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Petition to Kathleen Wynne, Justin Trudeau, Ontario Ministry of Education, Mitzie Hunter

End Discriminatory Funding for Catholic/Public/Independent Schools in Ontario

The current school funding system in Ontario provides full funding for the public system and one private group and no funding for other independent schools. These other schools meet the same provincial requirements (and in many cases exceed them), and reduce the number of students in the public system. Catholics have the option of paying taxes and educating their children in the system of their choice at no additional cost. There is no reason to give that option to one group, at the exclusion of others. The result of this is that many families (including mine), pay their taxes and pay additionally for their children to attend an independent school. Many of these families, and the schools they attend, are not wealthy at all. This petition is not asking for funding for elite, private schools for the wealthy - simply to end an unjust funding practice. Many of these families take on debt and make significant financial sacrifices for their children to get the education they are seeking, while schools may also operate on a very tight budget. Many independent schools in other provinces receive some provincial funding.* However, Ontario has instead opted to give full funding to one group, at the expense of all others. The UN declared this is discriminatory in 1999,** and it needs to change.   Please equalize funding for all schools effective immediately, along with any possible back pay to make up for the many years of imbalance. As long as the Catholics receive any funding, all other schools that meet provincial requirements must receive the same (up to a certain, reasonable cap, based on public school spending/capita and other relevant criterion). If Catholic school funding is adjusted, the other schools must match accordingly. If no other private schools receive funding, then all funding should be removed from the Catholic board. Why is this important? * * **

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Petition to Sajid Javid, Teresa May

Nas Must Stay! Support Nas to remain in UK. It's been his home since he was 14

#NasMustStayNas was 13, a young boy growing up in a small village in Afghanistan when his life was torn apart. His brother and sister were murdered, his Father kidnapped by the Taliban. Following a long and difficult journey to the UK, this child was told “you can stay here until your 18 then you will have to go back”. He lost contact with his Mother and sibling. 10 years later he is still fighting to stay. Birmingham is Nas’ home now. He went to secondary school and college in South Birmingham and dreams of being a Fire Fighter. He has converted to Christianity, and is an active and well-liked member of his local church, finding solace and peace amongst a supportive network. Christians are persecuted in Afghanistan, so he would face further threat for his choice of religion.  Nas is terrified at the thought of returning to a country alone and afraid. The Red Cross told him they could not trace his Mother and that his village is still regarded as a dangerous and volatile place. We must ask, what kind of system tells a traumatised child you have to go back to a place where your family was murdered? We call upon Sajid Javid & Teresa May to support Nas' fresh claim for asylum. He is a valued and kind member of his local community, volunteering his time to help others. He is just 22, a young man who wants to contribute to society and be an active citizen of the UK Please sign, and share, the petition to support Nas’ right to stay amongst his community. Put your name to our pledge:"We the undersigned call upon Sajid Javid and Teresa May to grant Refugee status to Nas Popalzai and give him the reassurance that the UK will be his home forever, where he can continue to live as an active and respected member of his local community. Do NOT send him back to a hostile and dangerous country where he has no family or support network" Read here what happens to young adults sent back to Afghanistan

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Petition to Theresa May MP, Rt Hon Sajid Javid

Justice For Ryan - Ryan's Law - Please help us to overturn a huge miscarriage of Justice!

