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Petition to LinkedIn

LinkedIn Says My Profession Isn't Professional

Update: After I started running this petition, I tried creating a new LinkedIn account, and within one hour, the account was banned for "suspicious behavior."Evidence: am the founder of, an EPA, and media watchdog group.    Our job is exposing corrupt EPA officials, corrupt journalists that protect them, and fighting to protect American citizens from exposure to Superfund chemicals. LinkedIn has deleted my account with hundreds and hundreds of powerful connections, for writing articles about these corrupt journalists, who in turn flagged my account for "harassing" them, even though journalists are public figures and are not subject to the rules as private citizens.  LinkedIn says my profession of exposing corrupt journalists and government officials is "not professional."  When I started another account, and built up a couple hundred more connections, they shut that one down, too.  These bans have not only caused intense damage to my work, they have embarrassed me in front of my professional network.Taking my accounts has been deeply detrimental to our work, and also detrimental to the health and safety of many Americans, especially since we are working to protect many cities and towns, like Barstow, California where the children are being poisoned with bad water, or Moab, Utah where we have been running public education campaigns about a cancer cluster we uncovered, or in Front Royal, Virginia, where we are investigating corruption over the redevelopment of the Avtex Superfund site, along with dozens of other battles going on around the country.  Adding to the utter heinousness of them taking my account, one of our main causes is exposing the 22+ Superfund toxic waste sites in Mountain View, and Sunnyvale, which is where LinkedIn's headquarters is located, in Silicon Valley.  Many of LinkedIn's staff live on or near these toxic waste dumps, and they believe that our work has the ability to lower their property values, even though there is no evidence to suggest this is true.  Not only is taking my account completely unprofessional on LinkedIn's part, removing me from the site is a form of corruption, in that they appear to be trying to stop me from exposing the toxic waste sites in their own area, working to silence an activist who is fighting in their own community, in spite of the fact that our efforts are to protect their own health!  Update: One of our contributors lives in Silicon Valley so it's not just their home, it's ours too, and his house is less than 500 yards from a current Superfund toxic waste dump!  In this corrosive era of fake news outlets, real news outlets also publishing fake news, and a vast majority of Americans losing faith in journalism, my story is a direct example of why corruption in the media continues, and it puts a giant spotlight on the issue of corporate censorship, which is the biggest danger to free speech that we have in this day and age.   While I may never get my old set of national connections back, getting my account back will help me get back to the business of saving lives.  I am asking people to not only to SIGN and SHARE this petition on Facebook, but to make sure to SHARE it on your LinkedIn accounts as well, just to let LinkedIn know that they do not have the right to do what they are doing. Thank you!!

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Petition to Dispatch - YIMYEONGGU, The fact, Soompi


