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Petition to chelsea , Judy

Protesting against children aid - CAS

Did CAS take your child and forget about your rights as a human being ?!?!? now is your chance to make a difference make a difference between yourself and how your children can be raised with you! I family is a family no matter what you may look at them like if you think they were in an unfit home help them don't just take the child away this is why am creating the event because the children's aid has gone too far and they believe their power is far more stronger than anybody else out there and it is not rightThey do not keep families together they are a sham and a hoax if you or somebody else you know have been discriminated against the children Aid Society this may be your last chance at making at difference. come out bring your signs protest we're hoping that some news channel will be there to allow our voice is to be spread, We have to do it soon we are running out of time. Any one interested to protest against the C.A.S , judge's and lawyer's let ME know. Yes we can do it if we don't stop traffic and cause fights,swearing and stop traffic going in the MPP Office ! Hi my name is Chelsea Vachon I am 22 years old now my child was apprehended when I was 19 due to the fact I have a brain disability that I was born with something called foetal alcohol syndrome or alcohol related neurological disorder because I had to learning assessment from school they As in the children aid and some judges believe that my assessment is who I am! For indeed it is not I've lived on my own since 19 I have pets I take care of on a daily basis I have worked with children and yet I am an unsuitable parent because I was born with something I cannot control they will not help methey will not even take a second look at me I am adopted into an amazing family The lady who adopted me is my great aunt ! and for some reason she's an unfit character to adopt my daughter  she had done daycare for over a great period Of time,and had also did emergency care fostering for the children aid and she's not a good fit to adopt my daughter who is her granddaughter! I am absolutely livid and disgusted by the children aid society they're discriminating against her age and so much more this is unjust and needs to be dealt with and such a severe manner. Please if you are willing to help support or anything at all please please please inbox me so I can tell you when the actual protest is and how we can use your help.

Chelsea Vachon
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Petition to Sobeys Inc., Safeway Canada, UFCW Canada

Safeway, Sobeys and UFCW Canada: STOP Supporting Sexual Harassment

On the evening of Friday, October 13th, 2017, I was sexually harassed by a Safeway Canada employee at the Kensington Square location in Burnaby, British Columbia. The employee, Josh, found it acceptable to approach me, stop me from continuing my grocery shopping, and tell me what he called were "inappropriate dad jokes." However, the jokes were more than just inappropriate. They were downright vulgar. The "jokes" referenced sex, sexual acts, as well as male and female genitalia. Bothered by the employee's obviously inappropriate conduct, I filed a complaint with Safeway. I initially received an e-mail response from Gary Davies, HR manager for Sobeys Inc. who asked that I provide video/audio proof of my encounter with the Safeway employee. The last thing that had crossed my mind was to pull out my camera and record what was happening. I told Mr. Davies that while I understood him wanting proof so that he could do a thorough investigation into the matter, I felt he was being insensitive and taking a victim-blaming approach. A few days later I received an e-mail from Safeway store manager, Rick Macleod, who advised me that they conducted an investigation and were able to substantiate my allegations with the employee in question, and that the employee admitted to his conduct. Mr. Macleod then went on to say that "corrective action" had been taken against the employee, and that they would be sending me a $250 gift card as an apology for what occurred. I then e-mailed Mr. Macleod back asking for clarification on what type of "corrective action" had been taken, but he did not respond. I then contacted Safeway's customer service department requesting clarification, and the following day I received a voice mail message from Ray Mattinson, the District Operator for Safeway. In his message, Mr. Mattinson stated that he would be able to answer all of my questions and put my concerns to rest. However, when I spoke to Mr. Mattinson the following day, he simply stated, "I cannot tell you anything." He also told me that if I felt uncomfortable with the employee, I should "go shop at a different Safeway." I was stunned. I should not have to go out of my way to shop at a different store. Instead, Safeway should be doing everything in their power to make the shopping experience as comfortable as possible for the customer! As of October 23rd, I filed a sexual harassment complaint against Safeway Canada/Sobeys Inc. with the BC Human Rights Tribunal. That complaint was accepted by the BCHRT as of November 2nd, 2017, and I am now in the process of awaiting a settlement meeting. Since my complaint, both Safeway and UFCW Canada have made a series of tweets about violence and harassment against women - which is, in my opinion, their attempt at doing damage control. They have no real remedies or solutions when dealing with sexual harassment and have done absolutely nothing to prevent what happened to me from happening in the future by continuing to employ the individual who committed and admitted to the sexual harassment. It is my hope that creating this petition will not only shed light on sexual harassment even more-so, but bring about change to companies like Safeway and others who find it acceptable to stand by employees who engage in such inappropriate behaviours - even when they admit to such conduct. It is despicable and a disgrace. I also hope that this petition will give others strength to speak out if and when something like this ever happens to them.

Brianne D.
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