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Petition to Max Nikias, Michael Quick

Condemn International Studies Professor David Kang for Anti-Semitism

On October 26, 2017, at the University of Southern California (USC), International Studies Professor David Kang gave a presentation to his class about terrorism where a slide called “Who are terrorists?” equated "Israeli Zionists" to the likes of the “North Korea”, "Tamil Tigers", "IRA" & other established terrorist groups in history. No radical Islamic countries or terror organizations such as Iran, ISIS, El-Qaeda, Hezbollah or Hamas, made the list. You can view a copy of the presentation here.  By creating an equation between "Israeli Zionists" and terrorist groups, Professor Kang has abused his authority – teaching a mandatory class – and has created a hostile environment for Pro-Israel and Jewish students at USC. A number of students who were present in that are now reluctant to recommend attending this class to their peers and friends or attend similar classes again. You can read more about the presentation was given by Professor Kang here & here.  The university refused to condemn Professor Kang or to take any action on the matter. We would like USC to speak out against the bigotry Professor Kang expressed and take concrete steps to ensure that anti-Israel sentiments and other forms of bigotry do not have a home on campus. It is especially unfortunate that the home of the USC Shoah Foundation – a foundation dedicated to the remembrance of the Holocaust – has no concern with such indoctrination. We encourage the community to sign the following petition as well as reach out to USC president, Max Nikias (, and to the USC Provost Michael W. Quick ( with your concerns.
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Petition to Donald Trump, Dean Heller, Dina Titus, Dana Rohrabacher, Tom Carper, Jared Huffman, Barbara Lee, Cory Booker

End The Discrimination Appeal Shimon Avta's Inadmissibility REUNITE Shimon with his wife

On 1/8/2018 in less than two hours my husband was put on plane to Israel. Coerced by federal authorities while we were in the GREEN CARD process. Please help reunite our family by signing this petition TO URGE THE US GOVERNMENT TO REUNITE OUR FAMILY!  On Jan 3, 2017 Shimon Avta, an Israeli citizen married an American Citizen, Esther. I am contacting you about the political theatre that my husband and I have recently fallen victim to.  Prior to meeting my husband in 2017, my husband was issued a US Visa for 10 years in 2015. At the Visa interview he was asked what he does for a living ,which he stated he work for Tikun Olam. They asked for a letter from his company which he supplied them at his VISA interview. The embassy had full knowledge of what my husband does for a living prior to him receiving a 10 year US VISA.  My husband was employed by a company called Tikun Olam, 1 of 6 companies in that state of Israel that is licensed for medical cannabis. Tikun Olam is the #1 Medical Cannabis Research Center in the WORLD. Shimon had been employed there from June 2014 to August 2017. His position during this time was agronomist,  Head Breeder and head of research and development. Tikun Olam chief scientist is Professor Zvi Bentwich - a leading AIDS researcher, chairman of Physicians for Human Rights, and one of the first doctors to treat with medical cannabis in Israel. Tikun Olam not only treats AIDS patients in Israel, also including Cancer, PTSD, Crohns, Colitis, Tourette, Parkinson, ALS, MS, Epilepsy, and Alzheimer's patients in the State of Israel. My husband has also been declared an expert witness in Israeli police cases regarding cannabis. My husband has traveled back and forth to the United States for the last year on a B1/B2 Visa for research/reporting on behalf of this company. When my husband and I married Jan 3, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada, we started the green card process so we can build a life together. Shimon was issued an advanced parole card and his EAD when the US Government knew exactly what he does for a living.  We had our interview at USCIS on December 15, 2017 with Officer Roman, who asked many marijuana questions to my husband. The officer had a misunderstanding of what my husband has done and was doing as an employee of Tikun Olam from June 2014 to August 2017.  We received a denial letter on December 20, 2017 where Officer Roman wrongly labeled my husband calling him a “controlled substance trafficker” because of his work at Tikun Olam. My husband has never been involved with drug trafficking nor anything that remotely resembles this claim. He has never been involved in illegal activities. We hired Attorney Ed Prudhomme to be present on 1/8/2018 for the summoning at the airport and for the appeal. My husband arrived at the Las Vegas airport on 1/8/2018 at 10 am in the morning where he was instructed that he had a flight at 4:30pm back to Israel. They stated that he either leave the country voluntarily or he be arrested as a controlled substance trafficker. My husband was escorted by two immigration officers to the plane. Upon arrival at the SFO airport my husband reported that he was arrested and put in handcuffs by border control. My husband has been nothing but compliant with the US government. My husband asked the arresting officer why he is being put in handcuffs and he said repeatedly "shut up"...  “it is standard procedure for all Israelis...all Israeli's are rude”. I had not heard from my husband until he landed in Israel because the officers at border control denied him access to make a phone call to me. I even called SFO border control and asked about them and they refused to give any information to me and denied me to talk with my husband.  My husband's 10 year US Visa was revoked and marked inadmissible because we got married. If we would have never gotten married or gone through the green card process legally, he would have never had his 10 year US VISA revoked. The US had no problem issuing him a VISA in 2015 knowing what he does for a living. My husband has been taken away from me and our Jewish community that we are actively apart of on false accusations. My husband is not a drug trafficker, he is an expert in his field of research on medical cannabis in Israel. He is a scientist. Shimon has helped many people with their chronic diseases in the State of Israel and has helped the police in Israel crack down on illegal cannabis testifying as an expert in court cases. Our Jewish faith affirms if this saves a life you can do it. The OU (Orthodox Union) has certified medical marijuana if it saves a life to use it.   The State of Israel states what my husband does is legal, the state of Nevada states that medical cannabis is legal but the federal government deems anyone working in that field a felon, a drug trafficker. This is unfair to have the people be put in the middle of a State and Federal conflict, especially those people such as my husband who did nothing against State or Federal laws. Shimon is a baal teshuva and former IDF Commander who served Israel faithfully. My husband is not only a medical cannabis scientist but had spent several years volunteering with Fair Planet in Ethiopia to help a village flourish by teaching them agriculture, how to grow their own food and crops to sell. He has improved thousands of people's lives because of his contributions in this world.  We are seeking your help that my husband's name would be cleared of these false accusations.  Rabbi Harlig, Rabbi Attal, and Rabbi Shuchat of #Chabad Las Vegas, Nevada stand with my husband and my family as well as many members of the Las Vegas community. We are asking you to STAND with us!   Thank you in advance for your help, The Avta Family

