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Petition to Smt Umashree, Karnataka medical council, CloudNine hospitals

Suspension of mentioned Doctor's Licenses , Compensation for mental, physical,emotional and financial trauma and a public apology.

This petition is To ensure the medical fraternity is liable and responsible for their actions. I'm 29 years old and I love and adore children.. My husband and I never wanted to wait to start a family..and my dreams were shattered because of the negligence of doctors who played with my life. I lost healthy reproductive organs, because cloud nine hospitals - supposed to be one of the best for birthing and fertility in Bangalore decided to goof up during minor procedures that has ruined the best years of my life. In May 2013 I was asked by my then gynaec to get the HSG test because I hadn't conceived naturally. I was asked to go to Cloud Nine fertility because apparently they were the best . Dr. Uma who was supposed to do my procedure didn't even take the time to meet, inspite of me repeatedly asking to see her before they gave me the anaesthesia. Dr. Uma maheshwari left a piece of Gauze inside my vagina ,during the HSG test (hysterosalpingogram, or HSG is an important test of female fertility potential. The HSG test is a radiology procedure usually done in the radiology department of a hospital or outpatient radiology facility. It is very routine and is done within 45 minutes. It's usually the first step before any infertility treatment is started by gynaecologists. ). Very ironically my HSG results were normal. I had no tubal blockage. And they saw dye spillage from both tubes. She didn't prescribe any antibiotics ( which they should) and 11 days later I had to pull it out of my vagina because it had caused a plug. The gauze was full of pus and blood and we didn't know how that would ruin our lives in the coming months. At that time the clinic director for Cloud Nine fertility, underplayed the situation, told us that "whatever goes in will eventually come out" . They just refunded the amount for the procedure and that was it. Exactly 5 months later in January 2014 , while going in for routine scans for fertility treatments , they saw a massive infection in my left tube . We were so scared and we consulted several senior doctors who told us it was the gauze and there was no other option, but to operate . I was operated upon on July 2014 and they discovered a HAEMATOSALPHINX ( blood collection in the tube ) . This was thanks to the massive pelvic infection from the gauze. Here was where Dr. Suman Singh messed up. She didn't remove the clipped tube during the surgery. She left the dead tissue from the tube inside itself, ( which they should because generally as per all doctors opinions, nothing dead should be left behind in the body ). My troubles did not end there. In December I contracted very high fever and had massive pain on my left lower abdomen. In my scans with A doctor , (who was now looking after my case) a cyst was clearly visible and it was bigger than my uterus. He suspected it may be a chocolate cyst and said surgery was the only way to deal with this. On January 12th 2015 , upon opening me up , they were shocked to see that the tube, that was left behind had wrapped itself around the left ovary ( which had swollen to 3 times its size) and had become a haemorrhagic cyst bigger than my uterus at 7.5cms x 7.5 cms . There was also a lot of needle trauma from the July surgery . The surgery was life threatening surgery (6 hours) where I lost my left tube, left ovary . There was a lot of loss of blood and the cyst was on the verge of rupturing. Our doctor in plain words told my husband that "God has been kind to us and that another day and the cyst would have ruptured causing internal bleeding and eventually loss of life) I've had 3 surgeries , all before I could turn 29. These years should have been the best ,healthiest and fertile years of my life. I had healthy tubes , healthy ovaries which I've lost fully thanks to the negligence of these 2 doctors, who played around with my life. We've spent the last years running form pillar to post and visiting various senior doctors who were shocked when they heard about the incident with the gauze. It has also drained us emotionally mentally and financially. In India, fertility is not insured. Every surgery had to be paid from our pockets.. Surgeries mount to 1.5 lakhs to 2 lakhs on an average. It has taken a lot of courage to come out like this and bring it all out in the open, on social media, Twitter and Facebook. On the 14th of this month , we had a meeting at the same hospital , with only the two Doctors present. They made a mockery of our situation and the only thing they had to say was " how can we help you" !!

Sandhya Vaidyanathan
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Petition to Chief Justice of India

Please form constitutional bench without further delay and review the validity of Aadhaar

