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Petition to Bradley University

Keep Peoria's Public Radio Station Alive!

The future of WCBU, Peoria's public radio station, is uncertain. Currently, the radio station is housed at Bradley University. Over the past three years, Bradley has not hired a full-time director, reduced the station’s staff, and staged the building in which the station is located for demolition without announcing a new home. Show Bradley University you want them to maintain and grow WCBU into the future by taking action below! Take action now! The letter below will be delivered to the Bradley University Administration and Board on July 30th, 2018. BUY SWAG: Show everyone that you support public radio in Peoria by purchasing a vintage WCBU t-shirt here. All proceeds collected from the sale of apparel will be donated directly to WCBU. Buy a shirt! This apparel will only be available for the duration of this campaign. DONATE: Already have a million t-shirts? Put your money where your mouth is and invest directly in public radio in Peoria by donating to WCBU. Donate now! SIGN THE LETTER: Dear President Roberts, Provost Walter Zakahi, and Bradley University Board of Trustees, Public radio connects our community with one another, our state, our nation and the world. Public radio invites us to stop and listen to one another. To listen to the stories of people we relate to, and more importantly, those we don’t understand, from across the globe or across town. With the future of WCBU uncertain, we thank you for your historic support of Peoria’s public radio station and ask that you do all that is in your power to maintain and grow WCBU into the future. This letter is a response to recent news that cast doubt on Bradley University’s willingness to maintain WCBU into the future. Over the past three years, Bradley has not hired a full-time director, reduced the station’s staff, and staged the building in which the station is located for demolition without announcing a new home. These actions have us seriously concerned about Bradley University’s commitment to WCBU. Continued disinvestment in WCBU would be an unimaginable loss for Peoria. Lost would be one of the few remaining public and free local news sources in the Peoria area, one that has been nationally recognized for its investigative journalism with Edward R Murrow, Associated Press, and Society of Professional Journalists awards. Lost would be the heart-warming and sobering stories of our neighbors that invite us to hold a rich understanding of our community. Lost would be another source of accountability for the most powerful institutions in our area. Lost would be the two-way street that not only keeps us informed of current events from outside our area, but allows our local stories to be heard by the world on National Public Radio or international networks. We who write you this letter are your students who aspire to enter the field of journalism, your neighbors who pass by the radio tower every day, and community members who count on WCBU for unbiased news and a sense of connection. Bradley should be truly proud of WCBU’s legacy. It, with proper investment, can continue to be shining proof of Bradley’s commitment to nurturing empathy, integrity, and the differences and similarities that make our community whole. Signed,Moss Bradley Residential Association BoardRenaissance Park Community AssociationOrchard District Neighborhood AssociationArmstrong Ellis Neighborhood AssociationBike PeoriaSoulside Healing Arts+ Your organization! (E-mail to add your organization to this letter)

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Petition to Dimon Kendrick-Holmes,, All Telegraph Leaders Not Located in Macon

The Macon Telegraph Needs to Refocus and Bring Back Local Writers

The Macon Telegraph needs to refocus and bring back local journalists/columnists. Long before I was an educator, my background and schooling was in journalism. I love writing. I read many posts on Facebook about problems at the Macon Telegraph, which use to employ one of my favorite professors from Middle Georgia State University that inspired me to get a degree in journalism. During my recent unwanted and insane splash in the news, I walked into my local convenient store every day fearing I would see the worst picture of my life and an incorrect horror story plastered in my local newspaper – a source of information that my MeMaw <3 and PaPaw <3 lived by! BUT IT WAS NOT!!! (My grandparents would have never known about my hell.) Once my personal “HELL” storm died down some, I realized -  not that I wanted anything published about me  -  but my drama was LOCAL news and the Telegraph did not mention one word of it. My drama had nearly 1,500 social media shares and 900 shares on incorrect facts followed by hateful and hurtful comments. But that let me know, people in MACON were interested in what is going on in MACON. (Click HERE for my drama) Then, I thought to myself, “Dang BJ! It might have been good for the Telegraph to have posted the story correctly. Then…just maybe… your parents and students wouldn’t feel the need to defend you as much on social media OR maybe the rude comments people make when you are out in public just might happen a little less often!” So, my soapbox and purpose for this petition is so that Macon can have its long-time trusted source of local information focused on what us “Macon peeps” like to read about and who we want to write it. And I must be honest and transparent as always and admit… I REALLY LIKE GETTING IDEAS FROM MARK BALLARD’S COLUMN. Most of my projects turned disasters that I have started during my extra free time around the house came from him! - Robert “BJ” Shepherd  P.S. – If you do bring local columnist back, HOW DO I APPLY? … I might need a job! :-( #thanksmsfieldsforshowingmethisplatform

BJ Shepherd
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Petition to New Jersey Governor

Tell Gov. Murphy to Strengthen New Jersey's Local Media

Local news and information is the lifeblood of my community. And in New Jersey, the decline in my community’s connectedness mirrors the decline in local news in our state. Good governments and robust economies are fueled by the information we used to find in newspapers that were delivered to our doorsteps, and that have now shrunk in size or disappeared all together. It’s as simple as knowing that the water main is being worked on so I know that I won’t be able to shower for a job interview; or that my neighbor down the street is fundraising to buy a wheelchair accessible van for their daughter; or that a new restaurant opened in town serving my favorite kind of food. It’s these little pieces of information that let residents turn a town into a community. And those are all real information needs that would have made my life and the lives of neighbors a whole lot easier. But New Jersey is a state full of go-getters. Hundreds of citizens have risen up to form community groups on Facebook, launch local news websites, and spend their free time in town council meetings taking notes to deliver to their friends and families. Journalists have teamed up with tech innovators and academics to launch experiments that have proven their worth by delivering news and information that puts real economic and social power in the hands of our state’s citizens. Now we ask Governor Phil Murphy to prove his commitment to “a stronger and fairer New Jersey” by spreading this innovation to every corner of the state so that every citizen can be that much closer to reaching their potential. Governor Murphy can do this by including the Civic Information Consortium, a fund to support local news and information projects, in his inaugural budget. The Civic Information Consortium would fund the advancement of new and existing local news and information projects driven by the needs of the citizens of New Jersey – not editors in distant newsrooms or the Philadelphia or New York media markets. With Governor Murphy’s support, we can renew civic participation, combat political corruption, and bring vital resources to low-income communities. In New Jersey, we know what we need. The Civic Information Consortium will give us a megaphone with which to amplify our voice.

Simon Galperin with Free Press Action Fund
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