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Petition to Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

Justice Now for the Shibayama Brothers

Dear IACHR Commissioners: We urge the IACHR to decide the case of Shibayama et al. vs USA (Case 12.545) and to rule in favor of the Shibayama brothers as soon as possible.  The three Shibayama brothers – Art, Ken, and Tak – seek to hold the US government accountable for its ongoing failure to provide redress for war crimes perpetrated against them as children during WWII. Our concerns are grave as it has been over 13 years since their petition was filed with the IACHR. During that time, the brothers have advanced in age and are facing health issues. The eldest is now 86 years old. With each passing year, the Shibayama brothers carry the burden of knowing that most of their fellow internees have died and soon there will be no one left who directly suffered these crimes against humanity to plead for justice. We join the Shibayama brothers in saying: No more! Women, children, and men must not be subjected to government-orchestrated kidnapping, indefinite detention/internment, forced deportation, and hostage exchange. The US government must be held accountable for these wartime violations and blatant infringements of the rule of law. Time is of the essence! Please rule in favor of the Shibayama brothers and hold the US government accountable so that similar practices do not devastate other communities now and in the future.  Thank you for your consideration. 

Campaign for Justice: Redress NOW for Japanese Latin Americans!
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Petition to President Donald J. Trump, United States Congress, United States Supreme Court, United States Senate, United Nations

A Petition to Enact a National Ban on all Anime and Related Content

Many petitions on this website are focused on big ticket items, such as climate change, bullying, politics, and more. However, there is an elephant in the room that must be addressed... Anime. Over the years it become crystal clear to me that Anime is not a form of entertainment, but rather a Japanese weapon disguised as mere media. Little do we know, the Japanese are using Anime as a form of payback for Hiroshima. It's their hidden weapon, and we've completely fallen asleep at the wheel. Anime is part of Shinzo Abe's master plan to take over our country. They are attempting to use Anime to create an entirely unfuckable generation of Americans so that we are unable to carry on our hereditary lines. Anime is a Japanese attempt to destroy the United States from the inside out, by converting the population into filthy weeaboos until there are no longer any human beings in this country that are capable of reproduction. Either this, or Anime will homogenize the entire American population with Japanese culture through subliminal messaging, at which point a hostile takeover could be completed with ease. Anime is creating an America in which new generations have no sexual drive, and thus, no incentive to reproduce.  In an Anime dominated America: Nobody will attend work, as they are too caught up in their crunchyroll subscription, this will lead to massive unemployment and will devastate our economy. Nobody will have sexual incentive to reproduce, and even if they did, nobody wants to have kids with a filthy weeaboo. The American diet would devolve into Japanese snacks and products, who's large sodium content could easily independently cause an America health crisis, but furthermore, it would create an American reliance on the Japanese food industry, so when the Japanese attempt to invade, they will cut off food exports, starving the country before the invasion even begins. The average American will become homogenized with Japanese culture, and will grow to resent the American government, at which point either America makes a cultural shift, and America becomes Japan from the inside out, or Americans begin to promote Japanese culture, and Japanese imperialism becomes inevitable. Subliminal messaging in Anime programs will brainwash Americans into accepting Japanese takeover. Hentai, and others forms of Japanese pornography, will create perverted Americans who promote pedophilia, rape, and a plethora of questionable fetishes. Americans will grow to be attracted to Hentai characters more than actual human beings, ending reproduction in this country as we know it. The effects of Anime spread at an exponential rate, meaning that the aforementioned impacts will quickly snowball. People who watch Anime always spread the word, meaning that even if somebody doesn't use electronics at all, it won't be long before they do. For these reasons and more, I call upon President Donald Trump to impose a nationwide ban on Anime, Hentai, Manga, and all related content and merchandise. This petition is key to preventing the hostile takeover of the Japanese, and preventing our population from degrading to worthless weeaboos. Sign this petition if you care about our children, and furthermore, the prosperity of our great nation.

Matthew Kim
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