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Rebuild the tombs of those who had ties with Muhammad (S.A.W.W), at Al-Baqi'.

Among the most sacred and holiest places of burial in Islam is Al-Baqi', in Medina, Saudi Arabia. People of Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وعلى آله وسلم) 's kin (عليه السلام/سلام الله علیها) lay in the graves of the site, and those who were close to him. In 1806 it was demolished, quite literally mixing the names on the tombstones of the expired with sand. It was reconstructed, yet it was once more demolished in 1925-1926. Wikipedia: "An alliance of the House of Saud, and the followers of the Wahhabi movement known as the Emirate of Diriyah, carried out the first demolition. The Sultanate of Nejd, also ruled by the House of Saud and followers of Wahhabism, carried out the second. In both cases, the actors were motivated by the Wahhabi interpretation of Islam, which prohibits the building of monuments on graves." It must be thoroughly understood, that no matter in what beliefs one has, they have absolutely no right to harm or oppress others in any way, in order to preach their beliefs, if they are not being oppressed. Those who carried out this act of severe inhumanity undoubtedly did wrong, and therefore, myself, and those who believe in humanity urge the United Nations to make Saudi Arab reconstruct the tombs, as their people were among those who carried out the demolition. They are more than able to do so, which is why if they have a single grain of humanity in them, they will move forward with the reconstruction. We urge the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Organisation (UNESCO) to take into account the forgotten promise to rebuild the tombs by those who once controlled Saudi Arabia, and urge those who are in power now, to rebuild the tombs.  

The Good Anonymous
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Petition to Hon Prime Minister shri Narendra Modi, Honorable Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Honorable Shri Alok Verma, Shri Mukul Rohatgi, Boris Johnson MP, Theresa May MP, Paul Uppal MP

Expose the truth and evidence in Jiah Khan Murder

Dear Prime Minister, 
I am the mother of jiah Khan, who was murdered in Mumbai on 3.d }.une 2013. Despite clear signs of foul play at the crime scene, the local police declared it a suicide. After the initial traumatic shock from the loss of my daughter, it became clear to me that the "investigation" by ]uhu Police was entirely sabotaged in order to benefit the Accused, for reasons best known to them. With tireless support from my advocate Mr. Dinesh Tiwari I moved the Bombay High Court in October 2013, with all the forensic evidence that I have obtained from experts in India and England that is pointing towards homicide. 
Analysis of the forensic experts shows that the injuries on my daughter/s body are inconsistent with the alleged suicidal hanging and the forensic evidence strongly suggest that she was murdered and then hanged to make it look like a suicide. Since then, it has been four years now that I had been persistent$ fighting for justice. 
The Hon'ble Bombay High Court, in July 2014 heard my petition and prayer for the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), supposedly the premier investigating agency in India, to investigate my daughte/s death. The case was transferred to the CBI with a clear mandate to find out whether my daughter/s death was homicidal or suicidal, and, if it was found to be homicidal, to launch a further investigation and take appropriate action.For some reason, CBI was reluctant to take over the case from the beginning, and in fifteen months of delay in their findings, the CBI investigation got compromised. It would be an insult to the capabilities of the CBI to say that CBI just failed to conduct a proper investigation. There is no doubt CBI has all the powers and skills required to get to the bottom of my daughter,s death. But somehow, the CBI investigation went off track, for reasons best known to them. Even CBfs own independent forensic expert opinion from PGI was inconclusive and does not rule out either homicide or suicide. 
The CBI had been misleading me about the direction of their investigation ever since the first meeting with the participation of two representatives of the U.S. Consulate in Mumbai, Rachel sunden and Kenneth D'Me[lo, on 10th Februarv 2015 atmy residence in Juhu, Mumbai.  Anyone tooking at the acfual facts in this case realizes that the case has been heavily "managed". It is not my task to speculate about the police's and the CBIs motivation, but a connection and the influence of the Accused's father Aditya Pancholi would not be too far-fetched. 
UK-based forensic expert Jason Payne James clearly states in his report that this appears to be a staged homicide. So I approached the Hon'ble High Court earlier this year with all the relevant grievances and expert reports requesting reinvestigation by an SIT. CBI strongly opposed, but the Hon'ble High Court noted in its order that all the points raised in my petition can be submitted to the trial court. 
I submitted the application 95 to the trial court through the State-appointed Special Public Prosecutor mr Dinesh Tiwari who knows the history of this case from the beginning. During the argument in the trial court the Hon'ble Judge asked the CBI why evidence like crime scene photographs, mention of ligature, call logs, Blackberry phone text messages, GPS and expert reports were not part of their supplementary report? Following this submission, the CBI has been trying to remove SPP Tiwari and to replace him with one of its own prosecutors who has no knowledge about the case and has been displaying a hostile attitude towards me. 
Recently, when my application to submit key evidence and forensic expert reports was argued in the trial court the CBI, along with the Accused, strongly opposed the application being accepted by the court. How is justice going to be served, if the prosecution CBI has teamed up with the Accused to suppress evidence?The forensic report by ]ason Payne-James and a report by Professor Deborah Barneveld which highlight what CBI has ignored to investigate and denied justice to the victim's family. It is in this light that I have no other recourse than to plead to you about the case of my daughter Jiah. My grief my pain as a mother is not just words, truth and justice must be surfaced and served and only you the honourable Prime minister have the power to ensure this. May God guide you to help us. Please let me know what are your plans and advice for the victim's mother and family to grant them a closure. May almighty God bless you and the nation India. Sincierely yours rabyakhan victim jiah khans mother

