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Petition to Rt Hon Amber Rudd MP

Essex Police: Release ALL Documents Withheld under PII to Jeremy Bamber’s Legal Defence

Essex Police: Release All Documents Withheld under Public Interest Immunity (PII) to Jeremy Bamber’s Legal Defence Team with Immediate Effect. As over 30 years has now elapsed since the tragedy took place, there is no beneficial reason for withholding the documents and photographs by refusing disclosure under Public Interest Immunity or for any other reason. The public have a right to insist that they are released to his Defence Counsel forthwith so that a fresh appeal can be lodged on Jeremy’s behalf. At White House Farm, Tolleshunt D’Arcy, England on the 7th August 1985, five members of the same family were shot dead. They included Nevill Bamber, his wife June Bamber and their daughter Sheila Caffell and Sheila’s twin sons, Nicholas and Daniel Caffell. Based upon evidence the police established the shootings as a case of murder/suicide. However, Jeremy Bamber, Nevill and June’s son was arrested on the 8th September and released after six days of questioning. He was re-arrested on the 29th September and charged with murder. In October 1986 he was convicted on a 10:2 majority verdict and given a twenty-five year sentence, but the Home Secretary changed this to whole life in 1994.     Disclosure Required 1.      Original handwritten logs and statements written by Malcolm Bonnett & PC West relating to Jeremy’s father calling the Police between 03:00am and 03:30 am saying his daughter had gone berserk with the gun. 2.      The original situation report radioed in by PS Bews calling out the firearms team because he'd seen Sheila Caffell moving in the house while Jeremy was with police. Also PS Bews and PC Myall’s original witness statements written on the 7th August 1985. 3.      The 06.9.85 Report by DI Kenneally stating that the evidence showed Sheila was responsible for murdering her family and then committing suicide. 4.      Also required, the audio recordings of the open phone line at White House Farm recording the raid on the house by the Firearms Officers who broke in at 07:39am. 5.      The original handwritten statements from first case investigation number SC/688/85 including those written by the raid team and all fifty-four (54) people who entered the house on the 7th August 1985. 6.      Interviews from the DI Dickinson Enquiry including those from the forensic scientists Glynis Howard, Malcolm Fletcher, Graham Craddock and Graham Renshaw to discover if they wrote the same things to the Dickinson Enquiry regarding two sound moderators, that they later admitted to during the 1991 C.O.L.P Enquiry. 7.      Public Interest Immunity file on Julie Mugford referring to her ‘deal’ with the Crown Prosecution Service in exchange for immunity from prosecution for five criminal offences three of which were unknown to the jury. Also disclosure of the Essex Police file on the £25,000 newspaper deal, agreed to in November/December 1985 (pre-trial) by Julie Mugford’s solicitors. 8.      Photographs of all the rooms in white house Farm including those containing firearms such as the main office, and the box room next to the Master bedroom. In November 2001, all the case negatives were in uncut complete strips of ten. By 2011 and their disclosure to Jeremy, someone had cut and removed seventy-seven (77) negative images from these film strips, which left sixteen (16) of them cut up into multiple pieces of two, three and four frames. Disclosure is required of all seventy-seven (77) photographic images. 9.      Sheila Caffell's medical/psychiatric records referring to her conversations with her consulting psychiatrist where she informs him she was afraid she would kill her children - as he briefly mentioned at trial. Disclosure of her 1983 and 1985 diaries periods where she suffered severe episodes of psychosis. 10.   Original forensic report by Renshaw referring to the blood in the sound moderator as identical to beneficiary of the Bamber estate Robert Boutflour, one of the relatives who found it after police searched the house and 'missed it'.  Jeremy Bamber has been in prison for 30 years.  Please sign the Petition. Thank you.

