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Petition to A tod@s las personas que quieren ayudar a salvar los puestos de trabajo de Oliva Baech


Anima mucho ver todo el apoyo que nos muestran los medios de comunicación, todos los partidos políticos del municipio, comerciantes, taxistas, clientes, y como no, todos los compañeros del Hotel Oliva Beach El municipio de La Oliva no puede permitirse perder una inversión en la reforma de unos 40 millones de euros,no puede permitirse que ninguno de los trabajadores del hotel pierda su trabajo,no puede permitirse renunciar a los nuevos puestos de trabajos indefinidos que se crearian despues de la reforma,no puede permitirse renunciar a un turismo de calidad,y no puede permitirse perder un hotel que lleva mas de 40 años dando futuro a muchas familias del municipio.La autorización trata en realidad de la defensa de más de 400 puestos de trabajadores en plantilla, muchos jóvenes y otros tantos con suficiente antigüedad como para haber visto como este hotel se convertía en escuela de muchos profesionales que hoy son propietarios de sus propios restaurantes en el Municipio! Respecto a publicaciones en la red donde se anuncia que el proyecto incumple la normativa, y que se pretende construir más de lo permitido o tomar suelo público para hacerlo privado, nos afirman la empresa y administraciones que no es cierto.Esperamos que muy pronto se soluciona todo de manera satisfactoria para todos. Se ha de recordar que dicha construccion se hizo hace mas de cuatro decadas cuando ese suelo ni estaba protejido y ni tan siquiera era paraje natural en aquel entonces. He decidido crear esta peticion porque realmente los trabajadores necesitamos ayuda. Gracias por vuestra comprension y colaboracion. Eternamente agradecidos.   It is a pleasure to see all the support that the social media show us, all the political parties of the La Oliva, merchants, taxi drivers, customers and clients, and of course all the partners of the Oliva Beach Hotel. Fuerteventura y La Oliva cannot afford to lose an investment in the reform of about 40 million euros,they can't afford to let any of the hotel workers lose their job,They cannot afford to quit the new indefinite jobs that would be created after the reform,They can't afford to give up quality tourism,and they cannot afford to lose a hotel that has been giving future to many families in La oliva and Fuerteventura for more than 40 years.The authorization is really about the defense of more than 400 jobs of staff, many young people and many others with enough seniority to have seen how this hotel became the school of many professionals who today own their own restaurants in the Municipality! Regarding publications on the network where it is announced that the project violates the regulations, and that it is intended to build more than allowed or take public land to make it private, the company and administrations affirm that it is not true.We hope that very soon everything is solved satisfactorily for everyone.It must be remembered that this construction was made more than four decades ago when that floor was neither protected nor even a natural site at that time.I have decided to create this petition because the workers really need help.Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.Eternally grateful   Es ist sehr ermutigend zu sehen, welche Unterstützung die Medien, politische Parteien der Gemeinde, Kaufleuten, Taxifahrern, Kunden und Gäste, allen Freunden des Hotel Oliva Beach entgegenbringen. Die Gemeinde La Oliva und Fuerteventura können es sich nicht leisten, eine Renovierung von rund 40Mio. € zu verlieren, sie können es sich nicht leisten, dass einer der Hotelangestellten den Job verliert,sie können es sich nicht leisten neue unbefristeten Arbeitsplätze zu kündigen, die nach der Renovierung geschaffen würden,sie können es sich nicht leisten, auf Qualitätstourismus zu verzichten,und sie können es sich nicht leisten, ein Hotel zu verlieren, das seit mehr als 40 Jahren vielen Familien in der Gemeinde Zukunft gibt. Bei der Genehmigung geht es um die Verteidigung von mehr als 400 Arbeitsplätzen der Mitarbeiter, vielen jungen Leuten und vielen anderen mit beachtlichem Dienstalter. Dieses Hotel wurde zur Schule vieler Fachleute, die heute ihre eigenen Restaurants in der Gemeinde besitzen! Mit Bezug auf Veröffentlichungen im Netzwerk, in denen angekündigt wird, dass das Projekt gegen die Vorschriften verstößt und mehr gebaut oder öffentliches Land in Anspruch genommen werden soll, um es zu privatisieren, versichern das Unternehmen und die Verwaltung, dass dies nicht zutrifft. Wir hoffen, dass sehr bald alles für alle zufriedenstellend gelöst wird. Es muss daran erinnert werden, dass diese Konstruktion vor mehr als vier Jahrzehnten erstellt wurde, als dieser Boden zu der Zeit weder geschützt noch naturbelassen war. Ich habe beschlossen, diese Petition zu erstellen, weil die Arbeitnehmer wirklich Hilfe brauchen. Vielen Dank für Ihr Verständnis und Ihre Mitarbeit.  Danke