rabya Khan
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Petition to Honorable The Chief Justice of India

Fast-track justice for Talwars: Aarushi's parents

This problem is not about me and yet it is very much about me, about each one of us. What is happening today with the Talwars can happen with any of us tomorrow. After watching the movie "Talvar", I read up extensively regarding the case on Rajesh and Nupur Talwar and trust me it was an eye opener. If they are innocent (which in my humble opinion is extremely likely) then I shudder to think what they have been going through for the last few years.  The objective of this petition is to ensure a fast-track and impartial trial for Rajesh and Nupur Talwar re-examining the entire evidence available from a neutral point of view. The rest of this petition would be a very high level summary so that most of you can read and form a judgement of your own. In the end, there are more links in case you want to see more details. What happened: Rajesh and Nupur Talwar's daughter and help were murdered, after several years of back and forth and a lengthy trial, the Talwars were sent to prison for life. (Read more on wiki) Below are some of the main things which are difficult to digest: 1. Narco/ lie detector tests: Talwars showed no deception, while the three servants (allegedly present in the house on the day of the murder) did. In the narco, the servants gave a chilling blow-by-blow account of the murder, their motives, along with mentioning khukri as the murder weapon. Agreed that narco is not admissible to prosecute the servants, but why in the world is it not admissible to exonerate Talwars? Didn't we forever say that even if 100 guilty escape punishment, no innocent should be punished? 2. Closure report: CBI had submitted a closure report saying that though they believed Talwars are guilty, they didn't have enough evidence to prosecute them and hence wanted to close the case. Talwars challenged this closure report and went to court requesting a re-investigation. Which criminal does that? Ask for more investigation when he/she has a chance to go scot free? 3. People in the house: CBI claims that there were only four people in the house and hence Talwars are the murderers. Booze bottles in Hemraj's room point out the possibility of three other servants being in the room that night (who were suspects at some stage). This is discarded saying servants wont have guts to drink while the master was in the house. Seriously? We work and investigate on such logic? 4. Murder weapon: The khukri mentioned in the narco was actually found in the room of one of the servants with tiny blood traces on it (however it could not be established if it was human or not). On the other hand, no scalpel (allegedly murder weapon) was ever produced in the court. Also, the golf club supposedly used by them to inflict the injury was found and handed over to the CBI by the Talwars. Which criminal does that? 5. Motive for murder: The Talwar's motive hinges on Aarushi and Hemraj being found in a 'compromising position'. However, as per CBI's closure report there was no trace of Hemraj anywhere in Aarushi's room. Did the Talwars manage to differentiate between Hemraj's and Aarushi's blood while cleaning up (latter was found in the room)? They were smart enough to clean that but forgot blood marks on the terrace wall and the whisky bottle?  I have listed only 5 major flaws in the current theory, there are many many more - terribly botched up investigation, Krishna's pillow cover, internet router, terrace key, how could they not hear, etc. You can watch the movie "Talvar-IMDB", read the book Aarushi - Avirook Sen, read these articles: Article 1 and Article 2 or read through the judgment in full via this Article Judgment link. I am not claiming that person A or person B is or is not the murderer. My only claim is that given so much fuzziness how can we say that Talwars are the murders "beyond a reasonable doubt"? The logic/evidence provided is far away from being able to overcome the presumption "innocent until proven guilty". In my mind it tends to lean more towards "innocent and not guilty". Please sign the petition if you agree, maybe the power of internet can bring some hope to an otherwise gloomy story.

Anand Gautam
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