The Jeremy Bamber Official Campaign
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Petition to Aberdeen City Council Marischal College Broad Street Aberdeen AB10 1AB

Put a memorial on mothers grave at Trinity cemetery in Aberdeen

It would appear that in the  1960s and then into the 1970s 1980s social workers for Aberdeen City Council namely Dundee and Aberdeen and Elgin council's did not comply with law in all area's in  relation to my late mother's welfare and that of her children who were all in care. Mother was killed on the 18th of  August 1976  in Aberdeen by an unknown lorry driver who was not charged with her death.  Mother's remains were placed in a unknown grave in the (children's section) at Trinity cemetery in Aberdeen.  I was not informed of her death as a child  when in care of the Aberdeen Social Work department.  Over so many years we have tried to get  justice, for our late mother and a memorial is ideal in this regard, and now that the truth is known regarding her past life' we feel strongly that those council's did her many wrongs  we want a memorial to be dedicated to her memory soon.  Please note mother's third child Alexina Kelbie died in care in Dundee on the 31 August in 1960. My sister was two years old  Alexina sustained head injuries at her foster mother's home in Fintry Road Dundee on the day in question there was many cover up into Alexina's death and no post - mortem was done nor was there a police investigation. It is right to make sure that victims of crime of the state have memorials mother was 42 years old when she was killed at the Fountain public house on the Great Northern Road in Aberdeen. There are grave concerns regarding the fact that she was at risk and in danger she was arrested for public disorder offences in Tayside- Aberdeen and in Elgin and despite freedom of information  those councils are refusing to supply information on her life and they are refusing to comply with the law.   We respectively ask that people share and sign this petition (NOW) so that the Aberdeen City Council give considerations for a memorial to be placed on her grave at the children's section at Trinity Cemetery in Aberdeen.  Mother was born in Aboyne in Aberdeen on the 18th may 1934 into a well known Traveller  - Gypsy family and accordingly on Thursday the 19th August in 1976 she left Elgin to go to, Aberdeen a lorry driver picked her up in Elgin Moray and he bought her cheap wine and got her intoxicated she was looking forward in seeing us being reunited coming out of care she was a lovely woman if she was in a stable mind however' she was deeply upset and went to Bucksburn in order to visit Brimmond Children's Home. The lorry driver was parked up at the Embassy Rooms the Police said that she fell from the pavement under the fully - laden lorry they tried to identify her and asked for the public to help them investigate units from B Division of Grampian Police ( Now Police Scotland Aberdeen) were quickly at the scene at the entrance to the now Fountain Public House and said she was intoxicated on the 20th August 1976 the family social worker Margery Urquhart had taken over the case. Sadly she was never to see her babies or children ever again.  Police Officer Ron Hughes appealed for people to come forward.  During a very long period, she shared her voice and concerns regarding children in care, and was outspoken at times in public this and the death of (Alexina) and the loss of her husband Alexander Campbell Kelbie on 12th August 1966 and other family deaths, she became deeply depressed in being deprived access to her children.  She had great faith during those early years in being reunited with her children and was residing at the Belts Elgin from 1966 to 1976 although she was from Aberdeen and lived in the city for many years with her family.    My many thanks  Peter  Kelbie   Dedication Page: Alexina Kelbie & Elizbeth Stewart - Kelbie Memorial Trust Scotland                        

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Petition to Sadiq Khan, ENFIELD COUNCIL

Resuscitate Green Lanes ! Bring the High Street back to Life before it's too late !

Businesses on the high street have been majorly effected by the road works currently taking place in order to create cycle lanes in the area which was opposed by around 80% of the local residents and businesses in the beginning.  We opened Pussy Bow Boutique in September 2015 and since have been trying to build up a new local business and clientele base which is already a challenge in itself within this turbulent retail market. However since 2016 all the businesses including ourselves had heard about the idea of implementing a cycle lane throughout Green Lanes and taking parking for customers and local residents away which almost everyone did not think would be a good idea, the local council along with Sadiq Khan ignored the peoples views and concerns by going ahead without any consideration or empathy. Due to the distribution our sales have fallen, there is no longer parking for customers, the pavements have been blocked off preventing all our deliveries coming in, heavy traffic, accidents have been caused... complete mayhem ! DISASTER ZONE !  Furthermore, Enfield Council has increased the rate-able value which ideally with the old rate-able value would have meant we would have been exempt of business rates instead with the increased our payments remaining the same and no sign of small business relief.  How can you justify a small shop selling a product, not offering a service to survive under these circumstances???  We want the rate-able value reassessed, we want business rates reduced, we want our high street to accommodate for our customers and most importantly we want it to be safe for the public, children and those who wish to cycle. 

Pussy Bow Boutique
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