The delay in formation of a constitutional review bench to examine the validity of Aadhaar and the much larger 'privacy issues' attached to it, simply gives the State an ample amount time to armtwist its citizens to register for Aadhaar. Example1: The Supreme court said in its judgment regarding Aadhaar linking with mobile phones - "to complete the reverification process of existing subscriber base". Even though the SC does not mention that re-verification has to be done through aadhaar only, TRAI is hell bent to do the re-verification based only on Aadhaar. Example2: SC has said in its order regarding linking of PAN with Aadhaar that - those do not wish to have aadhaar card for 'various' reasons cannot be compelled for now. But IT department said in its announcement that, it has examined the judgement with its 'legal experts' (a intimidating posture of statement towards general public) that those who did not applied for aadhaar card for 'various' reasons means - those who did not have access to aadhaar card enrollment centers. And asked everybody to quote their Aadhaar number mandatorily while filing their IT returns after July1st 2017. Analogy: The following analogy will explain, how hell bent is the state towards misconstruing the words of SC regarding Aadhaar related cases. SC: This route shall not be used by commuters. Clearly mark a 'No entry' sign at the beginning of this route. Attorney General & State's instruction to Public: The SC states that this route is dangerous that is why the 'No entry' board. But public is free to use this route as long as they wear helmet. So all members of public should buy helmet and should use this route by wearing their helmet. NGOs: They file a contempt of court and ask court to intervene SC in its clarification judgement: We never said that public should wear helmet and use this route. We simply asked the State to put a clear 'No entry' sign at the beginning of this route. Attorney General & State's updated instruction to Public: SC clearly says that wearing helmet is not necessary to use this 'No entry' route. Henceforth we instruct all members of public to use this route without the helmet. The 'No entry'  board is kept only for the time being and will be removed when we get an updated final judgement from SC. In the above analogy you can clearly see that the State is hellbent to achieve what it wanted no matter whatever SC says. For a normal citizen like me, SC is the final resort if my case is against the State. And if the SC delays the whole process willingly/unwillingly, then ordinary citizens did not even stand a chance against the all powerful state apparatus. And the SC is well aware that a 'Delayed justice is a denied justice' There has been lot of 'hypothetical scenarios' put against the linking of Aadhaar against everything a citizen holds. Let me state one and will conclude this petition. Hypothetical scenario: We citizens have always done demonstrations against the State whenever we felt it is not doing its job. We even resulted in formation of new laws by holding demonstrations. i.e.New stricter rape laws, are result of our demonstrations in Jantar Mantar against our idle law makers. If our mobile phones and bank accounts are linked to Aadhaar. And in future if we decide to fight against a corrupt lawmaker or state by holding demonstrations. Then the state simply has to do two things to silence us. 1.Using the mobile phone towers, they can list out mobile numbers in the area of demonstration held. 2.Identify the aadhaar card linked to those mobile numbers and block all bank accounts linked to those aadhaar cards.  Once I come back home from a demonstration, when I visit an ATM to withdraw money it'll simply say that my Bank account has been blocked. I contact the bank and they say that I have to obtain a 'No objection' certificate from Jantar mantar police station to get my account active again. And you know how police forces always acted as state's wielding powers against demonstrators.  After this event, in future, our democratic nation's citizens by and large will slowly and slowly lose faith in demonstrations and will eventually stop questioning the government and the lawmakers, no matter whatever corruption/malpractices come to light. And as Aadhaar provides the enormous power to the state towards surveillance and control, this will only create power hungry lawmakers stay in power as long as they could wish. Resulting further in a slow death of democracy at all. Because the fundamental structure that guarantees democracy is 'Checks and balances' of power between Judiciary, Legislative and Executive branches. And aadhaar gives asymmetrical power to the Legislatives and Executives, by completely destroying the 'Checks and Balances'. And nobody will have the guts to question the government for its mistakes, even by its own people, if everything they hold gets linked to Aadhaar. It is hightime: Hence it is high-time the CJI form a constitutional bench to review Aadhaar, its linking to everything, and the 'larger issue' of privacy attached to it. Because with every minute of delay by CJI, the state is running amok to do whatever it wanted (mostly by arm-twisting) to link aadhaar with everything a citizen holds. I pray the CJI to form a constitutional bench at the earliest with a sense of empathy towards the people and please evaluate the constitutional validity of aadhaar and the 'larger issue' of privacy attached to it.

A S Balaji
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Petition to Prakash Javadekar, Upendra Kushwaha, Dr Mahendra Nath Pandey, Narendra Modi, Bar Council of India, Vinay Srivastava

Institute of National Importance (INI) status for the National Law Universities

An Institute of National Importance is defined as an institute ‘which serves as a pivotal player in developing highly skilled personnel within the specified region of the country/state’. While there exists no guideline for the same, the NLUs will probably squarely fall within the criteria of contributing highly skilled personnel to the legal profession, judiciary, bureaucracy, policy think tanks, academia and various other avenues. Having read about the intent and goals of the student bodies of some of the premier national law institutions of our country here and being a CLAT aspirant myself..   .. I think it's only fair that the NLU s too should be given their fair chance at good budget allocations to keep improving and maintaining the highest standards of law education in the country.Institutes of National Importance (INI)”,  receive considerable funding via the Ministry of Human Resource Development’s budget, which provides annual Rs 7800 crore funding to IITs, Rs 3500 crore funding to NITs, Rs 1000 crore funding to IIMs, Rs 650 crores to IISERs. Think of all the good that it could do to the NLU s which depend on meagre UGC grants and fluctuating state allocations.     Full support to the movement requested.

Sushmit Mandal
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