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Petition to Kay Patterson, Michaela Cash, Ed Husic, Peter Wilson

Let's Re-engage Our Older Workers

It’s time for Australia to re-engage its older workers back into the workforce to boost Australia’s economy. Read related post - older workers set to boost the economy Increasing the employment of older people will have extraordinary benefits for Australia. With just an increase of 5 per cent of Australian's over the age of 55 in paid employment, the economy would be boosted by $78 billion each year. With an increasing economic burden on the declining proportion of taxpayers less than 60 years old, we can mitigate this impact by re-engaging with our older workers. As a society, we need to better understand and prepare for the impending issues facing older workers. Crucial to responding to these complex issues is breaking down the silos and creating a cross-discipline and cross-generation approach. This petition advocates for government, business and the community to: Re-think and build a positive multi-layered strategy for older workers (underemployed and unemployed). Create more comprehensive reporting about the profile of the older workforce. Influence corporate leadership through professional associations to change their approach for a more inclusive recruitment process. Re-think government-funded internships targeting under-employed older workers. Re-engage in collaborative partnerships and funding opportunities between universities and industry. Introduce a 5% recruitment quota for older workers by government, business and the community. To build the conversation for older workers, share this petition to bring about real change in the Australian society. We are keen to hear your comments and stories about being an older worker and the barriers that you encounter each day in getting a job.  Complete the survey or email your comments or stories to Re-think Re-engage Australia Inc. -

Tony Wiggins
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Petition to Google, Inc

YouTube to start helping their creators

Hi there! Have you been on the YouTube homepage lately? If you haven’t then you may be unaware of the ongoing crisis that affects YouTube’s creators, which indirectly affects you, the viewers. Being a YouTube creator is a demanding job, putting in your own hours and effort, the demonetization of their content has become a threat to people whose full time jobs are YouTube. So, how does this affect you then?.. Your all time favourite youtuber isn’t earning what they used to, being a job, people can’t be doing this for free, YouTubers may even have to face quitting if the issues surrounding advertising are not properly addressed and sorted by YouTube Creators used to be able to make content that they loved making, but now it is censored to be “advertiser friendly”, meaning demonetization (Video).Videos of ‘controversial’ subjects, such as news reportings, satire comedy videos and religion, or topics that aren’t suitable for all ages are being targeted (Video).This sudden change came about because a few big US companies found that their advertisements were being placed on terrorism and hate speech videos. In a statement released by AT&T, they said they will not resume advertising “until Google can ensure this won’t happen again.” The demonetization by YouTube had good intentions, but did not have good repercussions. Instead of creating a good environment for both advertiser and content creator, brands can now choose specific categories of videos in which they do not want their adverts being played, such as “profanity”, “sexual” and “social issues” to name a few (Link). A popular satirical comedic duo Ethan and Hila Klein from H3H3Productions used the word “Christian” in one of their commentary videos title and the video was demonetized, along with other videos of theirs that included a couple second clip that had the use of fake blood and another for a fake peeing scene (Video). With brands being able to choose where they don’t want their ads, it’s channels like these (that used to thrive) that are being singled out. So what does this mean for content creators? As it stands, creators are losing an average of 15%-25% of ad revenue, and this amount is increasing. They are not told why their content is being demonetized or taken down, the communication between creator and YouTube are poor. Creators are majoritively alienated about what is happening to their content on their own video platform. As so many people are distressed with YouTube I decided that petitioning Google may be the beginning to an easy journey back to recovery, but I can’t do it alone. This is where you guys come in... If you agree with what I have said, and if this petition can gather enough attention, support and signatures, as a community we can fix YouTube and regain our beloved website. Thank you so much for your time and I hope you help support us with this petition,Megan.

Megan Brooker
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