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Petition to Joseph R. Biden, U.S. Senate

Pass the Green New Deal & Encourage Public Transportation!

My name is Marialuna Schreiner Cintrón, and I am 16 years old. I, and many others, stand to request that Congress passes the Green New Deal (H.Res.109 / S.Res.59) and that they promote and build more public transportation because even if we stopped emitting greenhouse gas emissions globally, it would take at least 13 years for global temperatures to stop increasing (  The Green New Deal would set a 10-year plan with a goal of net-zero (balancing out emissions by adding and removing emissions) greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. It would establish technologies such as renewable energy so that the U.S. would have clean air, water, and a sustainable environment. Establishing more public transportation (such as subways) is also important because with public transportation, many people can use one mode of transportation (50 people per subway, for example, compared to 5 people per electric car). Thus, public transportation uses less resources in the long term. Although electric vehicles are an important step, more and better public transportation would take us farther in the fight against climate change.  I believe that people can do many things to help climate change by themselves, but climate change will not get better if governments do not establish the necessary regulations and laws. The passing of the Green New Deal and public transportation will be a catalyst for other governments across the world. It is better if this is done sooner rather than later.  We will help not only ourselves and our families but the entire world in the long-term. **Please note donating is optional. Signing and sharing is what counts!   

Marialuna Schreiner Cintrón
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Petition to Donald J. Trump, New Mexico Governor, Department of Justice


My step son who is now 22, has sat in one of the most dreaded prisons since the age of 18. Treated unfairly and almost inhumane at times. He was sentenced to 99 years for his uneducated and immature choices. I don't condone what he did, but take his entire life is extreme. Not only because of his age but at the time of his offense he was under the influence of drugs and scared. No one lost their life in this event.  Yet hes being treated like some cold hearted killer. To better help understand my son did shoot a drug dealer that had threatened his if he did not comply and my son was a victim. The he shot was given a lesser sentence to testify against my son. This drug dealer walks free while my son rots for the next 30 to 99 years. He was a child!! Since being incarcerated he has completed classes for his high school diploma. He did not grow up in an ideal situation and his father was absent for most of his childhood.  I do not condone his choices but to throw this boy away for the rest of his life just doesn't seem like justice, rehabilitation, or even realistic. Please help us get our son a second chance. His spirits are high and he carries a heavy heart for his choices. He has grown so much as a young man and does his best to use his time wisely. Our system releases killers every day. My son did not kill. He is not a child predator.  Why is his life thrown away yet murderers get second chances? Please help my boy get a reasonable sentence, a pardon, or at least a transfer to Oklahoma.  So our family can see him and stand by him. Please if this was your son , what would you do? Please sign!!! Share! Give this child a chance!

Angel Scroggins
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Petition to Greg Abbott, Joe Biden, Oncor Electricity


The state of Texas has just been hit with a deadly snow storm leaving millions without power! Texas governor Greg Abbott declared a state of emergency 48 hours ago and still has not sent emergency services to families suffering! Low income families, where majority of the power has been cut is STILL without electricity, heat, running water, and food! Many newborns and young children along with elderly are fighting for their lives! Even many wild animals are dying because they are freezing to death! The citizens are going on 60+ hours of freezing temperatures and don’t know if they will make it through the night. Grocery stores are wiped empty and Texas does not possess any snow plows! To make it worse, water pipes are now bursting and entire homes are flooding! Oncor Electricity stated that they would be doing “rolling blackouts” to be able to sustain the storm but instead they cut off majority of low income families electricity early Monday while upper class neighborhoods keep warm! Ice has filled the inside of their homes and many are on their last log of wood which is keeping their children warm. They are desperate!Demand that emergency services ARE BROUGHT IN IMMEDIATELY BY GOV. ABBOTT & PRES. BIDEN & THAT THE POWER IS USED EQUALLY BY ONCOR ELECTRICITY! ! CITIZENS CAN WAIT NO LONGER IN THESE FREEZING TEMPERATURES WITH NO HEAT, WARM WATER, OR FOOD! Sign and CALL Gov. Abbott and tell him to bring in emergency services immediately! (512) 463-2000

Tyme the Infamous
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