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Petition to Rt Hon.David Gauke MP Lord High Chancellor Secretary of State for Justice, Theresa May MP

Should released killers remain supervised? (Murder of David Irwin)

In the UK when a murderer is released from prison after completing a life sentence they will remain on life licence for the remainder of their life and part of this process requires them to report to a National Probation supervisor every few weeks.  This is to ensure they are adhering to their licence restrictions, which have been set upon their release from prison.   However the supervision portion of this licence will potentially only remain in force for up to 4 years, which leaves the murderer to be unmonitored within society. Statistics taken from the Mail online May 2016 show that almost 100 killers,rapists and paedophiles who were given life sentences by judges have been released - only to be jailed for life again for committing another serious offence. Therefore would it not be more effective to continue monitoring and supervising the offender to prevent them from the possibility of re-offending? My husband David Irwin’s killer was released on life licence in 2012 after serving a ten year sentence for his murder and my understanding of his release was that he would be continually monitored by a supervisor within the Probation Service every few weeks.  However I have now been informed that the case will be referred to the Parole Board and his supervision may be rescinded due to the murderers “good behaviour”. I was unaware of this fact and after completing some research, I have unfortunately discovered that this is part of the process for murderers on a life licence and is common practice that the supervision or reporting restrictions are only to remain in force for approximately 4 years. This is a concern and causes immense anxiety, to know that my family and I, will no longer have the reassurance that the murderer will be supervised or monitored. I, hereby, petition the Prime Minister Theresa May and the Rt Hon.David Gauke MP Lord High Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice to acknowledge and amend the current policy for supervision which ceases after 4 years and to maintain full supervision for murderers for the remainder of their lives.  

Helen Hill
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Petition to Parliament of the Republic of South Africa

#JusticeForSadia #JusticeForKelly #JusticeForAll #CitizensAgainstCrime

Today, 28 May 2018, A 9-Year-old girl, Sadia Sukhraj was shot & killed during a hijacking that took place in Shallcross, Durban, KZN, South Africa. This tragedy occurs on National Child Protection Week. Three days later, on the 31st of May 2018, 42-Year-Old Kelly Chetty was shot & killed in front of his two children during a botched Hijacking in Avoca, KZN. South Africa has one of the highest crime rates in the world with an average of 52 people murdered every single day, almost 20 000 people per annum. South Africa has a murder rate of 34 per 100 000 people almost 5 times the global average of 6.2 per 100 000 people. KwaZulu-Natal is ranked amongst the highest province with a murder rate of 36.6%. South African's have to live in fear on a daily basis due to hijackings, armed robberies, murder, rape & other violent crimes. Innocent lives are lost on a daily basis with little justice! We as South African citizens are tired of laying loved ones to rest due to criminal activity, we are tired of those who do not think twice when taking the life of another & often get away with it! We demand justice for the victims of rape, the victims of farm murders, we demand justice for all those who lost their lives due to the barbaric acts of brazen heartless criminals who have no fear for consequence due to our Failing Justice System.  We are imploring all South African's to sign this petition and force the South African Parliament which serves as our Legislature to look into Section 51 of South Africa's Criminal Law Amendment Act of 1997. We are calling for stricter sentences for convicted Murderers, Rapists & Perpatrators of Violent Crimes.  Secondly, we are calling for Parliament to investigate why the South African Police Services (SAPS) continues to fail in its duty to protect the citizens of our country. We respect police officers who risk their lives daily for our protection however more needs to be done! Crime prevention strategies needs be implemented. If lack of resources is the issue than Parliament must allocate more resources to our Security & Defence Services. We urgently need to find out what is limiting SAPS ability to function on the scale that is required. The right to protection is enshrined in our Bill of Rights and we continue to have these rights violated. The Outcomes of this Campaign:- We will be writing to the Minister of Police, Bheki Cele & the Chief Whips of the ANC, DA, EFF & IFP. - We will be working with various stakeholders who seek to come up with solutions regarding crime prevention strategies for our communities. - We are calling for an urgent Parliamentary enquiry into the South African Police Services (SAPS)  Please sign & share with all friends & family as a matter of urgency!!!! We will not let another seed fall to the ground without Justice Being Served. #JusticeForSadia #JusticeForAll #CitizensAgainstCrime  Statistical References: PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ANY FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTION WHEN CHANGE.ORG PROMPTS YOU TO DO SO. SIMPLY CLICK "NO I'LL SHARE INSTEAD" ANY DONATIONS MADE ARE MADE DIRECTLY TO "CHANGE.ORG" AND NOT TO JEMS FOUNDATION NOR THIS CAMPAIGN NOR THE FAMILY. 

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