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Petition to Hon Andrew Little (Opposition Leader / Labour Party Leader), John Key, Hon Amy Adams, Marama Davidson MP, Rt Hon Winston Peters, Jacinda Ardern MP

Give Kiwis living outside of NZ for 3years or more the right to vote in the next election.

On Wednesday 7 September 2016 I uploaded my enrollment form registering my intention to vote for the 52nd NZ Parliament. The next General Election for the Commonwealth government of New Zealand must be held no later than 18 November 2017. I was hoping to be enrolled well in advance at least a year at most to vote so there wouldn't be any delays or complications registering at a later date. Unfortunately my enrollment was rejected due to a clause in the electoral act 1993 section 80 subsection 1A which states; (80). Disqualifications for registration: (1)The following persons are disqualified for registration as electors: (a) A New Zealand citizen who is outside New Zealand and has not been in New Zealand within the last 3 years: Please click here to be taken to the electoral commissions website to view all the eligibility requirements. Yes I admit i have not been home in 5 years as have thousands of other kiwis living abroad however we all have NZ passports, NZ birth certificates we have NO rights in the countries we reside in but to live and love everything about us kiwis to declare how proud we are of our culture and our heritage and then to be advised by an independent government body we have no rights to vote for our next government who work for US the citizens to better OUR futures OUR tamarikis futures and those of OUR mokopunas and yet still have NO RIGHT TO VOTE is beyond disbelief. As a proud kiwi I am so angry so upset. I keep getting told I am a citizen I just have no rights. My understanding of a person who has no rights in their own country makes them somewhat stateless or perhaps half a refugee and maybe they should consider seeking asylum. Rather than be a victim of this National Government and endure them any longer i choose to fight John Key and his team at the next election. I will do this legally and democratically. As a NZ citizen it is our duty as kiwis to act in the best interest of our whanau and our country. How can we act in the best interest of our whanau and country if we have no say in the governance of our country. Governments are accountable to the people. The people must be on the electoral roll for the government to really give a shit about them! It pisses me off knowing that the Government introduced the Amendment Act 2010 and the legislation passed Parliament. The Government and the Electoral Commission then took away prisoners rights from voting if they were in jail. Yes they took prisoners rights away too and robbed them of their democratic rights and freedoms. The Amendment Act 2010 was inconsistent with the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990. Under the amended act, all people in prison on election day are unable to vote.On Friday 24 July 2015, Justice Paul Heath (High Court of Auckland) formally declared the ban to be inconsistent with the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act, which all laws should be in line with. However, Heath's ruling does not necessarily mean the Government will change the law. It said it would consider the judgment. Heath said the inconsistency arose in the "most fundamental aspect of a democracy...the right of all citizens to elect those who will govern on their behalf." The declaration from the High Court was the first of its kind. It sends a formal message to Parliament that the law it passed was indefensible as it limited individual rights without reasonable justification in a free a democratic society. I feel like the government is slowly picking at and taking away our rights and selling off our land and government owned assets including state houses. To be stripped of rights is to have no voice but im sorry i have a big mouth and i will not let this go quietly i will scream i will yell until i am heard. Please support me in this campaign to Abolish subsection 1A of section 80 in the Electoral Act 1993 and give back to all citizens of Aotearoa their basic rights including their right to vote regardless of how long we live away from home, it is our birthright to have a say what goes on in our country and especially to our assets but more importantly to be involved in our great democracy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The wording in the electoral act section 80 subsection 1 and 1A is  Disqualified. The definition of disqualified is: To declare (someone) ineligible for an office, activity, or competition because of an offence or infringement. My argument is i have not committed an offence or an infringement. It is not illegal to live outside of NZ for more than 3 years therefore the law itself is incriminating. The definition of offence is a breach of a law or rule. (AGAIN I HAVEN'T BROKEN A LAW OR RULE FOR LIVING OUTSIDE NZ FOR 3 YEARS OR MORE).  The definition of infringement is the action of breaking a law, agreement; violation. (AGAIN I HAVE NOT BROKEN THE LAW OR AN AGREEMENT NOR AM I IN VIOLATION OF A LAW). Please support me petition the Minister for Justice Hon Amy Adams and The PM John Key who is responsible for the electoral act to abolish subsection 1A of section 80 in the Electoral Act 1993 and allow me my basic right to vote as a NZ born Maori with a NZ passport and NZ birth certificate. By doing so this will also restore the rights of thousand of kiwis living abroad an opportunity to elect those who will govern on their behalf. All citizens have an individual right to elect a government who will fight and protect them and their families best interests even whilst living overseas. After all the NZ government is responsible to all citizen not just those on the electoral roll. After all a democracy is about the people and majority rules. The people of the land have a right to vote for its governing body so no citizen absolutely no one at all should be disqualified from voting least of all especially not when all they've done is live away from home for a while working hard to support their families and their own best interests. Government are supposed to protect us and it is our democratic right to act as electors and cast a vote for our governments. I and many others who have been robbed of our democratic right feel somewhat stateless with no voice and no rights. Lets change all this and give the people back their power. Please respect our individual rights stop putting limitations on our citizenships. SHAME ON YOU GOVERNMENT!! Please share and tag every kiwi you know especially all your whanau who live abroad. We need to ban together and fight this National Government. Also please vote Labor/Green Coalition and NZF for uncle Winston in the 52 NZ parliament in the next general election next year. Also use #MYRIGHTSorYOURJOB when sharing this petition online & lets all remind this government who they work for.

Tommy Lee Oscar
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