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Petition to NSW Director of Public Prosecution, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, NSW Minister for Corrections, NSW Minister for Corrections David Elliott, NSW Attourney General Mark Speakman, NSW Minister for Police and Emergency Services​, NSW Minister for Police and Emergency Services Troy Grant

Help stop a Triple Murderer being released from a NSW jail.

A man once described as “one of the most cold-blooded killers ever to enter a New South Wales prison”, is likely to be released on parole next month. In 1977, Berwyn Rees entered a Bondi Junction gun shop and ordered 26-year-old manager Raymond James and 26-year-old customer Christopher Greenfield to lie face down on the ground. Rees shot both of them in the back of the head from point blank range. He took 18 guns and ammunition and fled. One of these innocent men was my father. I was only two-years-old when my father was murdered in cold-blood - execution style.  For three years the murders remained unsolved until forestry and telecom workers heard Rees’ target practice shots in the bush. Sergeant Keith Haydon went to investigate and was shot multiple times. Realising Sergeant Haydon wasn't dead, Rees went back to the injured policeman and shot him in the head. During his attempted escape he shot another young police officer multiple times in the stomach, but the constable survived. In 1981, Rees was handed three life sentences for the murders and another 10 years in prison for the attempted murder. Last week I received a letter in the mail stating that the State Parole Authority has indicated it's Intention to grant Rees' parole next month. This murderer is highly intelligent (completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a double major whilst incarcerated), cold and calculating and has never shown any remorse. I cannot understand how they can even consider letting this man free. He has destroyed so many families.  This man murdered 3 innocent men and an attempted murder on another. He deserves to be in jail for the term of his natural life, never seeing the light of day again. Please sign my petition to help me keep my father's murderer locked away.....just imagine if it was your son or brother or father. Do you really want this kind of man walking the streets? 

Tracy James
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Petition to Biogen Idec

Demand Biogen to reduce the price of Spinraza [Life-saving treatment for SMA] Worldwide

My name is Kiana. I am 24 years old, a post-graduate filmmaker, amateur rapper and nominated as one of the #30under30 inspirational women in Scotland 2017.    I also have a condition called SMA, [Spinal Muscular Atrophy] that causes me to have weak muscles – I explain SMA in my video here. For the first time in the history of SMA, we have an FDA approved treatment. One that has proven to be life-saving and life-changing for those who have had access to it.  This treatment is Spinraza. It costs $750 000 in the first year and $350 000 in subsequent years, for the entirety of the patient's life, or until another treatment is found.  While a handful of countries have approved Spinraza, many countries are still to process the approval, some have rejected the drug and hundreds of thousands of people do not have access to this treatment. The price is most certainly a substantial reason for this.  We are on the verge of future breakthrough treatments for SMA, but currently Spinraza is the only hope for many people. Spinraza is being called the most expensive treatment in the century - perhaps in history. While we appreciate the company's efforts in making this treatment and harvesting the technology, we will not accept barriers to this reaching the people who need it most.  Biogen are making a profit from this drug already. Meanwhile, children and adults with SMA are dying, and losing motor function every minute. Time is a luxury we don’t have. Medical knowledge must serve the people and we are entering an era where we have the technology to save and improve lives. But these innovative technologies are entering the market with a heavy price tag.  I know we have a solution and we have a choice.  Demand that Biogen makes each dose of Spinraza $10 000. While this is still not cheap it will allow greater access and better use of government resources. Our lives, happiness and the right to move our arms and legs are priceless. If you want to understand the importance of this drug for those with my condition, read my blog.  Sign, share, and fight with me. #Spinraza4all

Kiana Kalantar-Hormozi
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Petition to David Gauke - Justice Secretary, Bob Neil - Justice Select Committee