First, Journalism means telling the truth, and being human: The reason for this petition is to alert the media in South Korea: DISPATCH, SOOMPI, THE FACT, AND THE REST to the meaning of journalism, which means telling the truth, and not selling your soul for the love of money to cover up the truth, and not using your pen, internet, and paper to broadcast false news that could destroy people's life in a bit. Second, I wonder if the people behind all this false and bias news have conscience, or if they're human. I have seen several lives been destroyed by the false news created or been broadcast by all this media companies in South Korea, and l think that it needs to stop.  Broadcasting false news do kill, because people can't take being false accusations, DISPATCH, SOOMPI, AND THE FACT, you are killing your country's image for all your false accusations against your celebrities (people). There are so many blackmailing of celebrities by the lazy women/girls in Korea, and the reason this is still very much happening is because the media is supporting all this women in destroying lives that those innocent people have built for several years, through thick and thin, you Korean media are the ones encouraging all this women, because you paid then for all the false, and blackmailing stories they scheme up, but why can't you investigate the truth before publishing a destruction news? Even you own people ( celebrities) doesn't have a life, no privacy, because you have to know everything that's going on in their bedroom, or else, you will cook-up false stories just to make money. what do you think will happen to you with the money you make through others people's pain and sadness?  For once in a life time, can you media sit and think, if you're being human or monster? i have so many examples of celebrities that DISPATCH, SOOMPI, THE FACT AND OTHERS have destroyed their reputation such as: KIM HYUN JOONG , and PARK YOOCHUN just to mention 2 out of hundreds. Even when you DISPATCH, SOOMPI, THE FACT knew that Kim Hyun Joong is not guilty, and that he was framed and blackmailed by that gold digging CHOI HYE MI and her MOTHER, you turned a blind eye and still continued to slandered KIM HYUN JOONG. Is that what journalism is about? Even when Choi hyemi told you so many false different stories, and when you knew her stories are being made up by her, you accepted it without finding out the truth, and published it, then you keep playing the blame game with the world. DISTPATCH, SOOMPI, THE FACT, ARE YOU HAPPY NOW? DO YOU ENJOY DESTROYING LIVES? DO YOU HAVE CONSCIENCE? DO YOU HAVE TO SELL YOUR SOULS TO THE BIG MAN OR THE WOMEN BLACKMAILING YOUR SONS IN OTHER TO MAKE MONEY? What will it take for you media companies to start telling the truth and practice the REAL JOURNALISM, and stop selling your souls for money. In Park Yoochun's case, you media are the judge and jury, just like you did to Kim hyun joong. You crucify Park yoochun, but what happened now that the court found the accusers guilty of false allegations? South Korea media, will you apologize to him?  I want you media companies to understand that, the reason why Korea is popular worldwide is because of your celebrities like Kim hyun joong and so on, Kim hyun joong's fans all over the world are more than what you liar medias could ever think of. You medias need to stop disgracing your countries by writing false news. In Korean societies, journalism has become the media of mass destruction providing supplementary false news to people at all stages and to the general masses..For the most part, Korean medias uses their power to hurt, instead of helping citizen autonomy. The ways the media treat their subjects (people) in Korea have generated much concern, because they use people in various ways to reach their greedy goals. Last, but not the least, Stop publishing damaging news about KIM HYUN JOONG, and the rest. I wonder why you media never accused CHOI HYE MI of lying? DISPATCH, SOOMPI, THE FACTS, and KOREABOO, you all need to stop the aiding and abetting of all this lazy women in Korea who wants to get rich by blackmailing the celebrities, and the wealthy. PRACTICE REAL JOURNALISM, WHICH MEANS: TRUTH, AND NOT SPREADING LIES.  

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Petition to Bill Rogers, Gov. Nikki Haley, Mark Hammond

Change "The State" newspaper name to "The Columbia Record"

"The State" newspaper carries a title that is misleading, as this newspaper does not represent the people of South Carolina, but instead a small portion in and around the Columbia, SC area, including the University of South Carolina and its athletic programs. Their inherent biased reporting, magnified recently with its wholly unprofessional and sensationalistic coverage of a rumored incident during (or was it before? the story keeps changing) the recent USC / Clemson football game, should not allow this publication to carry an entire state as its banner. As a matter of civic responsibility, this paper should return to an earlier name it once published under - "The Columbia Record". People new to the area, or those who view its name as some type of statewide endorsement, should not be subjected to this slant in coverage and reporting unknowingly as its current name implies. As if exiling columnist and journalist Ron Morris several years ago at the whim of a college football coach wasn't enough, their recent actions perpetuating damaging stories based solely on innuendo against their hometown college team's rival in-state program can simply no longer be tolerated. There must be clarity as to who and what "The State" newspaper is, and renaming to "The Columbia Record" will more aptly put this newspaper in the category and geographic capacity of which it truly represents. It does not represent South Carolina. It represents only Columbia, and its title should reflect that. I urge to you take the time to sign this petition for it to be forwarded to Bill Rogers, President of the SC Press Association, and the SC Governor's office.

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