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Petition to Doug Ford, Caroline Mulroney, Premier Doug Ford

Don't Violate the Charter of Rights

Ontario Premier Doug Ford said recently that he will override court rulings that find he or his government have violated the fundamental rights of people in Ontario, rights protected by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in Canada's Constitution. The Charter exists to protect Canadians from abuses of power by politicians and government officials.  The Charter is supported by more than 90% of Canadians. Your rights Premier Ford has said he "won't be shy" to violate include: your rights to freedom of expression, religion, and to protest government actions and join a union; your rights to privacy, and to not be arrested or jailed arbitrarily, and to be presumed innocent and not be subjected to cruel or unusual punishment, and; your right not to be discriminated against based on your race, ethnicity, religion, sex, age or physical disability. Premier Ford is proposing to violate Ontarians' Charter rights right now with Bill 31 -- which will override a court ruling that found that the law his Conservative government passed during the summer violated the Charter rights of election candidates and voters because the law stopped Toronto's city election in the middle of the campaign and cut the number of city councillors in half. This is the first time in Ontario that a Premier has used this measure -- called the "notwithstanding clause" -- to violate the Charter rights of Ontarians. But Premier Ford won't stop there -- he said he will do this again and again so he and his government can do whatever they want, whenever they want, even if the courts rule that they are violating the law. Please join in calling on Premier Ford to stop violating the Charter of Rights and Freedoms by signing this petition! See more details at: Doug Ford says its hammer time -- "won't be shy" to violate Charter rights in the future (The Telegram, September 12, 2018) Survey finds we like the Charter of Rights more than hockey (Calgary Herald, October 1, 2015) Doug Ford is challenging the rule of law itself (Globe and Mail, September 11, 2018) Former Ontario premier Bill Davis: Ford wrong to use notwithstanding clause (TVO, September 12, 2018) Doug Ford's use of notwithstanding clause sparks fears it will embolden others to invoke it (CBC News, September 12, 2018) Protestors handcuffed during debate over notwithstanding clause (CP24 News, September 12, 2018)

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Petition to Yasir Naqvi, Paul E. Todd

Help Declassify the Classified Murder Cases of Porcha Symone Thomas and 48 Other People

