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Petition to Amit Shah, Bharatiya Janata Party

Amit Shah: Expel M.J. Akbar from BJP

Corporate India and the BJP owe an apology to every Indian woman now that a serving minister has also been called out in the #MeToo movement. The person in question is M.J. Akbar, a well-known journalist now serving as the Minister of State for External Affairs in the Modi government. As per media reports, Akbar has been accused of sexual misconduct at the workplace by at least 10 women. The attacks range from physical assaults to emotional harassment. They are said to have taken place during a span of 20 years while he was a top editor.  10 women in 20 years!! This is disgusting and shameful. If that is not the definition of sexual predator, then what is! And while these women call him out, M.J. Akbar was busy touring Nigeria as the Government of India’s representative - that too on taxpayers’ money! This is unacceptable! As a citizen and taxpayer, I do not want such individuals accused of predatory behaviour to be sitting in my Parliament and representing my country in any forum. I would like to know how many more such attacks before the BJP expels M.J. Akbar and makes an example out of him? Sign my petition asking the BJP’s National President Amit Shah to expel M.J. Akbar from the party for life. To be fair, M.J Akbar has been notorious long before he joined the BJP. As Priya Ramani, a journalist formerly with India Today, The Indian Express and Mint, one of the first survivors has stated out, "May I point out the obvious to people who are politicising #metoo ? MJ Akbar was a sexual predator when he was in the Congress. And he’s still a sexual predator when he is in the BJP.  He’s been at it since the 1980s."If the Congress had turned a blind eye to M.J. Akbar's misconduct while he was a member, then this is the BJP's chance to prove that it is truly different from the Congress by immediately sacking M.J. Akbar and barring him from the party for life. If the BJP doesn't sack Akbar, then it will prove that it is no different from the Congress and merely pays lip-service to the ideals of women's safety, dignity and empowerment.It is a matter of shame for India when individuals accused of such disgusting offences are allowed to continue in public office. This not only reflects on us as a democracy but is extremely disrespectful to lakhs of working women. We shouldn’t have to suffer such injustices as we work hard to earn our bread and butter with dignity. If no action is taken against a Minister (even while investigations are pending), it will send out a dangerous message to other sick-minded individuals. Letting M.J.Akbar continue as a BJP Member and a Minister is as good as saying it is ok to be a sexual predator. This business-as-usual approach to sexual harassment has to stop. I want the most powerful and influential party - the BJP to lead the way. Sign my petition. #ExpelMJAkbarMore details: credit: The News Minute

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Petition to Nisha Narayanan, Rajat Uppal, Malishka , Himanshu Sharma, Brijesh Subhash Magoo

@RedFMIndia: Broadcast a #MeToo Show At Prime-time For a Week

My Twitter and Facebook timelines are exploding with stories of #MeToo. All because of the courage shown by a growing number of women and men who are speaking out about the harassment they faced.Now I want the #MeToo movement to reach more survivors who are offline, through the powerful medium of radio.Because I believe each one has a story, a story that society needs to hear!That is why I have started this campaign asking 93.5 Red FM - which has lakhs of listeners - to lead the way and start the conversation on sexual harassment. #AbBajanaHai, please bajate raho!Sign my petition asking 93.5 Red FM to broadcast a special segment dedicated to #MeToo in the evening primetime for a week, inviting listeners to share their stories.I believe if people constantly hear about #MeToo we can collectively challenge the social mindset that makes many people treat sexual violence and harassment as normal.Here are some of the irresponsible statements I’ve been overhearing in response to #MeToo stories in recent days. They make my blood boil!“A woman looking like her was anyway asking for it”“She was interested in the guy and when he stopped taking interest in her, she slapped the charges, typical @#$&#.” “Surely she has an agenda. Why is he talking about this harassment now after keeping quiet for so long?” These judgmental statements speak volumes and tell me exactly where the problem lies. The trouble is with the prevailing social mindset. The way society thinks has to change. If we truly believe that we are a civilised society, it is time that we created an atmosphere for an inclusive, empathetic listening. Survivors of sexual harassment don’t deserve to be shamed. They need our love, comfort and support.It is time to stop judging those who say #MeToo by saying that they “asked for it” because of the way they walk, talk, dress, laugh and conduct themselves. We don’t just need to talk about #MeToo. We also need to listen to every voice, and every story.Sign my petition to 93.5 Red FM.Let’s start the journey from #Metoo to #WeStandTogether.

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Petition to Red Chillies Entertainment, Shah Rukh Khan, Binda Rey, Mandvi Sharma, Gauri

Make Public Your Internal Policy and Committee on Anti-Sexual Harassment

A group of men allegedly attacked the car of actress Tanushree Dutta just because she refused to dance with co-actor Nana Patekar who made her feel uncomfortable on the sets of a film a decade ago. The video has been splashed all over our TV screens by news channels and on our smartphone screens by social media.The fact that this could happen to any new artists signing up or a former Miss India and champion of women’s empowerment, and the fact that nobody came out to support her then in 2008 or now ten years later makes me sick!We have all heard stories of sexual harassment in Bollywood but the silence on this issue by the industry’s bigwigs is deafening!Sign my petition asking Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment to take a stand against sexual harassment by making their Internal Policy and Committee on Anti-Sexual Harassment public.As the #MeToo movement gathers steam in India with more and more women coming out and naming their abusers, we now know that the Indian film industry is truly unsafe for women.Lakhs of women work in the Indian film industry. It is time that Bollywood stands up for what is right and takes a strong step against sexual harassment.In early 2018, Union Minister for Women and Child Development, Maneka Gandhi had instructed all Bollywood studios to comply with the Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act, 2013 and set up committees to hear complaints.That’s why I was shocked to read this headline, “How Many Bollywood Studios Have Anti Sexual Harassment Committees? Only a handful of production houses responded to HuffPost's query asking if committees to report harassment had been formed.In the same article it says, “Only seven (out of 17) production houses confirmed they have anti-sexual harassment cells. Five shared specific information while the 2 declined to reveal details about the people heading these committees. The rest did not reply.”Only 7 out of 17!! This is unacceptable!It’s time for to change this. And who better than the Badshah of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan who owns production house Red Chillies Entertainment to lead the way and set a strong precedent.Sign my petition asking Red Chillies Entertainment to make public the internal committee and internal policy it has in place, as per our laws, to address cases of sexual harassment.Red Chillies Entertainment has given us some of the biggest hits in recent years. From Student of the Year and Chennai Express to Dear Zindagi, Raees and When Harry Met Sejal.As a fan of Shah Rukh Khan, I would like to feel assured that the films that I love watching do not endorse the sexual harassment of any employee…. like what Tanushree Dutta went through on the sets of a film by another production house in 2008.  #MeToo #CleanUpBollywoodPhoto credit: 

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