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Petition to NEVADA LEGISLATURE, Governor Sandoval

Lead Nevada to 100% Clean Energy

Nevada receives enough sunshine that we could power the entire US electrical grid. However, 90% of the energy we consume in Nevada comes from fossil fuels imported from outside the state. Each year, we spend $8 billion importing fossil fuels. This is twice as much as we spend on K-12 education! 100% clean energy will retain $8 billion in the Nevada economy each year, and create more than 50,000 jobs statewide. This will help Nevada families to save money on their energy bills every month. 100% clean energy will reduce our statewide greenhouse gas emissions by more than 80%, and significantly reduce air pollution and smog. Please demonstrate national leadership, and lead Nevada to 100% clean energy across all sectors, including buildings and transportation, by 2040! For more information, watch the video at: Sources: 2014 fossil fuel imports: $8,149,000,000 (US Energy Information Administration): 2014 Education Spending: $3,863,473,000                + 2014 enrollment: 459,172 students:                + 2014 spending: $8,414/student: Nevada greenhouse gas emissions:

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