended under what is known as the '60's Scoop' and demand that the ongoing apprehension of Indigenous children immediately 'Cease and Desist'. To continue in the ongoing apprehension of Indigenous Children for no other reason beyond the Federal Transfer Tax and placing these children unnecessarily into the care of White families is NO DIFFERENT than the former Residential School System and like them is NOTHING short of the ongoing 'Cultural Genocide'.  11. We DEMAND the Government to IMMEDIATELY provide all the necessary funds to follow through in their commitment to our Indigenous Communites to upgrade all Water Treatment plants on First Nation's Territories.  For our Indigenous Communites to be subject to years of  'Boil Water' mandates due to sub-standard water is no different than subjecting our Indigenous Children in Residential Schools to Tuberculosis and other horiffic treatable diseases.  This horiffic treatment of these communities is once again another example of the ongoing Genocide in this Country. 12. We DEMAND that the Government of Canada to release all Residential School records to be immediately released from the National Archives to all our Fist Nations communities. To continue to withhold these vital records is nothing short of a continuation of the traumas perpetrated as a result of Colonization and the ongoing Genocide being perpetrated against our Indigenous People's  13.  We DEMAND that there be a FULLY Independent Inquiry into the 'Human Experimentation on Indigenous Children who were incarcerated in Residential Schools.  For the Government of Canada to authorize human experiments regarding the impact of starvation and diets is beyond anything ever imagineable.  These were young INNOCENT Indigenous Children who the Government had already STOLEN by the Agents of the Department of Indian Affairs and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  Not only is this Genocide...this is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY!!!  We as a United People stand in Solidarity with our Indigenous People's and DEMAND JUSTICE AND FULL ACCOUNTABILITY!!!! This is a dark chapter in Canada's Living History and must be reconciled by the Government and Canada as a whole so that such an atrocity never happens again within our borders.  We firmly believe that if Canada is to have true and honest 'Truth and Reconcilliation' with our Indigenous People's and their communities regarding past harms committed against them by the Government of Canada and the Churches that carried out this Policy on their behalf, there must be a full National Inquiry with a full forensic investigation such as what the Truth and Reconcilliation Commission, the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, and the Robert Pickton Inquiry began. Only through real action in reconciling our Nation's past will our Indigenous People's and all Canadians be able to truly heal in our unified journey to reconcile our past and begin our healing process. We firmly believe that in order for our Country as a whole to achieve full Truth and Reconcilliation with our Indigenous People's that we must all stand United as One to vow that this type of atrocity never happens again. 

Charles White
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