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We would like that EDINAR COMPANY return all the Money back to the affected members.

For the attention of Edinarcoin (EDR) Crypto Currency Management. BEWARE!!! IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BUYING EDINARCOIN (EDR), PLEASE READ THIS PETITION BEFORE AND BE CAREFUL WHERE YOU PUT YOUR MONEY. WE REQUEST TO EDINARCOIN MANAGEMENT TO REIMBURSE ALL THE MONEY THAT THEY HAVE TAKEN FROM US. THERE ARE MORE THAN 60,000 OF US WHO HAVE BEEN AFFECTED ALL OVER THE WORLD AND MORE THAN 10 MILLION COINS THAT HAVE BEEN LOST. We all started using Edinar by buying 1 Edinar for $1 on the website and we were told that the coin would retain its internal value of $1 until its market release. When the coin was put on the market on 26/08/2016, we still had all of our own coins on the website until the morning of 30/08/2016 when we logged into our accounts and all of our money had disappeared, all of our wallets were at "0" and  THE BALANCES HAD DISAPPEARED!!! When we spoke to Anastasia (Edinarcoin Employee) She told us that all of our money had been put into another wallet so that we could send it to the Edinarcoin blockchain wallet but suprisently, our balances had been severely reduced.  WITHOUT PRIOR WARNING NEITHER AUTHORISATION FROM ANY MEMBER OF EDINAR, Edinar management changed all of our coins to the value of $1,350. As a consequence: people who had 1,350 Edinar, ended up with 1 Edinarcoin (EDR), and people who had 100 Edinar ended up with 0.0740 Edinarcoin (this DOESN’T even add up to 1 cent from a dollar) SEE EDINARCOIN (EDR) LAUNCH DAY: Consequently we got in contact with Anastasia again (Edinarcoin Employee) and via a conference room, she publicly announced to 100 people: NOT TO WORRY, the company had changed this figure to €1,350 but they would reimburse all of the coins 1 by 1 to everybody. That we all had to open our wallets at to be able to retrieve the rest of the remaining Edinarcoin coins belonging to all of the members of the Edinar network. <UP TO AND INCLUDING THE DATE OF THIS PETITION WE ARE STILL WAITING FOR THE REST OF THE EDINARCOIN COINS> Only 70 people have received part of their coins and they told the rest of us that if we want to get our coins back, we have to bring more people to Edinarcoin and to buy coins from  Edinarcoin employees like Anastasia or Max. This is the only way we would get 5% back of our Edinarcoin coins. <THEY BLACKMAILED US SAYING THAT IF WE DON’T BRING ANYONE TO THE BUSINESS, THEY WON’T REIMBURSE US WITH ANYTHING>  We were told that the value of the Edinar would remain at $1 until its market realise, where its value would be determined according to the supply and demand, which we were in agreement with. But it changed over without any prior warning and without our authorisation and before signing out of our website (that is they weren’t on the market), to the value of $1,350, taking our right to decide over our balances. So we consider this act to be prosecuted. FOR ALL OF US EDINARCOIN IS AN ALLEGED GREAT FRAUD In addition, those people who have realised upon this fact and are withdrawing their money are having their accounts (wallets) blocked by EDINARCOIN in order to prevent them from doing so, by blocking their money and the option to access it. WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF PERMITTING THIS TYPE OF FRAUDULENT BEHAVIOUR!!! And companies like this can  get off scot-free WITHOUT ANY REGULATIONS If you are a victim of EDINARCOIN and you want to report this fact to the authorities, you can do so by clicking on the following link:   1- 2- Please call 0300 123 2040 24 hours a day E-Dinar Cryptocurrency Ltd. (Company registration number 10253897) 5 Legal and physical address: 71 Queen Victoria St, London, United Kingdom, Remember that if victims like you and I don’t report this suspected cyber fraud, these alleged companies will continue taking advantage of our innocence. We sign this petition to request to Edinarcoin management to reimburse all of the Edinarcoin  to the people who put their trust into this project. The people who deposited their money and want to have it at their disposal. This is the reason why they put their trust in Edinarcoin. They were always told that there wouldn’t be any withdrawal limitations. But here we can see that this isn’t the case and that they have simply kept our money. WE REQUEST TO EDINARCOIN MANAGEMENT TO REFUND ALL OF OUR MONEY TAKEN FROM US. THERE ARE MORE THAN 60,000 OF US WHO HAVE BEEN AFFECTED ALL OVER THE WORLD. BEWARE!!! IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BUYING EDINARCOIN (EDR) PLEASE READ THIS PETITION BEFORE AND BE CAREFUL WHERE YOU PUT YOUR MONEY.  

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Petition to Office of Student Life at the Ohio State University

Alternative Housing for Buckeye Village Families at OSU

BV RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION Petitioning Office of Student Life at the Ohio State University Alternative Housing for Buckeye Village Families at OSU The Ohio State University does a great deal to ensure students' academic success as well as promote diversity and inclusion. However, those of us living in Buckeye Village Family Housing, a community with large numbers of international students and students of color, are facing a great deal of stress because we are unsure of where we will be able to live next year or if we will be able to afford to continue with our programs. The Office of Student Life first informed us at the end of the summer that there was lead contamination from plumbing in a number of our apartments. Recently we were told that 18% of the units would be torn down this coming summer to expand the Athletic Department's facilities. Students in these apartments will be given the option to move to other University housing but have not been guaranteed reimbursement for their moving expenses. Many of us are deeply concerned about the health risks involved with living next to the units while they are torn down as they most likely have asbestos as well as other contaminants. Noise pollution may also be harmful to children and impede students from completing their work.   During meetings with OSU officials, we were unhelpfully told that if we can't wait for more concrete plans (when demolition will occur, health risks, how many additional buildings will be demolished, and whether or not the rest of us will be given the option of alternative university housing) that we are welcome to not renew our contracts and look for other apartments. Graduate student stipends at OSU are lower than other Big 10 schools and the cost of living is higher, so paying higher rent elsewhere plus utilities would be extremely difficult. Many of us who are graduate students would not have chosen to attend OSU if we had known that subsidized family housing would no longer be an option. Furthermore, most of us in Buckeye Village are international students and cannot seek additional income elsewhere, nor are our spouses allowed to work. Finally, while the Athletic Departments had advanced notice in order to weigh in on the development of these plans, Buckeye Village residents had no representation despite promises by senior OSU management to involve residents in the planning for the transition of OSU’s family housing. We were emailed about these plans just days before the Board of Trustees was to vote on this issue. We demand that The Ohio State University take the following actions: Short Term demands: 1) Delay of the construction until Summer 2018 in order to provide time for students to make informed decisions for their families and for the university to address their concerns. 2) If the point above cannot be met, relocate South BV residents far from the construction, either to the North BV area or other alternative housing at the same rate. 3) Guarantee the safety of the children living nearby the demolition and construction site at Buckeye Village and carefully consider and inform parents of risks to their health due to hazardous materials. 4) Reimburse families living in the buildings to be demolished for their moving expenses. 5) Improve transparency and communication about development plans that will affect student housing and livelihood. Long Term demands: 1) Ensure that affordable university housing continues to be provided for OSU undergraduate and graduate students with families.  2) Form an ad hoc committee consisting of the residents’ representation; concerned students, faculties, and staff; pro bono lawyers, and other concerned parties in order to ensure the realization of the first long term demand.  

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