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Petition to Prakash Javadekar, Upendra Kushwaha, Dr Mahendra Nath Pandey, Narendra Modi, Bar Council of India, Vinay Srivastava

Institute of National Importance (INI) status for the National Law Universities

An Institute of National Importance is defined as an institute ‘which serves as a pivotal player in developing highly skilled personnel within the specified region of the country/state’. While there exists no guideline for the same, the NLUs will probably squarely fall within the criteria of contributing highly skilled personnel to the legal profession, judiciary, bureaucracy, policy think tanks, academia and various other avenues. Having read about the intent and goals of the student bodies of some of the premier national law institutions of our country here and being a CLAT aspirant myself..   .. I think it's only fair that the NLU s too should be given their fair chance at good budget allocations to keep improving and maintaining the highest standards of law education in the country.Institutes of National Importance (INI)”,  receive considerable funding via the Ministry of Human Resource Development’s budget, which provides annual Rs 7800 crore funding to IITs, Rs 3500 crore funding to NITs, Rs 1000 crore funding to IIMs, Rs 650 crores to IISERs. Think of all the good that it could do to the NLU s which depend on meagre UGC grants and fluctuating state allocations.     Full support to the movement requested.

Sushmit Mandal
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Justice for Hota Sir. We support him.

We support what we believe ! Dr. Raj Kumar Hota-the man who has been doing a great service for SOA university Since last 14 years had always stood  with the students and supported them till the end. He is the reason for many successful career. It is his effort for which since 14 years, students of ITER has been getting placement,and many of them became the key persons in the management of some good reputed organizations . We can say he is the "Human God" for many students. We have seen his hardship, his emotion towards the students of SOA.  It is a hard situation for him. A man with such type of personality is behind the bar now. We do not know whether he has any involvement with the "Placement Scam" or not but our heart says He is innocent and victimized. Law will take its own course. But the laws are for us, to protect us, to guide us and being the citizen of India and as a student of SOA, we have every right to stand in support of him, at least in this type of difficult situation.  As we know from a popular Judgement of the Hon'ble Supreme Court "Bail is the rule  not jail" . We request you to take appropriate steps for bail of Prof. R.K Hota and give him a chance to proof his innocence. We want the truth to be revealed, we do have a lot of sympathy towards the victims of this case. We pray for their bright future. However, We feel Prof. R.K. Hota is innocent.  The relationship between the teacher and student is more than the relationship of parents and child. We love our Professor. We respect him and  we are with him. 

Ankit Rath
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Petition to Mr. Rajnath Singh, Mr. Devendra Fadnavis, Mr. Satish Mathur

C.B.I. enquiry of Shikha Joshi's mysterious death

This is a story worth reading.​My mother, Shikha Joshi passed away 2 years ago today. 16th of May, 2015. She was 39 years old. The Mumbai police says that she most likely committed suicide by slitting her throat. A woman who requested the authorities, including the National Commission for Women and Maharashtra State Commission for Women for police protection numerous times because she feared for her life.She feared that a rich and powerful cosmetic surgeon called Dr. Vijay Sharma, against whom she had filed an F.I.R. in October, 2011 will get her murdered because she refused to settle the case outside the court in exchange of 3 crore rupees (in the presence of the then Chairperson of NCW, Ms. Mamta Sharma). This man has been called a "habitual offender" in the court, yet he is still a free man. He has molested many women, performed botched surgeries on many, including my mother. He also likes to upload amateur videos of the surgeries on YouTube. One was of a woman from African descent under anesthesia whose chin was getting operated on but her breasts were exposed and zoomed in.  My mother and our family's fear turned into reality when on 16th of May,  her roommate, Madhu Bharti (whose house she had been living in because she had a court hearing in the following week) called us and told us that Shikha had slit her throat in the bathroom and was on the way to the hospital. But what Madhu didn't tell us was that she, her 'husband' Riyaz Pathan, and her friend Pushpa Parmar had already wasted a mighty amount of time in recording Shikha who was bleeding to death, asking why she killed herself and insensitively telling her to put a cloth on her bleeding neck. She then cleaned the whole bathroom and left the house about 40 minutes after people took my mother to the hospital. She changed her statement numerous times. And the video that she shot showed a bloody footprint coming out of the bathroom and a drop of blood which looks like it had dropped from a sharp knife. The police's investigation, on the other hand looks like a joke as they couldn't even find finger prints on the 'kitchen knife' which was used. You can view the uncensored video on the link below and judge for yourself. It's pretty clear that my mother was threatened till her last breath. What my family and I have been questioning for the past 2 years is how a woman who had been fighting vigorously against a man who is rich and powerful enough to but the police, get bailed despite of committing such crimes would give up so easily and end her life in the most unimaginable and painful way.Why are Dr. Vijay Sharma, Madhu Bharti and her friends still free?How does Dr. Vijay Sharma get bails so easily?Why is the police and the administration so lethargic in carrying out their duties? Had they been honest and serious about this since the day my mother filed an F.I.R., she would still be alive.Why has the autopsy of my mother still not provided to us despite asking for it from the police and even filing an R.T.I. for it? This whole case is very twisted and needs to be investigated by the C.B.I. as there are many powerful people involved in the death of Shikha JoshiMy family has been writing letters to the President, the P.M., the Home Minister and whatnot begging for the intervention of Central Bureau of Investigation.Justice delayed is justice denied. I don't even know if justice exists in this country and no justice will ever bring my mother back who I never got to see grow old.. All I want is some questions answered and I can't do it without your help. So please sign this petition and share it among as many people you can.

Shrawani Joshi
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