  ATTENTION EVERYONE!!! The petition is being censored as many signatures have disappeared or have been blocked from registering on the site. I would like to ask those who are sharing and signing the petition to message me or make a comment on fb or the petition comment section with the number of signatures displayed before or after signing. This way we can keep track of the actual number of signatures on the petition and report abuse! Thank you! I am asking the public to help petition Peel Police to reveal their findings of Porcha Symone Thomas' remains on November 15, 2017. I filed a missing person's report for my sister Porcha Symone Thomas on Wednesday, November 15, 2017. I shared information with the authorities that I instinctively believe that prove Porcha Symone Thomas' disappearance was caused by our father Chrispen Roy Thomas Jr. Our father Chrispen Roy Thomas Jr. aka "Fab" has been incarcerated since Wednesday, November 15, 2017, the day I filed a missing person report for my sister Porcha Symone Thomas and told police our father is most likely responsible for her disappearance. Fourty-nine bodies were recovered from my father's staircase outside of his basement apartment, one being my sister's Porcha Symone Thomas. Our father, Chrispen Roy Thomas Jr is a Special Operative, active member of St. Andrew's Lodge No. 62 in Caledonia, Ontario and the Grand Lodge of Canada. His incarceration and the discovery of human remains have been kept secret by authorities as they accepted 30 million dollars from my grandfather Chrispen Roy Thomas Sr. Moorish American, active member of Doric Masonic Lodge in West Palm Beach Florida, the Grand Lodge of Canada and the Bohemian Grove. First Petition- November 24, 2017  Porcha's identical twin sister Natacha Thomas Watts @TwinWatts and our other family members claim Porcha has been living on the streets for over 3 years. The last time I saw Porcha was on my birthday, on March 24, 2013. She wasn't transparent about where she was living at the time but we still would keep in touch via text, facebook, and phone. The last time we spoke on the phone was in April 2014. The last exchange we had on facebook was on May 11, 2014, when she wished me a happy mother's day.  On the twins 23rd birthday, May 14, 2014, I tried to contact Porcha on the phone with no success. I also sent her a text message and got no response. This was very out of character for Porcha. But I did get a hold of Natacha that day, and Natacha claimed she wasn't celebrating her birthday with her sister! Which was very strange and questionable. Natacha Myca Thomas Watts and Porcha Symone Thomas had a very close relationship and bond up until late 2011 when Porcha found out her twin slept with every partner she ever had. Even though the twins weren't on the best of terms, they would see one another during holidays, special events and birthdays. They traveled to Florida for their birthday in 2013, so it was very strange to hear Natacha say she wasn't spending her birthday with her twin sister. The last time my sisters were seen publicly together was in late 2013 at Uncle's Eric Richie Richards wedding. Natacha has been distant and cold towards me for years with no explanation and has continued to slander her twin sisters name to others while she is nowhere to be found! I spoke with Natacha Myca Thomas Watts in July 2017 to congratulate her on her pregnancy. I inquired about the status of the twins relationship and if she had spoken or seen her twin sister recently. Natacha Thomas Watts said she has not seen or spoken to her sister in 3 years, it's too late to repair their relationship and doesn't feel the twin connection she once did anymore. Which was disturbing because of previous discussions with Natacha she claimed she saw Porcha from time to time but she was living a dark lifestyle on the streets. Porcha was a bit secretive about her living arrangements but she always stayed in contact with me, family and friends. Porcha had such a caring, giving spirit. She would never disappear from the ones who love her dearly. After getting sketchy answers from Natacha from our discussion in July 2017 I started to look for my sister Porcha. With no success, I recently began to confront all of our family members and some friends of Porcha to get answers. When I confronted Natacha and other family members about Porcha's disappearance, they completely ignored me. Natacha disconnected her phone number which she has had in use for over a decade. Numerous complaints were made to the police and CAS about me saying I am mentally ill. On November 17, 2017, I published a post on Facebook regarding my younger sister Porcha Symone Thomas who has not been seen by family or friends for 3 1/2 years. The response brought about some concerning behavior that I will be addressing in this post. 1) Three of Porcha's supposed friends began to call me mentally ill on the thread as well as in private messages. They all tried to intimidate me by calling me crazy meanwhile claiming Porcha is fine and wants me to take down the post. I sent my contact information to these people requesting for her to contact me and once I have confirmation from her she is ok, I would take down the post. 2) Family members tagged in the post had nothing to say. Then comments on the thread began to disappear, and the majority of the thread was wiped clean. Who told everyone to delete their comments? 3) My paternal aunt Natasha 'Jewelz' Thomas' cult leader boyfriend Terrane Hicks has been calling my phone and messaging me on Facebook threatening me saying the family demands I take down the post about my sister. He also in an act of desperation called me and tried to impersonate my sister on the phone. I have documented his harassment and threats with screenshots and audio recordings.  It has been a week since I confronted people close to Porcha about her whereabouts. All I am asking is she calls me to let me know she is alive. I still have not received a phone call or a video to prove she is alive and well. Why has my family given me NO answers as to Porcha's whereabouts, they haven't told her to call me to end this, but made the effort to call law enforcement on me? Porcha would NEVER disappear and abandon her nephews! Porcha would NEVER miss her IDENTICAL TWIN SISTER'S BABY SHOWER, WEDDING, AND THE BIRTH OF HER FIRST CHILD! Why is Porcha's supposed friends speaking on her behalf? Why can't she pick up the phone and tell me she is ok so I can take the post down? SO am I crazy to want to know where my sister is? Am I crazy to refuse to take anyone's word for it and demand to hear she is ok out of her own mouth? Am I crazy for asking questions and demanding answers? I AM GOING TO ASK AGAIN EVERYONE... WHERE IS PORCHA SYMONE THOMAS????????? WHERE IS MY SISTER?????? WHERE'S THE PHONE CALL??? WHERE'S THE VIDEO POST???? Please share and if you have any information that can assist in finding her please call Peel Police (905) 453-2121 THIS NEEDS TO GO VIRAL NOW!

