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In the interest of public transparency and on behalf of countless Natalie Wood fans, pursuant to CA Govt. Code 27490 & 27491.6 (2020), Dr. Jonathan Lucas, LA County Medical Examiner/Coroner, should convene a public coroner’s inquest so an inquest jury may determine whether film star Natalie Wood’s death in 1981 was by “the hands of another person other than by accident.” CA Govt. Code 27504 (2020). The request is base it upon evidence uncovered and identified by me during a six-year investigation of Natalie Wood’s death—evidence that was either intentionally ignored and suppressed in 1981 or was undetected by investigators in late 2011 and early 2012. Natalie Wood’s death was quickly ruled an accident by the LACSD and Thomas T. Noguchi, MD, the chief coroner at the time. Then in 2012, as a part of a reopening of the investigation by the LACSD, Dr. Lakshmanan Sathyavagiswaran changed the “cause and manner” of death to “drowning and other undetermined factors.” Leaving the circumstances and manner of death undetermined left more questions than it answered and rekindled the mystery of an already controversial death investigation. Furthermore, Dr. Sathyavagiswaran was not privy to numerous pieces of new, critical evidence discovered by me which could be presented to an inquest jury. Doing that would finally allow an independent body to officially determine if Natalie Wood's death was a homicide.  

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STOP the prison sentence and the loss of parental rights for Beatriz Aragón Búrdalo

Spanish Beatriz Aragón Búrdalo and her 5-year-old daughter, Celia, have been unjustly condemned by a judge due to the complaint of Celia's own father. Beatriz has been sentenced to two years in prison, and she has lost custody of Celia for four years.  This verdict comes after years of disputes with her ex-partner. The judge's decision is based on the father's accusations and does not consider his failure to fulfil his parental responsibilities towards Celia and his lack of emotional connection with her. Celia openly expresses discomfort in her father's presence. A more detailed description of Beatriz and Celia's case follows: Mrs. Beatriz Aragón Búrdalo, is an individual, mother, and employee, facing this serious and undeserved situation. She finds herself at this point under the described circumstances, and has been suffering for years from the violence perpetrated by her former partner. Such situations have been reported for several years, with eyewitnesses and reports that support this. As individuals who know Mrs. Beatriz Aragón Búrdalo, we have witnessed her personal and professional qualities at work – dedicated, honest, professional, and kind. She is adored by her students of different ages, and her colleagues not only value and respect her but hold her in high esteem within the field of competitive sports, especially in her specialty of rhythmic gymnastics, both as a technical director and as a judge. As a devoted, kind, and responsible mother, it is unfair to accuse her of: "monopolising her relationship with her daughter, born in common with the non-custodial parent, at the expense of the latter's right to contribute to the preservation of the dignity and the development of the personality of their daughter, to the point of taking ownership of the child as if she were an appropriable object. This is nothing but an example or reflection of a deeply paternalistic or patriarchal mindset, in terms of its representation of gender roles, according to which no one is better suited than the female chauvinist parent to take care of her daughter.". "In order to perpetuate the chauvinistic role of the sensitive, empathetic, and assertive mother towards her children, while instrumentalizing the youngest." This accusation is far from the reality of Beatriz's behavior towards her daughter and former partner. Beatriz has actively tried to facilitate the father's involvement with their child, even though he has been absent from Celia's life for over two years, refusing contact except to escalate conflicts and victimize himself. It is incomprehensible in a modern society that a custodial mother is punished with the deprivation of parental rights for 4 years when the non-custodial parent/father, based on his own free will, maintains no contact with his daughter for more than two years (without considering previous periods), refusing to have her in his company. Considering that he has made contact in very rare occasions, with a clear intention to litigate the conflict and perpetuate his own victimisation, without any consequences for his behavior. Noting that such situations lack any proportionality, punishing the custodial mother (branded as a manipulative female chauvinist) for behavior aimed at protecting a very young child (since she was 16 months old), not to deprive her of being with her father or denying her contact with him, but rather to ensure that this would occur under the best conditions for the child's benefit, taking into account the strain it places on such a young girl. Despite the difficulties involved in trying to make a young child understand that she has to go with someone she doesn't know, who forces her to call him 'dad,' to meet the needs of her parent and his partner ('she can't be sad, she can't cry, she can't miss her mom'), and if the child returns in an emotionally, physically, and psychologically deplorable state... who cares? Because in the end, it's all the fault of the 'manipulative female chauvinist' mother who must be blamed and kept away from the child's life, punishing her with a two-year imprisonment and the deprivation of parental rights for four years, even though the parent has been absent from the child's life, failing to comply with the visitation and contact schedule, which should be taken into account. As a result, the behaviour of the male parent is entirely harmful and incompatible with the best interests of the child, who requires provision for her fundamental emotional needs. This rewards the behavior of a parent who is, at the very least, non-compliant, while there is no possibility of reproaching their conduct. Without assessing the harm to the child, who is deprived of vital reference figures and the social and school environment in which she is fully integrated, she is ignored and minimized. We believe it is necessary to support the child in remaining in the care of the custodial parent and eliminate the possibility of putting the child in a situation of danger and risk that could jeopardize her safety, happiness, and emotional development under the best conditions, avoiding subjecting her to stressful, traumatic situations of unhappiness, insecurity, confusion, and difficulties in understanding. Worried because at the core of this situation lies a problem of structural and gender-based violence that hinders the achievement of equal treatment and the ineffectiveness of existing measures to combat discrimination against the mother and the child. We SUPPORT the mother and the child to prevent perpetuating abuse within the family, requesting that due attention be given to the consequences this situation will entail, which would ultimately destroy the life and reputation of the mother and place the child in an uncertain future in the hands of an unknown father, leaving the underlying problem unresolved – the nature, seriousness, and magnitude of the decision with enormous repercussions for the child. We SUPPORT the mother and the child, maintaining a biased view of the mother in her role as an individual and woman in the 21st century who is humiliated and practically labeled in popular and very similar terms to those already mentioned as a 'feminazi,' limited to enduring legal inequality that looks the other way, hiding the reality of continued and endemic violence based on inequality. A non-compliant father can do whatever he wants, however he wants, without considering the consequences of his actions, and he is portrayed as the innocent victim of the manipulative female chauvinist perpetuating the patriarchy, unjustly targeting the custodial mother for one simple fact: seeking the well-being of her daughter. SUPPORT for the mother, who is a good person, has no criminal record, no administrative fines, no complaints from neighbors or acquaintances – she is a law-abiding citizen and a responsible mother who instills deep and educational values in the child. The child is a happy girl in a stable and safe environment from which the inflexible parent has consistently refused to participate, driven by other interests aimed at denying the mother's existence and excluding her from the child's life. Based on this, WE REQUEST THAT THE PRISON SENTENCE AND THE DEPRIVATION OF PARENTAL RIGHTS PENALTY BE SUSPENDED in order to guarantee and preserve the well-being of the child, avoiding the destruction of the lives of two individuals who do not deserve it, as the parent can exercise his father's rights by initiating contact with the child, allowing for a parent-child relationship that is highly desirable by all.

Beatriz Aragón burdalo
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