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Demand Jair Bolsonaro's resignation as president of Brazil

Here’s the thing about the burning of the Amazon rain forest: It is NOT a natural accident (or simply an accident, like the much-compared Notre Dame fire). Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro has been aiming to  industrialize the rain forest since his election, and it’s  becoming more and more clear that he is not only responsible for the inaction in fighting the fire—he is also directly responsible for the causes of this fire. When Notre Dame burned, there was an  outpouring of response from the wealthy and powerful because saving one  building in Paris provided them with good rapport. But destroying the Amazon? That provides wealth, it provides land, it provides the  industrialization that Bolsonaro has been rallying for since he began in  politics through mining and cattle farms. The active deforestation happening in the Amazon is happening because of a political figure,  happening because it benefits industries who don’t care about their impact on the world. And what makes this so crucial to understand is  that we cannot, really, save the Amazon by fighting the fire with  donations and vegetarianism. We have to save the Amazon by fighting the man who created the fire and the companies who stand to gain the most by destroying it. Our ire must flow in a political vein, to the source of a man-made disaster grounded in extremism. We must stop him now to save the Amazon rainforest! Sign, spread and make yourselves heard!  --- “A house you can rebuild; a bridge you can restring; a washed-out road you can fill in. But there is nothing you can do about a tree but mourn.” ― Louise Dickinson Rich, We Took to the Woods --- Most of the description was provided by Silver Marmoset. To see more ways through which you can fight against the Amazon fires and especially against president Jair Bolsonaro, check their post here. Petition created by The Climate Crisis Movement. Spread the word. #PrayforAmazonia #ImagineYourLungsBeingOnFire #Amazon

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