Salvar el hotel Riu Oliva Beach
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Petition to MiHoYo

Resin System: Please Tweak it

Introduction Genshin Impact has been out for a couple of weeks now, a lot of players entered Teyvat world and got swallowed instantly by its map, puzzles, dungeons, bosses, quests and of course characters. Now, these travelers are getting angrier due to the limitation that Resin system supposes to the game. What is Resin? Resin is a resource in Teyvat used by players in order to claim rewards from Dominions, Bosses or currency farm. These rewards allow the playerbase to progress, upgrading their characters, weapons, talents etc.. Resin gets recharged 1 unit each 8 minuts to a total of 120 (Maximum storage) Why is the playerbase mad? Now that Genshin Impact has been open for a couple of weeks players already burnt out what the game has to offer in terms of exploration and story progress. Leveling up means increasing your world level which makes the enemies stronger, on the other hand, players seem to have been struggling lately since they can't keep on upgrading their characters along with the world because Resin prevents them from doing so. Some numbers Let's take a look at some numbers to get a better idea on the issue.  Weekly Boss: 60 Resin cost. World Boss: 40 Resin cost. Dominion (Artifacts, Materials): 20 Resin cost. Total of Resin on player bag: 120 Resin Why Resin system as it is now is a problem Each ascension of a character, weapon or talent requires from materials obtained via spending Resin. As higher you are upgranding you need even more of those materials, causing sometimes, depending on your luck, the upgrade of just one character to be 1 week long. Generating a really slow pace on the player experience. Why Resin system feels like a punishment As you progress on the game, you keep on needing more and more materials, what can be translated to: you need more Resin. Progressing doesn't seem satisfying or fun anymore, instead, it feels like a punishment and players only keep on logging to play around 15 minutes for closing the game. We know that Genshin Impact is a gacha game, but it is also an Open World RPG so it is weird to have so many restrictions during endgame. Use of Resin Although, the playerbase understands why Resin is there, the game is new, and MiHoyo doesn't want player from just burning up the current game content which is not much. But even we understand why Resin is there, we don't want it the way that it is now, Resin needs a rework or the current playerbase will be decreasing drastically. So, what now? Tweaks? I've personally been following the Resin system issue for weeks now, and it definetely feels like a change is needed, people is not happy with it but they could! There are plenty of rework proposals on MiHoyo's Genshin Impact forums which the playerbase would love to be implemented into the game, turning the Resin System into a more friendly system and not the tiring system it is now but still keep on monetizing the resource from the in-game shop. If this gets enough support I personally would start gathering proposals from forums and discord if needed. I'm sure MiHoyo would like to see how implied is the community to improve the game and make it a more enjoyable experience in the future. Summing up We travelers love Genshin Impact, we want to keep on playing and not forgetting about the game just because the current state of the Resin System, so we hope that this reaches MiHoyo: We are formally asking to rework the system for the sake of the community and the game we love itself. 

Traveller Hevne
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Petition to Governments, Institutions


Born in 2012, the International Nightlife Association (INA) is the first non-profit organization in the world that represents the interests of the people involved in the nightlife economy (bars, clubs, nightclubs, lounge clubs, skybars, rooftops, hotels and the important suppliers of the industry) and promotes cooperation between its members on a global level. The INA offers knowledge, training and support to all nightlife businesses in order to provide a quality service. The INA has grown to the point it now has members in Europe, North America, South America and Asia. Due to the current global situation caused by the COVID-19 crisis, we have no choice but to call on people all over the world to help support our industry once more, as it is being severely punished. With our S.O.S. NIGHTLIFE campaign, we want to fight this unfair situation and get back to work. We have fought against the tide to adapt our services to the recommended health and safety protocols and in return we have been forced to close all our venues. Behind the bars and counters of the world of nightlife are 150 million people with families counting on them who are struggling to make ends meet, and we are not being given the chance to overcome the difficult times we are living in. Not only are we not allowed to work, we are not receiving any form of aid despite being the financial sector most harmed by the pandemic, accruing losses of more than 1,500 trillion dollars. If this continues, an estimated 75% of all nightlife venues will have no choice but to shut down indefinitely. We are not responsible for the spike in outbreaks that have taken place in illicit parties. We are committed to a regulated, safe and responsible nightlife. Help us overcome this situation and sign the petition to give us the chance to prove that we are also able to adapt.S.O.S NIGHTLIFE

International Nightlife Association
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