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Petition to Shri Ram Nath Kovind,, Shri Praful K Patel,, Shri Bhupender Yadav,, Shri G Kishan Reddy,, Mr Amitabh Kant,, Mr Avinash Mishra,, Ms Sharmishtha Sinha,

Halt Unsustainable Tourism Development in Lakshadweep

Halt Unsustainable Tourism Development in Lakshadweep On 31st July, 2021, the Lakshadweep Administration invited global tenders for building 230 beach villas and 140 water villas in Suheli, Minicoy and Kadmat islands. Lakshadweep faces severe climate change-related impact on corals, sea grass, and erosion of coastline. Large-scale infrastructural development will have irrecoverable ecological and social impact. The developers even seem to have been excused from a minimum obligation of providing local employment to the tune of 70-75%, which was stated in all documents submitted to the government for clearances. However, the Draft Concession Agreement makes only a passing mention of the Developers Obligations, “The Concessionaire shall make necessary efforts to employ locals to the extent possible by providing necessary skill training.” We observe several contentious policy changes, which have been proposed to greenlight the ecotourism projects. The Draft Lakshadweep Tourism Policy, 2020, promises, “Ensuring upfront clearances by the Lakshadweep Administration will be the hallmark of these projects.” All clearances required for the projects prior to the construction have already been granted upfront, ignoring the safeguards hitherto built in. The National Coastal Zone Management Authority recommended development of water villas be strictly on a pilot project basis. The Administration in consultation with the Sub-Committee of the National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management constituted to review the Coastal Zone Management Plan /Integrated Island Management Plan was expected to select the island/site best suited for the first pilot project. Extension to other islands would be based on the pilot experience. Dismissing these decisions, the Administration has called for bids for all three locations. The Public Trust Doctrine calls on the Government to protect resources as trustees of general public, and not privilege private ownership or commercial purpose. We petition for the tourism trajectory of the Lakshadweep Islands to be on principles of sustainable and responsible tourism with the following minimum requirements a. Adhere to principles of sustainability in Draft Lakshadweep Tourism Policy 2020, United Nations SDGs and Marine Protection Goals under the Convention on Biological Diversity. Adhere to Sustainable Tourism Criteria of India, Global Sustainable Tourism Council’s criteria for Destinations and Industry & World Travel and Tourism Council’s Destination Stewardship framework. b. Follow recommendations of Justice Raveendran Committee appointed by the Honourable Supreme Court 2012 c. Place documents in the public domain - in particular the Integrated Island Management Plan and the Tourism Carrying Capacity studies that should inform tourism planning and regulation on the Islands d. Evolve a participatory tourism model with public consultations, keeping in mind livelihood, culture and ethos, current land use, ocean practices and environmental stewardship by local communities. e. Start with a small pilot project on one island to enable a socio-cultural, economically viable, ecological feasibility based on sustainable impact study, instead of proposed full-scale invasive development model. The pilot project should work with capacity of maximum 10 units (keys). f. Revisit business model and investment assumptions. Niti Aayog has pushed for Maldivian model/smart city model for the islands acknowledged by many tourism experts as faulty, and has little evidence or research basis. We make these petitions and request also in the backdrop of some very serious concerns about policy, legal and procedural lacunae. Lakshadweep Tourism Petition (Detailed) Image Credit: "Agatti Island, Lakshadweep" by swiss.frog is licensed with CC BY-NC 2.0.

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Petition to Peta India, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), International Animal Rescue

Animals Exist : Right to live!

In this 2021,due to this pandemic situation! The world is running out.We humans,Economically weaker and started starving! By the way, animals also started starving too. Before these modern years started, there's a rich heritage of animals abundantly, but now all the animals and birds are noted in Endangered list and few are extincted too.  We know that, mind kind activities paved the way to extinction of animals, we ourselves cleaning the earth into animal-bird free. Please stop all harmful man kind works, which cause a threat to animals,They are living creatures too with a heart!  Please stop these :Animal slaughtering, Animal harassment, bullying.  I read some articles and some posts, that animals such as dogs even raped by human beings! Here's a strong statement that actually we are the animals with rude hearted, not those.. It's like reciprocal... We need to feel ashamed!  MY DEARS FRIENDS AND OTHERS, PLEASE SAVE ANIMALS, If you find any animal harrassed, or doing any bad man kind, just go and fight for those animals right, As a Indian I raised my first petition on this, in order to save animals and rescue!  Please provide water and food grains for birds in top of terrace, if you find any animals mentally retarded , please inform to animal Resucual teams, adopt dogs as pets and give a good care of those.  This earth was made for all beings not just human beings. #Saveanimals #rescueanimals #google #Jaihind��

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