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Petition to European Broadcasting Union, Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation, Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation

Palestine to join the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Israel - Peace Through Music!

The main goal of this petition is to make a step forward towards peace, through music, art and culture, between the nations of Israel and Palestine, as the politicians from both sides constantly fail to reach any solution. Right after Israel have won Eurovision 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal, with the song "Toy" by Netta, hence, won the right to host Eurovision in 2019, Israeli officials has declared Jerusalem as the host city for Eurovision 2019, ruling out any other city in the country. As it is known that Jerusalem has high importance for both sides, then why not making Jerusalem a city of peace instead of making the event more and more political? It is logical to believe that Palestine should not be offended if their send their representative to appear on a stage in Jerusalem, just as it is logical to believe that Israel should not be offended if they host a delegation from Palestine, just like all the other delegations. What Eurovision is all about, is to unite between all the participating nations, especially through the music, so, there is definitely no place for any kind of hatred or boycotts to be connected with it. Furthermore, Israeli website Mynet Jerusalem (in Hebrew) have claimed that as Jerusalem has only 9,000 hotel rooms, it was purposed that the nearby Palestinian city of Bethlehem will host the Eurovision tourists as well, a purpose which was welcomed by some sources in Bethlehem, according to the website. Therefore, if Palestine can host the Eurovision tourists, then why not participate in Eurovision? Although the Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation is not a member of the EBU, nor an associate member, Palestine lies within the borders of the European Broadcasting Area. So, for the sake of peaceful meaning and as mentioned before, through music, art and culture, an agreement can be reached, in order to invite Palestine as a special guest for Eurovision 2019. Based on the precedent of  Australia's first participation in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest, Palestine will get a free ticket to the Eurovision final (just like Australia in 2015), alongside Eurovision 2018 winners, Israel. Let The Music Win!

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Petition to help bring a change to UNIFIL's leadership

Beary MUST Go!

There’s Still Time to Avert War in Lebanon! The United Nations peacekeeping force, UNIFIL, deployed along the border between Israel and Lebanon has a mission – to prevent Hezbollah from re-arming itself and gaining more power.  UNIFIL doesn't do its job, it doesn't carry out its duties, and its commander doesn't function. Since 2006, Hezbollah has only grown stronger, and today its number of rockets are ten times bigger than that at the end of the Second Lebanon War. It has more than doubled the bumber of its fighters, and the organization grew more vicious, helping Syrian president Assad slaughter its own citizens.. Hezbollah's strengthening is, in part, a direct result of UNIFIL's incompetence and habit to turn a blind eye. How else can they explain that they have no evidence of illegal arms transfers to southern Lebanon? The conclusion is clear - UNIFIL FAILED in its mission! General Michael Berry, the head of UNIFIL, can't get the job done. As the US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nicky Hailey, described him - he is “blind” to Hezbollah's illegal arms trafficking. General Berry's term is about to end, but some European officials are trying to extend it by another term. A new leadership with proper experience, abilities and the will to succeed is the only chance to make a change UNIFIL and the make it possible to prevent the strengthening of Hezbollah. #BearyMustGo! Sign this petition and help bring a change to UNIFIL's leadership, and take a failed organization to a new path. Together we might be able to stop a war. ----- אפשר לעשות יותר כדי למנוע את המלחמה הבאה בין ישראל ללבנון! כוח שמירת השלום של האו"ם, יוניפי"ל, הפרוס לאורך הגבול בין ישראל ללבנון הוא כח האו"ם המופקד על עצירת התעצמות והתחמשות חיזבאללה בלבנון. אלא שמדובר בכח או"ם כושל, שלא מבצע את תפקידו, ועם מפקד שלא מתפקד. מאז 2006 חיזבאללה רק התעצם וגדל, וכיום כמות הטילים שבידיו גדולה פי *עשרה* מזו שהייתה בסיום מלחמת לבנון השנייה. מספר הלוחמים יותר מהכפיל את עצמו וגויסו עוד עשרות אלפי חיילי מילואים. התעצמותו של החיזבאללה היא, בין היתר, תוצאה ישירה של אוזלת היד של יוניפי"ל הטוענים באופן קבוע כי אין להם עדויות להעברה בלתי מורשית של נשק לדרום לבנון. המסקנה: יוניפי"ל נכשל בתפקידו! הגנרל מייקל ברי, העומד בראש יוניפי"ל הוא איש נחמד שאינו מבצע את תפקידו כנדרש. זה לא אנחנו אומרים, זה כבר אומרת שגרירת ארה"ב באו"ם, ניקי היילי, שקראה לו שקראה לו עיוור לנוכח התחמשות חיזבאללה. הגנרל ברי עומד בפני סיום תפקידו, אך גורמים אירופאים לוחצים בכדי להשאירו לכהונה נוספת. רק בעזרת הנהגה חדשה עם ניסיון מבצעי, שינוי הרכב הכוח ומתן כלים חדשים לכוחות, ניתן יהיה למנוע את התעצמות חיזבאללה ואף לפקח עליו בצורה אמיתית ואפקטיבית יותר. בקיצור- #BearyMustGo! חתמו על העצומה ויחד נביא להחלפת ההנהגה של יוניפי"ל, שאולי תיקח את הארגון הכושל לדרך חדשה.

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