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Petition to United States Congress

Designate Neo-Nazis / Alt Right As Terror Organizations

Take away free speech laws from AltRight / Neo-Nazis - stop incitement - enable FBI to arrest criminals. As you read this petition, American Nazis / Alt Right are terrorizing Jewish families and their friends in Whitefish, Montana. They have threatened to bring automatic weapons to a planned march.  The city of Whitefish argues that they will have to allow these racist Nazi thugs into their town based on "free speech".Incitement to murder and or harm Jews and other minorities is not free speech.The Jewish families of Whitefish and the businesses that they are associated with have all been targeted online with death threats.  Nazi / Alt Right terrorism is not limited to Montana. In January and February 2017, Jewish Centers across the country were targeted with bomb threats. Hundreds of Jewish graves destroyed.  More than 150 Neo-Nazis and white supremacists, many of them armed, staged a rally in April in a Kentucky county that voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump. Benjamin McDowell, 29, was arrested by FBI agents after he purchased a gun from an undercover agent in South Carolina, McDowell planned a massive terror attack on a synagogue. Charlottesville - Nazis proudly walked the streets fully armed with automatic weapons. They chanted "We will not be replaced by the Jew" meaning - we want all Jews dead. Heather Heyer who was peacefully protesting the Nazis was murdered after a Nazi used his car as a weapon, taking terror tips from ISIS and the Palestinians.Have we not learned anything about Nazis?Have we forgotten the brutal history of the Nazi Party - 11 million murdered in World War Two as the result of racist hate?The Nazis of 2017 have the same agenda as the Nazis of 1938.In addition, the Nazis of 2017 have aligned themselves with the Hamas Islamic terror organization (Jihad) to achieve their global and domestic goals. We recognize that many did not live through nor experience the original Nazi genocidal era. So we ask you to think of the evil of ISIS and the efforts that modern Nazis are making to associate with them and Hamas. We are taking this action as the United Kingdom has recently declared the Neo-Nazi, anti-semitic group "National Action" as a terror organization under the Terrorism Act 2000. It is now a criminal offense to recruit for, be a member of or in any way support a Neo-Nazi group including displaying Nazi or Nazi supporting flags, posters or banners. We are taking this action as SPLC on behalf of Jewish Montana resident Tanya Gersh and her family file charges relating to death threats, criminal harassment against the editor of the largest hate publication in the USA - the Nazi online site The Daily Stormer. See: We kindly request of the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate to designate the American Nazi Party AKA National Socialist White People's Party aka National Policy Institute as terror organizations. This present and clear danger to the welfare, protection and safety of American citizens needs to be addressed without delay. PLEASE SHARE: /

Joel Leyden
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Petition to Rabbi Marvin Hier, Board of Directors

Rabbi Marvin Hier: do not normalize Trump's promotion of intolerance

Update: I have chosen to revise the language of the petition to be more respectful. As a graduate of the high school Rabbi Hier founded, I have since had the opportunity to engage in conversation with representatives of this plan of action. While I still disagree with the approach they have taken, I should have done so with much more respect for the thought and intention behind the action. Rabbi Hier, Those who have signed this petition are concerned that your participation in the Inauguration helps to "normalize" the dangerous and hate-fueled Trump administration. Numerous actions of President-Elect Trump during his transition have already reconfirmed his commitment to leveraging messages of bigotry to mislead the American people. Most egregious being the appointment of noted alt-right propagandist Steve Bannon as his Chief Strategist.  By speaking at his inauguration, especially as a hero of a half-century battling hate and intolerance, we feel you lend those elements of your "brand" -- if inadvertently -- to help create a smokescreen for Trump, implying that he should be let back into the fold of civilized human discourse WITHOUT having to overtly distance himself from avowed bigots and speak out against them. While you are no doubt there to call upon the American people to seek tolerance and unity, rather than to demonstrate collaboration with white nationalism, it seems to us more likely that your words will not be heard as loudly as your action of being there at all will be. As members of the Jewish community, the below-signed wish to register their difference of opinion on routes to what is most certainly a shared goal: to defend the American dream that we can live freely, equally, and in harmony with each other. 

Mya Stark
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Petition to New York State Education Department, New York State Board of Social Work, NASW , NASW

Demand New York State Stop Offering CEU Credits for Homophobic & Transphobic Training

Nefesh is the largest Orthodox Jewish Mental Health organization in the US, and the Nefesh conference on sexuality will be taking place on June 5th in Great Neck, NY. The only presenters on LGBTQ issues are two outspoken anti-gay and anti-transgender "conversion therapists," Dr. Nathan Solomon and Dr. Benzion Sorotzkin, and Rabbi A. Union, who has supported “conversion therapy” organizations. Nefesh released abstracts for their proposed sessions which can be found here. Note pages 2 and 3 of the PDF which speak about framing "the challenges of gender confusion and unhealthy sexuality from a Rabbinic and community perspective" and of their plans to "present a developmental model for the development of SSA and bring clinical evidence for the possibility of change from SSA to healthy heterosexuality." They are explicit about their support for conversion therapy and extremely negative views of "same sex attraction and gender confusion." The program is blatantly homophobic and transphobic. What is most surprising and unacceptable is that the New York State Education Department (NYSED) Board of Social Work is granting these sessions Continuing Education Unit (CEU) license credits for social work – 7 CEU credits in total. CEU credits are mandatory for social workers to maintain their licensure and courses are approved by NYSED Board of Social Work. This means that NYSED Board of Social Work is sanctioning these sessions as part of postgraduate training in professional mental health, in addition to legitimizing conversion therapy, the framing of LGBTQ issues as "same sex attraction and confused gender", and the notion that this is somehow part of the Social Work, Psychology, and Psychiatry canon. While cultural competency is a helpful skill for any social worker or mental health professional, religious ideology does not take the place of research or scientific consensus. Religious freedom affords the right for all people to believe what they like. It does not mean that the state must recognize religious healing practices or outdated non-scientific beliefs as a form of continuing Social Work education. Join us in requesting that NYSED Board of Social Work rescind the CEU credits for this event and strongly reconsider endorsing the organization Nefesh as a licensed CEU credit provider. Unless in line with both the ethics and scientific standards of the prevailing mental health consensus, an organization should not have such privileges. *If you are a licensed mental health professional, please include your credentials in your signature below.

Concerned Mental Health Professionals
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