The Avta Family
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Petition to United States Congress

Designate Neo-Nazis / Alt Right As Terror Organizations

Take away free speech laws from AltRight / Neo-Nazis - stop incitement - enable FBI to arrest criminals. As you read this petition, American Nazis / Alt Right are terrorizing Jewish families and their friends in Whitefish, Montana. They have threatened to bring automatic weapons to a planned march.  The city of Whitefish argues that they will have to allow these racist Nazi thugs into their town based on "free speech".Incitement to murder and or harm Jews and other minorities is not free speech.The Jewish families of Whitefish and the businesses that they are associated with have all been targeted online with death threats.  Nazi / Alt Right terrorism is not limited to Montana. In January and February 2017, Jewish Centers across the country were targeted with bomb threats. Hundreds of Jewish graves destroyed.  More than 150 Neo-Nazis and white supremacists, many of them armed, staged a rally in April in a Kentucky county that voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump. Benjamin McDowell, 29, was arrested by FBI agents after he purchased a gun from an undercover agent in South Carolina, McDowell planned a massive terror attack on a synagogue. Charlottesville - Nazis proudly walked the streets fully armed with automatic weapons. They chanted "We will not be replaced by the Jew" meaning - we want all Jews dead. Heather Heyer who was peacefully protesting the Nazis was murdered after a Nazi used his car as a weapon, taking terror tips from ISIS and the Palestinians.Have we not learned anything about Nazis?Have we forgotten the brutal history of the Nazi Party - 11 million murdered in World War Two as the result of racist hate?The Nazis of 2017 have the same agenda as the Nazis of 1938.In addition, the Nazis of 2017 have aligned themselves with the Hamas Islamic terror organization (Jihad) to achieve their global and domestic goals. We recognize that many did not live through nor experience the original Nazi genocidal era. So we ask you to think of the evil of ISIS and the efforts that modern Nazis are making to associate with them and Hamas. We are taking this action as the United Kingdom has recently declared the Neo-Nazi, anti-semitic group "National Action" as a terror organization under the Terrorism Act 2000. It is now a criminal offense to recruit for, be a member of or in any way support a Neo-Nazi group including displaying Nazi or Nazi supporting flags, posters or banners. We are taking this action as SPLC on behalf of Jewish Montana resident Tanya Gersh and her family file charges relating to death threats, criminal harassment against the editor of the largest hate publication in the USA - the Nazi online site The Daily Stormer. See: We kindly request of the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate to designate the American Nazi Party AKA National Socialist White People's Party aka National Policy Institute as terror organizations. This present and clear danger to the welfare, protection and safety of American citizens needs to be addressed without delay. PLEASE SHARE: /

Joel Leyden
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