Lobby David Gauke To Reform Crooked Regulator

The Solicitor's Regulation Authority is cheating thousands of fraud victims out of justice and financial redress each year when their funds are stolen by corrupt solicitors. The regulator is content to sacrifice justice in order to avoid paying compensation to victims.  More specifically the SRA is :- 1. Failing to prevent or protect legal service users from fraud. 2. Failing to act in the best interests of legal service users in accordance with their remit under the Legal Services Act 2007. 3. Failing to follow correct "Due process" and watering down allegations against solicitors in order to evade claims against the SRA for dishonesty and misappropriation. 4. Failing to take preventative measures to halt fraud by intervening at solicitor firms to limit client losses. Intervention infers solicitor dishonesty, so subjects the SRA to compensation claims.  5. Failing to facilitate redress through professional indemnity insurance, or via the SRA's own underwhelming and ineffectual compensation scheme of last resort. 6. Failing to be accountable & transparent for lack of "Due Process", deceit, and acts of impropriety against misconduct victims, all of which deny victims justice & redress. 7. Maladministering its compensation scheme on account of its conflicted position, Machiavelian rules, non-independent panel, and its desire to limit its exposure to claims.  Support this petition for David Gauke to intervene to :- 1. Bring the SRA executives up before the Justice Select Committee for :- i. Multiple breaches of the Legal Services Act 2007.ii. Treating victims of fraud with contempt and disdain through deceit and impropriety at odds with SRA's remit to regulate in the public interest.iii. Dismantling legal service consumer protection through inappropriate and unreasonable regulatory policy. 2. Call for SRA Executives to tender their resignations for their collective irresponsibility in destroying legal service consumer protection (especially against fraud). THERE IS CURRENTLY NO PROTECTION AGAINST SOLICITOR FRAUD. 3. Deny the SRA control of a compensation scheme - a privilege they are abusing and which conflicts with their ability to deliver justice. 4. Reform / Disband the SRA, or repeal the Legal Services Act 2007. Solicitor fraud is destroying the lives of thousands of people around the world every year after they have placed their trust in solicitors to legally protect their funds. This petition was created because all the official routes to hold the SRA to account through the Legal Services Board and the Justice Select Committee were met with denials. Written requests by 24 MPs for the SRA to act fairly in relation to SRA claims fell on deaf ears. The CEO simply ignored them and the fact that the SRA had acted improperly.  Users of legal services are not being protected against solicitor fraud. The SRA is bringing inadequate penalties and permits fraudulent solicitors to return to practice after brief suspensions to inflict more harm. The SRA is breaching its remit under the Legal Services Act 2007 to "Provide swift redress when things go wrong".  Thank you for your support - please circulate to your colleagues, friends and family. Regards, Colin Rimmer  

Colin Rimmer
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Petition to Justin Trudeau, Hon. Lisa M Thompson, Doug Ford

End Discriminatory Funding for Catholic, Public and Independent Schools in Ontario

The current school funding system in Ontario provides full funding for the public system and one private group and no funding for other independent schools. These other schools meet the same provincial requirements (and in many cases exceed them), and reduce the number of students in the public system. Catholics have the option of paying taxes and educating their children in the system of their choice at no additional cost. There is no reason to give that option to one group, at the exclusion of others. The result of this is that many families (including mine), pay their taxes and pay additionally for their children to attend an independent school. Many of these families, and the schools they attend, are not wealthy at all. This petition is not asking for funding for elite, private schools for the wealthy - simply to end an unjust funding practice. Many of these families take on debt and make significant financial sacrifices for their children to get the education they are seeking, while schools may also operate on a very tight budget. Many independent schools in other provinces receive some provincial funding.* However, Ontario has instead opted to give full funding to one group, at the expense of all others. The UN declared this is discriminatory in 1999,** and it needs to change.   Please equalize funding for all schools effective immediately, along with any possible back pay to make up for the many years of imbalance. As long as the Catholics receive any funding, all other schools that meet provincial requirements must receive the same (up to a certain, reasonable cap, based on public school spending/capita and other relevant criterion). If Catholic school funding is adjusted, the other schools must match accordingly. If no other private schools receive funding, then all funding should be removed from the Catholic board. Why is this important? * * **

Stephanie Janzen-Martin
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