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Petition to Lori N. Boyer, Aaron L. Bowman, Al Ferraro, Scott Wilson, Joyce Morgan, Matt Schellenberg, Reggie Gaffney, Katrina Brown, Garrett L. Dennis, Reginald L. Brown, Danny Becton, Doyle Carter, Bill Gulliford, Jim Love, Anna Lopez Brosche, John R. Crescimbeni, Tommy Hazouri, Greg Anderson, Samuel Newby

Sign the Petition: Deepen JAXPORT Now!

The Jacksonville Harbor Deepening project is our region’s single biggest opportunity to grow our port, support area businesses, increase manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, transportation and more, ensuring quality employment for future generations.The project, endorsed by Congress and the President of the United States and supported with significant state and federal funding, is critical to the economic vitality of our city and our region.Please sign the petition TODAY in support of Jacksonville Harbor Deepening and insist that the Jacksonville City Council join the state and the nation in lending support to this transformational, unprecedented business opportunity. JAXPORT currently supports more than 130,000 jobs throughout the region and creates $26 billion in economic impact every year JAXPORT has grown Asian container volumes more than 5,700 percent since entering the trade lane less than a decade ago Local jobs associated with JAXPORT’s Asian business grew more than 57 percent in a five-year period These jobs and this business will leave Jacksonville unless the harbor is deepened to accommodate more cargo aboard today’s bigger ships More than 15,000 new jobs will be created by this project  JAXPORT’s leadership is working diligently to keep this project on time, reducing the scope and ensuring that the returns far outweigh the costs The best environmental modeling in the world, plus peer review by scores of independent scientists, advocates for the environmental safety of the full project design For every $1 invested in deepening, $24 will be returned to the economy Click here for more information on the project.SIGN and SHARE this petition immediately to let the Jacksonville City Council know you support deepening and that the time to secure the jobs and dollars that come with it is NOW!    

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Petition to City Of Cleveland, John Kasich, Board of Greater Media Development Corporation, Mayor Frank Jackson

Elect Emmy Winning Alex Michaels the New Cleveland Film Commissioner

No doubt many of us have “Stars in our eyes” from seeing Bruce Willis and Matthew McConaughey in town. As Cleveland Cinema Czar, I definitely welcome them and any other stars and Hollywood productions here. Yet, let’s look at a more lasting relationship. While it is nice to have a pair of movies shooting in Cleveland, make no mistake, this is not creating an industry here. Some of us who depend on their over a $100K a year salary from the city in terms of grants and taxpayer money will no doubt point to this as their crowning achievement. Of course, Cleveland being a location for Hollywood movies, does bring attention here, but the jury is still out on the number of jobs it creates. Yet, if the Man in the Ivory tower at WKYC had ever produced a movie, he would know that you need to have more than tax incentives to “create an industry.” Our tax incentive pales in comparison to these places which also support studio and independent producers.  Looking down on low budget producers is not going to win one any awards either. All producers at one point and time, even the Russo Brothers, were low budget producers. There is a lot to be learned from making a movie and that is where I feel I have more skill at knowing how to create an industry here. Even if my budgets have been no or low, there is still knowledge acquired from actually producing a movie instead of just providing locations for one. I won’t ask the city for over a hundred thousand dollars a year, but I will ask for support in building a real industry here that benefits all the local filmmakers and also welcomes incoming Hollywood and indie productions from all over who can see the benefits of shooting here. I am definitely dedicated to my hometown and I have done what I can to make things happen here. Of course, the city of Cleveland is more than welcome to continue paying six figures a year for Hollywood to come here, close down some streets and if we are lucky as a crew, get a few days of work or as an actor get to be an extra (which I have done a few times). Although everyone who acts knows, another name for extras is “BACKGROUND” and that is what Cleveland has been to the Movie Industry. We are just a Background location. We want more. We can offer more. We will not get it the way we are going with some people in charge. It is time, we step out into the light. I am here. The question is, Cleveland, are you willing to support one of your own? Sincerely Alex P. Michaels

Alex Michaels
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Petition to Gary Farmer

Please Bring QuikTrip to Paola, KS

We need your support. Please share this with anyone who you think would visit a QuikTrip in Paola, KS.  Here is a short link. You probably figured out by now that we have started a campaign to bring QuikTrip to Paola, KS.  Paola is 5600+ and Miami County is 32700+ strong. Paola is the County Seat for Miami County. Paola houses other national chains, such as Wal-Mart, McDonald's, Arby's, Subway, Applebee's, Burger King, Caseys & Sonic. And even though some of those stores are not owned by Miami County residents, they bring benefits to our county. QuikTrip will bring some of those benefits and a couple more. !!--We need your help--!! This petition is so we can encourage people to help out. Right now we need "signatures" even if you don't live in Paola city limits. If you know you would visit one if there was one here, please sign. We NEED this shared with people. Would you be willing to share it on facebook, twitter, by email, or word of mouth and encourage others to?  We have submitted site locations, messages through facebook messenger, posts to the QuikTrips Facebook page and Twitter feeds, and emails to QuikTrip. If you would like to help and have time, please feel free to do the same. Here is the official link to the facebook Public group: Also, please use this link to submit an idea to QuikTrip for a site location. Feel free to submit one even if you think it has already been done: !!IMPORTANT!! -- We need the numbers. Simply sign here. Thank you for the support.  

Welcome To Paola
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