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Scrap JEE Advance and liberate thousands of students

I am a student who is preparing for JEE Advance from Chennai. Yet I regret my decision on choosing to prepare for an exam whose existence obstructs my fellow students and myself from freely exploring subjects of interest. Though the JEE exams were started with a good intention of picking the country's best minds, it has certainly devolved into an effective way of curbing students' creativity. Just like any other exam, it has a prescribed syllabus and a time limit, both of which are enemies of human intellect. It is no secret that real life problems, be it engineering or otherwise, aren't solved within three minutes but over a longer period of time where thorough analyses of issues are required. An exam like JEE can never gauge a student's true potential for all of the following reasons.1) Limited availability of time: This forces students to place their focus on solving questions rather than truly understanding the motivation behind them. Even in the context of preparation, due to a lack of time and necessity, students like me don't have the freedom to explore a subject in depth. 2) Syllabus: For the purpose of testing students uniformly on a level playing field, a properly defined syllabus is required. But at the same time, the syllabus shouldn't be a prison to lock students in. This encourages the practice of learning to a test where you don't have need to actually learn a subject, but just prepare for a test.3) The existence of JEE discourages and forces students to ignore their subjects of interest. Students don't exist in a social vacuum. They are heavily influenced by the people around them and their decisions reflect such societal opinions. The JEE exam models Indian societal opinions on what education is. This is an undeniable yet regrettable fact. Students are forced by these opinions to abandon their talents and originality and follow the crowd. Indian society works on the basis of security, where nobody wants to take unnecessary risks and explore original ideas. The IITs exacibate the problem by giving that sense of security through the JEE exam. By removing JEE Advance, students are no longer given that security which enables them to freely form their own ideas and opinions. This year, at the International Physics Olympiad, all five members of the Indian team won gold. If JEE Advance is removed, it is assured that the same kind of performance will be seen across all such events in the coming years. 4) The ranking system: It is completely ridiculous to allocate branches to students who have no idea of the subjects they might be studying beforehand. Any rational person would agree that a student will perform better in a subject they actually want to study, rather than a subject which they got by chance. Ranks cannot and should not decide the careers of students. It is students who have to pick their careers. It is to be recognised that this practice is unique to the student selection process of IITs and that educational institutions around the world do not practise such primitive methods. It is true that a student may pursue their subject of interest outside an IIT, but practically it is impossible for a student to convince their parents or any other vested stakeholder that it is a good decision to sacrifice "security" over their personal interests.5) Coaching institutes: For-profit businesses have taken control over the lives of thousands of students and reap profit out of their success and failure. Increasing the difficulty of JEE Advance just pushes students towards these institutes and does nothing to curb the industry. Thousands of students are given false hopes that they will end up at an IIT and are readily exploited through the IIT brand. The IITs should recognise that they themselves are a part of the problem if they stand by and do nothing while businesses loot students in their name. The IITs have influenced the Indian society heavily over the years and this is another such critical point where the IITs have to make a strong move. They have the power to change the way Indian education works and they should use this ability for the greater good.The fate of thousands of students around the country is at stake.

Vishal Subramanyam
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