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Garth Cole MUST serve his 5 year sentence for driving the car that killed Michael Nolan.

On September 18th, 2015 Garth Cole drove the car that did the drive by shooting that killed Michael Nolan the innocent Oakland Athletics baseball in Yonkers,NY while Michael was standing next to his car eating a cheeseburger in the parking lot. Michael fought extremely hard for his life for three weeks in the hospital by unfortunately passed away due to his injuries. Garth Cole tried to sell his car days later to hide evidence and did not come forward until the Yonkers Police tracked him down along with the three other murders after six months. Cole who pleaded down to a lesser charge and cooperated with the police for his testimony accepted a deal of five years in prison for his cooperation. This upcoming December 4th, 2019 he is eligible for an early release from the New York State Parole Board and we can NOT allow that to happen. Cold MUST serve every single month, week, day, minute, and second apart of the 5 year prison term that he accepted. Garth Coles original release date is 2/24/21. Michael has unfortunately received a lifetime sentence and will never be able to get released from it so Garth Cole should not be let out any sooner then he is suppose to. I ask you to please sign and share with family and friends this petition in support of Garth Cole NOT getting out one second sooner then the original date that he was sentenced. He didn’t pull the trigger but he is just as much of a murder like the other three that were in the car, they all played a part in taking Michael away from us. I am also asking for people to write letters supporting that he should not be allowed out early and should serve every second that he should in prison. If anyone is interested in writing a letter also please contact me for details, I have to collect the letters. We must continue to fight for justice for Mike and all of the support is needed!

James Nolan
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Petition to Associate Immigration Minister Kris Faafoi, Immigration New Zealand, Jami Lee Ross

Member of Parliament Jami Lee Ross led us to become unlawfully in New Zealand

Ask yourself, what you would do if your local MP (Member of Parliament) led you to begin living unlawfully in New Zealand without you knowing about it? On top of this, you found out that your local MP led you to live unlawfully in New Zealand and he keeps claiming that it’s common to become unlawful in New Zealand while living and operate our business. Our story starts in March 2010 in Australia. In this year, we decided to begin work on an innovative idea of developing and manufacturing a unique/natural professional hair care product that has amazing results. One of the challenges was to develop products that are not based on salts (SLS). After more than a year of trial and effort, we managed to formulate a unique line of products that were based on special corn sugar instead of salts (SLS). Following our success with formulating our products, which we are very proud of, we were looking for a place that would give us an opportunity to transfer our knowledge and have a reasonable entry-level requirement for us to build our business and life. New Zealand was the best county to choose because of its nice natural resources and the right environment for entrepreneurs. We came to NZ in March 2011 and were approved for a Long Term Business Visa (LTBV) on May 2011 for 9 months and then again for another 27 months – Total of 3 years (Until 26/05/2014). After years of operation and very challenging work in the NZ market, we applied for residency under LTBV in August 2013. In January 2014 our residency application was declined. All of our immediate family (Mother (widow), Brother,  Sister, Nephews  ...) are NZ citizens/residents living in Auckland since March 2011. We see NZ as our home. The beginning of the 3 year ordeal: The unclear answers we received from the authorities and lawyers regarding the right pathway to remain living lawfully in NZ while waiting for the IPT (appeal body) decision forced us to take the advice from our local MP, since he is an official “pipe” who can give official immigration advice from the immigration department of NZ directly. Under the law: “Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007 s11” an MP can give immigration advice.  3 Months before our LTBV expired we had a meeting with the MP office members of our local MP Jami Lee Ross because we couldn't find the right pathway for a temporary visa while waiting for the appeal decision (IPT) and Immigration NZ wrote: “You must make sure you hold a valid visa at all times” … “You are not automatically entitled to remain in NZ while any appeal is being considered”   Following this meeting we received the following advice by email: “While your appeal is with the IPT you can continue to stay in New Zealand as Immigration New Zealand are not allowed to interfere in the process, so it has the effect of interim status.”  We also received a phone call that confirmed this advice. On the 17 of November 2014, we received the residency appeal decision (IPT). We were shocked to realize that we had already been living unlawfully in New Zealand for 6 months since 26/05/2014. This means the MP advice was incorrect! We also didn’t have any clue that we stayed unlawfully in New Zealand. Another reason that led to our illegal stay in NZ was that Immigration NZ stopped the automatic alerts which should have informed us that we were at risk of becoming unlawfully in New Zealand or that we were already considered to be unlawfully living in New Zealand at that time (26/05/2014). Jami Lee Ross actions led to: 1) Taking from us the basic right to leave NZ lawfully. 2) Our IPT appeal was checked while we were considered unlawful in NZ – The only case ever that has been checked out while the business owners were considered unlawful in NZ. 3) The loss of the right to appeal on our deportation process. Until this day Jami Lee Ross keeps claiming: quote:  “I told you that the advice she gave you (Email from 18/02/2014) was correct!…she received () the information from Immigration NZ directly”  but on the other hand, Immigration NZ on official letter claims quote: “Immigration NZ cannot be responsible for advice giving by other departments outside of Immigration NZ”.   As you can see we are in the middle here and we are the victims of these actions. Instead of taking responsibility for the fact that he caused us to become unlawfully in NZ, Jami Lee Ross and Immigration NZ ignored the main reason why we became unlawfully in NZ. The bottom line is that we came to our MP to find a solution for a temporary visa but he led us to become unlawfully in New Zealand without our knowledge - as a result our business closed and were brutally deported from NZ to the other side of the world on March 2016 with 5 years entry ban: Until now, Immigration NZ and Jami Lee Ross are not in agreement from where the advice came from! None of the relevant authorities we have contacted in the last 3 years are willing to open a simple investigation. Your support is critical! Please sign and share our story because we couldn’t find any other path to get serious answers from Jami lee ross.  Thank you for your support! Kobi & Yossi Shemesh Israel

Kobi Shemesh
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