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Petition to Federal Bureau of Investigation, Justin Trudeau, SEC, David Cameron MP

Bringing Drew Burton to Justice For Stealing Our Money and Selling Our Personal Info

Over the last few months myself, Darren Protheroe and a few thousand people have been systematically cheated and robbed of our money in what we learnt was a Ponzi scheme perpetrated by a Mr Andrew Burton of Barrie, Ontario in Canada who set up an advertising website called where we was sold advertising for our businesses (we later found out it was a classic Ponzi scheme) and then we had our accounts terminated and hacked by the owner and then if that wasn't bad enough, we had our personal information sold to his parent company The Ads Leader, which is being run from his home in Ontario in Canada.  We believe thousands if not millions of innocent victims have been victims to this evil scam and we would like to see the owner Mr (An) Drew Burton investigates and brought to justice and have his assets frozen and a complete review and audit of his business books and you will definitely find a host of FRAUD, THEFT, STOLEN DATA and MORE.  We want answers and we believe this cause will hopefully bring justice to many people who fell for the biggest scam of 2017. Join our cause if you believe you have been victim to My24 and TAL and want justice done and the perp brought to account for his illegal crimes that have ruined so many lives. If your in any more doubt or still unsure, please visit this review by a top blog that labels My24hourincome as a scam and a typical ponzi scam Thanks for your time Darren Protheroe  

Darren Protheroe
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Petition to The Honourable Andrew Scheer


Canada and Good Canadian Police Officers need to protect and recognize Victims with an Independent National Police Force Special Victims Unit to investigate thousands of cross jurisdictional Criminal Code Offenses, Lay Charges, and have the authority to make recommendations to help victims.         *********************************************************                                  The Footnotes......  1.     Hundreds of people across Canada (800 Woman) have gone missing under authority of Band Councils, Territorial / Provincial, Regional, and Municipalities Governments. 2.     Thousands of children from across Canada have been found dead and or brutalized in government run Foster 3.    - Karla Homolka who actively participated in sex slavery and brutal murder walks the streets of a Canada with her children while her victims live in fear with the memory of what Karla did to their Children.        - Robert Pickton, the pig farmer, who admitted in jail the murder of 49 woman has the potential right to become your neigbour.        - Ralph Rowe molested over 30 First Nation children, serving virtually no time while seven of his victims have committed suicide.        - Vince Li who killed and cut off a man's head on a bus is allowed in the public while Police officer Ken Barker committed suicide having witnessed the results of the decapitation. 4.    Government Approved Agencies publicly allow convicted criminals to practice law as Lawyers, and even allow abusers of animals to be veterinarians who treat family pets. 5.   People who speak up to protect victims are heavily punished by Government Agencies.- A nurse who questioned conditions in a medical facility was fined $25,000 by her profession. Numerous Government Employees have faced outrageous abuse after speaking up for victims. -A nurse was recently charged for the death of 8 people while apparently her nursing Colleagues, Doctors and medical Administrators did not notice.          Canada needs to protect and recognize Victims with an Independent National Police Force Special Victims Unit to investigate thousands of cross jurisdictional Criminal Code Offenses, Lay Charges, and have the authority to make recommendations to help victims.

James Black
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Petition to African Union, Government of Congo, SADC, AU, Amnesty International, American Red Cross, Council of the European Union, European Parliament, European Ombudsman

EXTEND D.R CONGO passport deadline!

Call to extend the deadline for the new DRC passports. The government of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is attempting to siphon millions of dollars from Congolese citizens by forcing them to acquire new passports by October 16th 2017. Not only is this an unrealistic deadline (announced in August 2017), but it does not take into account the current visas and permits that individuals have in their current passports. People will lose their visas, residence permits etc. that have, in some cases, taken years to acquire. In addition to that, the government claims that any citizens returning to Congo will have their passports seized at the port of entry and will be forced to apply for the new passport effective immediately. This issue has far reaching consequences, as the South African High Commission to Lubumbashi has released a statement in support of the government, and has warned all citizens that South African visas will no longer be issued to individuals with the older version of the passport. In addition to this, all visas and permits that are not transferred to the new passport will be cancelled and as a result, individuals will need to reapply for another visa.  Whether this passport is necessary is another issue, however we are calling on the government of the DRC to extend the deadline to December 2018 to enable citizens to update their passports without the risk of losing their current permits and visas. We ask you to please make a stand for justice and peace.   

Peace of Congo
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Petition to Ontario Judicial Council, Minister of Justice, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario

Remove Justice Bernd Zabel and protect the integrity of Ontario's justice system

The Ontario Court of Justice judge, Judge Bernd Zabel, wore a hat that read “Make America Great Again,” a campaign slogan used by the U.S. president-elect. By doing so, justice  Zabel exposed his biases and endorsed Donald Trump's campaign, which was based on racism, sexism and xenophobia. Not only this is an incredibly poor judgment and disrespect for the Ontario’s judicial system, his conduct gave the appearance of a conflict of interest - "clearly unbecoming" of a judge.   I am a young lawyer, who grew up in his legal career hearing many stories of bitter experience from lawyers of color. I do not ever want to face a judge who endorses the view that I should be banned from entering a country because of my religious beliefs. I cannot represent a client, who was sexually assaulted, in front of a judge who thinks that a corrupt rich man can make "America great again" by grabbing women by p***sy. We are already struggling to promote equality and diversity within the legal profession and the justice system. We are faced with many challenges to ensure access to justice, minimize over-representation of the aboriginal population in our prison system and eradicate disproportionate sentencing of minorities. We cannot afford to have a judge making us lose faith in our justice system.  The Process for Removing a Judge in Ontario:  A judge should be removed "only for cause related to the capacity to perform judicial functions" by being in a "position incompatible with the due execution of office". The judges of the inferior courts hold office during good behaviour but are removable by the Governor in Council, on the recommendation of the Minister of Justice, following an inquiry or investigation and report by the Canadian Judicial Council, pursuant to ss. 40 and 41 of the Judges Act, R.S.C. 1970, c. J‑1. Under these sections, which provide for an inquiry or investigation by the Council into the conduct or capacity of a judge of a superior, district or county court or of the Tax Court of Canada, the Council is empowered to recommend the removal of a judge. The grounds on which it may do so, as set out in s. 41, are that the judge has become incapacitated or disabled from the due execution of office by age or infirmity, by having been guilty of misconduct, by having failed in the due execution of office, or by having been placed by misconduct or otherwise in a position incompatible with the due execution of office. Alternatively, Justice Zabel can be removed upon an address of the legislature Valente v. The Queen, [1985] 2 S.C.R. at 29-30 available online:  We believe that Justice Zabel put himself in a "position incompatible with the due execution of office". We call Justice Zabel to step down, but in the event that he denies, we request the Canadian Judicial Council, the Minister of Justice and the Governor in Council to take appropriate step to remove him from the office.         

Washim Ahmed
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