Ryan’s Law.....   Please help us to overturn one of the biggest miscarriages of Justice in modern times! We are demanding a change in our Criminal Justice System to allow the right for victim’s families in serious crime cases to challenge and appeal serious “perverse” jury verdicts after acquittal. That is one that went against the law or against the evidence or which “no reasonable jury could have come to” Our story....... The sudden death of any young person is a profound, difficult, and extremely painful experience that causes severe distress and trauma to the parents, family, friends and the surrounding community. Sadly, our Ryan was brutally taken away from us in the early hours of Sunday 6th August 2017 due to being fatally stabbed to death in Chicago’s nightclub in Stourbridge.  Ryan was just aged 24 with his whole life ahead of him. Those who knew Ryan will know he was one of the kindest, loving, genuine and happiest of people you could ever wish to meet. He loved and lived life for his family and his friends. On the 6th February 2018 at Birmingham Crown Court, this country’s justice system let the man who admitted in front of a jury to stabbing & killing our Ryan walk free from court, without any punishment what so ever for his actions. He admitted in front of the jury to lying about being intoxicated at the time of stabbing Ryan and CCTV captured him running out of the nightclub with friends. He then discarded the knife in undergrowth several miles away from the club and his clothes and mobile phone have never been found. The prosecution evidence presented to jury was overwhelming in support of a Murder conviction, so we the family & friends, along with the police and the prosecution legal team who provided really strong evidence and the whole of our community, cannot understand or comprehend how the jury got the decision “so devastatingly wrong” in returning a “Not Guilty” verdict and letting him walk free. What the Jury decided is it was not an offence to be in possession of a knife in a public place (a nightclub) and use it with such force that it penetrated through Ryan’s chest bone, fatally killing him and because he told the court "he did not intend to harm Ryan"...... then that is all ok then. You will not face any justice for killing Ryan? For us, it is very clear.... Ryan was murdered on the 6th August 2017.  The force and actions used was not reasonable or lawful in the circumstances? Ryan was not in possession of any weapon when he was fatally stabbed with the knife. Our own MP - Margot James has written to the Solicitor General Robert Buckland QC, saying "It is incomprehensible to me that the jury could come to such a conclusion given the evidence and testimony available to them”. Our campaign for Justice...... We demand a change in our Criminal Justice System to allow the right for victims in serious crime cases to challenge and appeal “perverse” jury verdicts after acquittal. We invite the Prime Minister - Theresa May and the Home Secretary - Sajid Javid to change the current law to allow equal rights of appeal for both the prosecution and defence and to allow us appeal against the Jury's decision to a higher court At present the families of victims have no right of appeal against a perverse acquittal by a jury. It is currently not a fair or equal judicial system when a judge and jury can be held to be wrong when the accused has been convicted, but are infallible when the accused has been acquitted. The Court of Appeal can allow an appeal against conviction if they think a conviction is unsafe. Yet there are no current rights that allow an appeal if they think an acquittal is unsafe. We are appealing directly to Prime Minister Theresa May and Rt Hon Sajid Javid to immediately review the criminal justice system around perverse jury verdicts to maintain public confidence in our justice system and to ensure a fairer judicial system fit for the modern & democratic society will all live in today. We are calling for immediate changes and we propose that there should be a legal right of appeal in serious crime cases where an acquittal appeared to be due to a serious perverse jury verdict. -  "That is one that went against the law or against the evidence or which “no reasonable jury could have come to". Previous Governments and the Courts have continually failed to learn any lessons from previous high profile acquittals in the past. These archaic rules against the appeal rights for victims of perverse acquittals are not fit and not acceptable in a modern democratic society such as ours that we live in today. Even going back to December 1999, the then Lord Chancellor, Lord Irvine, commissioned a review into the practices and procedures of the criminal courts. The review was conducted in 2001 by Lord Justice Auld and had as its stated objective that of ensuring that the courts deliver justice fairly. He campaigned to amend the Criminal Justice Act for reform of the trial system, including the recommendation that in “serious crime cases, perverse acquittal verdicts by juries should be subject to appeal”. Lord Justice Auld's recommendation was that both prosecution and defence lawyers should have the right to appeal against a perverse jury verdict. Lord Justice Auld was not proposing to abolish the jury system, but the proposal to subject perverse acquittal verdicts to review.  The right to trial by jury has a unique and vital role to play in our criminal justice system. But so too has the right to ensure a fair & equal justice system for both prosecution and defence. We believe a perverse jury verdict of not guilty is also a miscarriage of justice. The criminal justice system has failed to convict a person whose guilt has been demonstrated by testimony and evidence and is a breach of the social contract between the state and its citizens. It is a failure of the state to provide to its citizens the protection to which they are entitled against the criminal activities of others. In simple Human Rights terms, they are a breach of the Ryan's human rights. The Human Rights Act was written to promote fairness and equal civil rights under the law to all. Our Justice System already acknowledges that Jury’s can make wrong decisions as history has shown us with the number of unsafe convictions subsequently overturned at the court of appeal. So if we are to accept that Jury’s can make wrongful conviction decisions, then surely it is only right, fair and proper that we have to accept they can also make wrong decisions regarding acquittals? We are campaigning and asking the public for their support and to please get behind our campaign in order to help us deliver the rightful justice that Ryan deserves and also to protect victims from serious perverse jury verdicts in the future. We owe it not only to Ryan, but to the whole of our society and the communities that we all live in, that we fight to get this huge miscarriage of justice corrected. We will fight on.... We must do... to ensure the values of equality, fairness and accountability are maintained for all within our criminal justice system.  To help us make this change in law a reality, we ask you to please do the following: 1. Write to your Local MP and ask them to support our Justice For Ryan Campaign  2. Please sign and share this petition. 3. Please help us to raise vital funds needed so we can obtain the necessary legal representation to help fight our campaign. The Government cuts to legal aid have had a disastrous impact on so many normal people’s ability to access to justice.      You can donate by visiting 4. Please follow our "Justice For Ryan" campaign on our social media sites Facebook & Twitter. We want to establish a longer term legacy in memory of our Ryan via his newly established charity. The Ryan Thomas Passey Foundation Charity (R.T.P.F.C) which has been established to reach out to local youth football teams and educate youngsters against the devastating effects of knife crime. I have no words that can even begin to describe the immense pain, torture and suffering that this devastating jury’s decision has had on Ryan’s Mom, Dad, family and friends, and together we can all make a stand and prevent anyone else from experiencing the pain and grief suffered from serious perverse jury acquittals. The rule of law and access to justice are fundamental to a healthy and functioning democratic society. To commit a crime such as to kill another human is to break a social rule so important to our shared values. A crime against one person is a wrong against us all. We should all receive equal treatment before the law. We should all have a say on what the law is, through our democratically elected representatives in Parliament. And we should have a fair and functioning corrective; an appellate system to step in when things go wrong!!! Thank you everyone for all your support. We'll keep you updated with our progress.  Please write any correspondence to: Justice For Ryan Campaign – 171 Lower High Street, Stourbridge. West Midlands DY8 1TG. Or email us at

Justice For Ryan
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