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Petition to Supreme Court Appellate Division, Attorney Grievance Committee


Hi.  My name is Norman Finkelstein.   Most people know me as a defender of Palestinian rights. But not every injustice is world-historic. Sometimes we have to fight for the little guy who’s being shafted. Today I am asking you to help defend a poor Guyanese immigrant who made good. Rudolph Baldeo was a shipping clerk when he enrolled in my night class.Through a Herculean exertion of personal will he became a medical doctor. In April 2016 Dr Baldeo contacted me with a horrifying story.   He had fallen prey to a couple of Long Island lawyers named Michael Chetkof and Allyson Burger.   They concocted this grotesque story that he was a psychopath who had committed “countless” acts of “unspeakable violence.” I sat down to read the entire Court record.  I sat in the Courthouse during the trial. I was shocked. It was a transparent frame-up!   Their Court testimony flagrantly contradicted their written submissions to the Court.  (See for irrefutable proof of their lies.) When I told these vulture-lawyers that I was writing an article to expose the shakedown, they threatened to “open Pandora’s Box” and destroy Dr Baldeo “Personally and Professionally.” Michael Chetkof and Allyson Burger are blackmailing Dr Baldeo to silence me. I have already filed a complaint with the Supreme Court Appellate Division,  Attorney Grievance Committee. I AM ASKING YOU TO SIGN THIS PETITION IN SUPPORT OF MY COMPLAINT AGAINST CHETKOF AND BURGER. PREYING ON IMMIGRANTS IS WRONG! PERJURY IS WRONG! BLACKMAIL IS WRONG!

Fighting Injustice
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Petition to Justin Trudeau

Support Reparations for Omar Khadr and Accountability of Security Agencies in Bill C-59

Canada’s foreign policy aspires to promote democracy, human rights, and the rule of law as foundations of a just domestic and international society. Against these principles, the Canadian government wrongfully failed to provide adequate legal, moral, and material assistance to Canadian citizen, Omar Khadr, who at age 15 was the youngest inmate, and after ten years, was the last citizen from a Western country to be transferred from Guantánamo Bay. The Supreme Court of Canada ruled in 2010, ‘The deprivation of [his] right to liberty and security of the person is not in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice.’ The Canadian government, until now, has never desired or been able to acknowledge or pursue accountability or reparation for the blatant disregard for the rule of law in the treatment of Omar Khadr since his capture in 2002, or for torture and mistreatment during his subsequent decade-long forced detention. This petition supports the Government of Canada’s reported settlement package with Omar Khadr to acknowledge its responsibility for wrongdoing, apologize, and pay compensation, in this case. In addition, this petition supports efforts in Bill C-59, to implement promptly and effectively,  adequate safeguards that would prevent Canadian government security agencies (RCMP and CSIS) from repeating such wrongdoing. This includes removing the provision that allows CSIS agents to violate the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in response to vaguely defined security threats. In addition, Bill C-59 should clarify oversight and accountability mechanisms to monitor and hold responsible individual agents who, in their roles in security agencies, contravene their obligations under domestic and international law. Accountability mechanisms should also extend to those agents who, as in the Khadr case, fail to prevent and investigate violations of international law suffered by Canadian citizens, even when committed by foreign governments and agents.

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Petition to chelsea , Judy

Protesting against children aid - CAS

Did CAS take your child and forget about your rights as a human being ?!?!? now is your chance to make a difference make a difference between yourself and how your children can be raised with you! I family is a family no matter what you may look at them like if you think they were in an unfit home help them don't just take the child away this is why am creating the event because the children's aid has gone too far and they believe their power is far more stronger than anybody else out there and it is not rightThey do not keep families together they are a sham and a hoax if you or somebody else you know have been discriminated against the children Aid Society this may be your last chance at making at difference. come out bring your signs protest we're hoping that some news channel will be there to allow our voice is to be spread, We have to do it soon we are running out of time. Any one interested to protest against the C.A.S , judge's and lawyer's let ME know. Yes we can do it if we don't stop traffic and cause fights,swearing and stop traffic going in the MPP Office ! Hi my name is Chelsea Vachon I am 22 years old now my child was apprehended when I was 19 due to the fact I have a brain disability that I was born with something called foetal alcohol syndrome or alcohol related neurological disorder because I had to learning assessment from school they As in the children aid and some judges believe that my assessment is who I am! For indeed it is not I've lived on my own since 19 I have pets I take care of on a daily basis I have worked with children and yet I am an unsuitable parent because I was born with something I cannot control they will not help methey will not even take a second look at me I am adopted into an amazing family The lady who adopted me is my great aunt ! and for some reason she's an unfit character to adopt my daughter  she had done daycare for over a great period Of time,and had also did emergency care fostering for the children aid and she's not a good fit to adopt my daughter who is her granddaughter! I am absolutely livid and disgusted by the children aid society they're discriminating against her age and so much more this is unjust and needs to be dealt with and such a severe manner. Please if you are willing to help support or anything at all please please please inbox me so I can tell you when the actual protest is and how we can use your help.

Chelsea Vachon
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