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Petition to James Cocuzza Sr., Thomas Foley, George Hoff, Chris Christie, Frank Pallone, Cory Booker, New Jersey State House

Lift residency restriction of Keansburg EMS volunteers

I’m a US Army combat veteran who’s looking to answer the call to serve once again. I'm big on camaraderie and the Brotherhood-like bonds when it comes to working as a group or in teams. Teams you trust are what create success in an organization. Being from a town that used to be known as West Keansburg, I have made friends in Keansburg. Not Hazlet. Keansburg. A problem that someone who lives in my area might have, is the residency restriction on membership for Keansburg Emergency Medical Services (KEMS), and I believe that it should be lifted - for the safety of our residents and for those who wish to volunteer from nearby towns. Building bonds and friendships over the years helps to keep an organization strong. Being forced to go to a town that’s 4.5 miles from my home, where I would have to create new bonds and friendships, makes little sense. There is no reason why someone in former-West Keansburg needs to wait for EMS from Hazlet, a call that is 4 miles away, when there is KEMS less than a mile away (0.7 mi. from my location). This could be the difference in a life-and-death situation. Thus far, in 2017, Hazlet answered 640 calls between January and May; KEMS has answered 1,137 calls YTD, and of those, 101 were transported just in September alone. Keansburg is a prominent summer attraction and they can use the extra volunteers from neighboring towns when needed, whether they just need a driver or extra qualified hands on deck; but they are not just a summer EMS unit, they run 24/7/365 helping people. At one time, there was a need for slots to only be available per town, for Keansburg, there were 25, but there is no need for it now – it was recognized, then lifted. The residency restriction is also an obsolete concept, and needs to be lifted as well, so that people who live nearby can volunteer their time and dedication to the residents; so the EMS Personnel can answer a call that is closer to them to potentially save someone who wouldn't have lasted a few more minutes. Wouldn't it make sense to contact the closest EMS to the situation? Why are we calling EMS from a further distance, in any situation, for help? They need the extra hands, especially in the summer, to better serve the community. Help me lift the residency restriction so that others like me can serve their communities. We need this residency restriction lifted so that Keansburg EMS can aide in making our towns a better place!

Paula Sharkey
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Petition to The Honorable Mayor of Las Vegas, Arts Commission of Las Vegas

Support Local & Sustainable Free Range Performing Artists Organically!

I propose that we stand together and demand that the City of Las Vegas Institutionalize the career path of performing artists in the Live Entertainment Capital of the World, the Mayor shall formalize as essential to industry the steps from the street corner through the many venue tiers and to the world stage if we are to claim such titles as ...of the World. I have an idea I insist will create jobs if allowed to, it will benefit merchants and distributors and craftspeople and it will reveal a new level of audience engagement, something only hinted at previously. I saw a vision of it and have a plan where to go and how to get there from here. I can do nothing alone, not when it's for all of us and will take most of us to put in motion once we're in agreement what it is we're trying to do and how. It begins with a service that can create a ready sustainable pool of local talent but nowhere to put them because of our inherited top-down business model. The live performing artist is the engine of the local economy in many directions and power regarding who is allowed access to public stages/audiences/prospective patrons should reside there and not at venues. It ends with an audience who makes it part of their day to participate. BIG TOP PROMOTIONS: CAREER CONSULTANTMARKETING FOR THE PERFORMING ARTIST A Service of Career Consultation Targeting Performing Artists & Designers​Facilitate Creating Future Career Opportunities By Utilizing Self Marketing To Extend Career ViabilityBiG ToP Promotions is an aspiring Las Vegas-centric business dedicated to identifying and serving the long term needs of the performing arts community of Clark County in a unique and perhaps revolutionary way starting with iPortfolio™, a service I've devised with a product I can deliver based on an artists presentable body of work. I have a model for an inter-dependent coalition of local venues and businesses working collectively to further the motto Support Local & Sustainable Everything Possible while providing an unparalleled audience experience. My proposal for a first industry is the one I know intimately but by my reckoning my basic plan could be ported to inspire job creation without management in other markets. That's all fanciful compared to what I have prepared to rejuvenate the performing arts industry in Las Vegas, once everyone is up to speed and on board.  More info can be found  

Michael Woody
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