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Petition to Dota 2 Community and Valve

Boicot Valve

As everyone knows, Valve has crossed a line with this one. $150 for an Arcana Vote winner (plus some other stuff which are NOT worth $100 or near). DotA is a community creation, Valve is just representing us developing it, but remember they DID NOT CREATE IT, they ARE NOT DOTA, it's just one more company. If we let them get away with this, it's the end, they will never go back, they must be stopped. Last year maybe BP was a little too good, I know, I'm not asking for the same, I just think this is way TOO MUCH, want to raise the price of Arcana from $35 to $50? That's FINE, because it would be a CLEAR MESSAGE, everyone can see the price tag and buy it or not, no hard feelings. But hiding the Arcana behind 350 levels? Who knows EXACTLY how much that Arcana cost? With or without grinding? Will Valve make a 50% discount 150+ levels bundle? We don't know. WE CAN'T KNOW HOW MUCH DOES THE ARCANA COST, THIS IS ALL ON PURPOSE, THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW HOW MUCH YOU ARE SPENDING, OLD TRICK. So, please, let's band together and DO something.I have 2 humble proposals:-Voting for Visage + Chen in Arcana voting this year. If we make an unpopular hero win the Arcana, there will be less buyers (this proposal is rather mild).-Not buying any more levels (besides the first bundle) unless they make a VERY cheap levels bundle. We have to target their economy, not the game at all, if we hit them where it hurts most, they will start working as they should. PD: I bought the BP, I can afford the 350 levels easily as I'm a mid-high earner. I just think this is way too unfair and it's quite sad reading people waiting 1 year for this and because their countries' economies' aren't too strong or whatever, it becomes impossible for them to get this.

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