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Petition to Scott Moe, Kent Campbell, Don Morgan, Paul Merriman, Warren Kaeding, Ken Cheveldayoff

Support of Camp: Justice for Our Stolen Children

It is with urgency that we, as concerned citizens of Turtle Island, aka Canada, write to you expressing our full support for and solidarity with Camp: Justice For Our Stolen Children. Since the Camp was established on February 28, Camp members have been calling for systemic changes to the province’s child welfare and justice systems—changes that would ultimately lead to some “justice for our stolen children.” ➢      THE CHILD WELFARE SYSTEM Many people in Saskatchewan are rightly outraged by Donald Trump’s policy of separating migrant children from their families. But where is our outrage at Saskatchewan’s own child-family separation policy.  ●    80% of the children in state care in Saskatchewan are Indigenous. Only 30% of Saskatchewan’s child population is Indigenous. ●    Today, there are more Indigenous children in state care in Saskatchewan than at the height of the residential school system. ➢      THE JUSTICE SYSTEM Statistics Canada data released last month show Indigenous youth make up a similarly disproportionate percentage of incarcerated youth in Saskatchewan: 92% for boys and 98% for girls. Saskatchewan has the highest rate of Indigenous youth incarceration in the country.  As Camp members have pointed out, these figures are a direct result of the systemic racism that exists in the province’s social services and justice systems. We were pleased when, on July 2, representatives of the provincial government met with Camp members to discuss these urgent matters. We are, however, dismayed that Minister of Justice Don Morgan is now saying that the tipis must be taken down before he will agree to another meeting with the Camp. Camp: Justice For Our Stolen Children is a peaceful camp. Moreover, it is performing an extremely valuable service to our city and our province: educating us about the past and present injustices that define the relationship between settler Canadians and Indigenous peoples in Saskatchewan.  The undersigned therefore call upon the Government of Saskatchewan to “show some good faith”: 1.   To extend a warm welcome to Camp: Justice For Our Stolen Children, rather than attempting to drive the Camp from the Legislative grounds. 2.   To thank Camp members for the educational service they are providing, free of charge, to the people of Saskatchewan. 3.   To be willing to hold regular meetings with Camp members. 4.    To take advantage of the educational opportunity provided by the camp and to open their minds and hearts to the lessons offered. 5.   To begin to work in earnest to make the systemic changes called for by Camp: Justice For Our Stolen Children.  We look forward to hearing from you.  Yours sincerely,

Coalition for Justice and Human Rights
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Petition to Michael Cooke


Canada and Good Canadian Police Officers need to protect and recognize Victims with an Independent National Police Force Special Victims Unit to investigate thousands of cross jurisdictional Criminal Code Offenses, Lay Charges, and have the authority to make recommendations to help victims.         *********************************************************                                  The Footnotes......  1.     Hundreds of people across Canada (800 Woman) have gone missing under authority of Band Councils, Territorial / Provincial, Regional, and Municipalities Governments. 2.     Thousands of children from across Canada have been found dead and or brutalized in government run Foster 3.    - Karla Homolka who actively participated in sex slavery and brutal murder walks the streets of a Canada with her children while her victims live in fear with the memory of what Karla did to their Children.        - Robert Pickton, the pig farmer, who admitted in jail the murder of 49 woman has the potential right to become your neigbour.        - Ralph Rowe molested over 30 First Nation children, serving virtually no time while seven of his victims have committed suicide.        - Vince Li who killed and cut off a man's head on a bus is allowed in the public while Police officer Ken Barker committed suicide having witnessed the results of the decapitation. 4.    Government Approved Agencies publicly allow convicted criminals to practice law as Lawyers, and even allow abusers of animals to be veterinarians who treat family pets. 5.   People who speak up to protect victims are heavily punished by Government Agencies.- A nurse who questioned conditions in a medical facility was fined $25,000 by her profession. Numerous Government Employees have faced outrageous abuse after speaking up for victims. -A nurse was recently charged for the death of 8 people while apparently her nursing Colleagues, Doctors and medical Administrators did not notice.          Canada needs to protect and recognize Victims with an Independent National Police Force Special Victims Unit to investigate thousands of cross jurisdictional Criminal Code Offenses, Lay Charges, and have the authority to make recommendations to help victims.

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