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Petition to Government of Japan, Shinzo Abe, Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau, Immigration Bureau of Japan

Ban Logan Paul from entering Japan ever again

Logan Paul recently uploaded a vlog where he went up and recorded a hanging body in the Aokigahara forest, at the base of Mt. Fuji in Japan, known as "Japan's suicide forest", due to its popularity as a suicide spot. He received widespread backlash for his actions, from international and Japanese social media, celebrities, politicians, and members of the YouTube community, for his tone-deaf treatment of suicide and mental health, in a country where suicide rates are high. He later deleted the video and made a written apology on Twitter, followed by a video apology, which receive more dislikes than likes, as of writing this petition. I believe, not just because of this extremely disgusting, intolerable and indefensible action, but also of his disrespect to the Japanese people, that he should not be welcome in the country. Earlier before this video was created, he uploaded a video titled "We Fought In The Middle Of Tokyo!", where he flocks around the city as if it is "a giant playground". He is seen sticking his camera in people's faces and cars without permission, which is in violation of Japan strict privacy laws about filming and photography. He then rides on Tsukiji fish market's work vehicles. He then stands in Shibuya with a dead fish and an octopus tentacle. He holds this dead fish and octopus tentacle against the window of a nearby Starbucks, then carries the fish and the octopus into a clothing store. He looks at merchandise in the store, while again, carrying the dead fish and the tentacle, then he leaves both on the back of a cab, which drives away. Later, he says, “Japanese people are so nice. First of all, they put up with me. Second of all, they laugh with me—sometimes at me.” “It’s just, I love Tokyo. I love Japan. Americans, we could learn a lot.” Unsurprisingly, he then gets backlash from Japanese people in the comments of the YouTube video. Because of his juvenile and insulting behavior in public (not just that but also with a long track record of juvenile behavior from his videos on his YouTube channel), and also the fact that he disrespectfully recorded a video of a suicide victim, which he should've very easily avoided, but instead uploads it anyway for the sake of getting views, that he should be barred from entering Japan, and declared persona non grata. I ask the Japanese Government and Prime Minister Abe to do this. He insulted Japan, therefore he should not be welcomed there anymore. What he did was sickening. It's a shame that he even had the gall to record this in Japanese soil. This is disrespectful to those who lost their lives in the forest; including the man in the video; their families; and also everyone who has dealt with suicidal thoughts and those who have attempted to take their lives. Suicide is not a joke. This cannot be tolerated, and this cannot be forgiven. Thus, he should not be welcome for his grave actions. Ban Logan Alexander Paul from entering Japan.

John Dotto
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Petition to Shinzō Abe, Tomihisa Taue, Fumio Kishada

Reveal Hashima Island's History of Forced Labor in The Current Brochure and Website

Dear Prime Minister of Japan, Dr. Sinzho Ave, Mayor of Nagasaki, Mr. Tomihisa Taue, and Prime Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Fumio Kishada, Please Watch the video above: 4 Angles-The Truth of Hashima Island:  I was fairly upset when I first heard about Hashima Island being selected as a  UNESCO world heritage site without any mention of the conscription and forced labour. From your perspective, the island should be valued as a proud symbol of Meiji industrial revolution. However, the Japanese government shouldn't forget or conceal the fact: 500 to 800 Koreans workers were forcibly taken to the island and 200 died from suffocation and hunger while digging coals.  It's not only unacceptable for the victims but also Korean citizens that the cruel aspects of the island were hidden behind the island's achievements for the industrial revolution. I appreciate that Japanese government has admitted the existence of forced labour in the island for the first time in 2009. Nevertheless, it's a reality that still hundreds of tourists around the world who visit the island each year only finds the island as a sign of a significant growth.  It started from the fabricated and biased explanations about the island's history. Some Japanese guides on the island proudly state, "The workers' pay was high and had plenty of food that there the young people waited in line to work here". They don't even mention the labourers who were taken to the island against their will. The current brochure and website exclude all of the information about forced labour, extreme tortures and lack of food supplies to Korean labourers. It only depicts their labours as reasonable efforts for the Japanese Industrialization Revolution.  The Japanese government has promised Korean government and UNESCO to take measures for visitors to understand the full history of the forced labour and conscription. However, not much action has been taken until now.  I urge your government to inform the tourists and the public that Hashima island wasn't a proper workplace for the labourers by adding the reality into the current brochure and website.  Hashima Island was an island of hell, where blameless people were forced to dig coals 12 hours a day in the coal mine 1000m under the sea level without proper tools or compensation. They were exposed to the dangerous methane gases and sea waters, which caused suffocation and skin infections. After the end of WWII (1945), they were forced to clean debris of nuclear attacks in Nagasaki. The human rights of the labourers were completely violated and they were regarded as slaves in the name of the evolution of Japanese Industry.  If Japanese government would like to sincerely apologize the victims and seek forgiveness, please alternate the brochure and website that are also translated into English, Korean and Chinese. Since they might lead to misunderstandings of Japanese and foreigners including those who haven't visited the island, the alternation is quite urgent. They should include a holistic view of the history: both the experiences of the victims and the impacts of the island on the industrial revolution. It shouldn't focus on only a certain aspect of the history but should honestly reveal all of the facts related to the island's past.  The forced labour against the will and the inhumane working conditions shouldn't happen in any part of the world again. Please let the world learn about the brutal aspects of the island the victims of Hashima Island's forced labour had to suffer. Please don't forget that there's a future for the race who opens and apologizes for the wrongdoings in the past.  Sincerely, Eunseul Heo

Eunseul Heo
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Petition to Ambassador Bill Hagerty, president Trump, Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson

Criminalize racism in Japan

Japan is in violation of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination in which Japan signed in 1995( Japan is also in violation of the Japan constitution article 14 which states “All of the people are equal under the law and there shall be no discrimination in political, economic or social relations because of race, creed, sex, social status or family origin.Peers and peerage shall not be recognized. No privilege shall accompany any award of honor, decoration or any distinction, nor shall any such award be valid beyond the lifetime of the individual who now holds or hereafter may receive it”( There have been and continue to be cases of blatant racism in Japan on a regular basis. Foreigners have been denied entry into businesses, denied apartment entry, and denied job interviews simply because of their race. Even when becoming a Japanese citizen, equal treatment is not given. If Japan wants a seat on the UN Security Council and host the Olympics, racism must be outlawed. Japan needs to be pressured to make this a reality because frankly, they seem to be even proud of this racism and will not change unless pressured into it. I ask President Trump, the Secretary of State, and the  ambassador to Japan to make it clear that they do not approve of the racism in Japan and the challenges it imposes on foreigners living in Japan.

出日道 里磨
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