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Free Palestine: Tell Pusha T, of Montreal, Flying Lotus & More to cancel Israel Festival!

  On September 8th 2018 a music festival entitled Meteor Festival will commence ( not if we are successful) in the occupied Golan Heights/South Lebanon region that Israel calls “Pecan Park”  billing artists of the likes of Pusha T, of Montreal, Flying Lotus, Rhye, Kamasi Washington, and many more. The Idea that these artists found it moral  to play at all rather than boycott the area until equal rights and citizenship and attainment to material value  can be achieved among the natives (Palestinians)or at least until their own government stops supplying ammunition and strategies that lead to the use of white phosphorus on the Gaza Strip in 2008 which is a banned gas as dangerous or more so than Bashar Al -Assad has on his own people should be beyond anyone with a moral compass’s min. The constant siege and land grabs associated with Israeli Settlements going back even prior to Stalin and Truman’s UN decision to divide the British Mandate of Palestine (the first colonization of Palestine) into 2 unequal states that lead to  a day now known as the Nakba there has been constant and slow moving genocide. B due to recent events  it is It is an entirely new level of misanthropy, apathy,malevolence, or all of the above to play in Trump <3 Bibi era September 2018 a year on a whole new level of horrific crisis. So horrific the US just permanently left the UN Human Rights Council in order to justify a situation that is going to leave Gaza uninhabitable very soon.  All artists will be complicit in the Hasbara used after the event to make it seem as if the following events were just state quarrels that artists best not be involved in.  The recent massacre of 123 protestors The Jerusalem embassy move the UN report on Gaza being unlivable by 2020 unless trends are reversed with 2 million people living in an area where Israel controls all the water which is 97% contaminated and in 2015 shut off the West Bank’s water during Ramadan as well as the electric grid which  “is as low as at 90 megawatts in recent days against the 450 megawatts needed”       Please sign this petition with the hopes of changing the course of history and start to restore Palestinian’s their humanity. Artists of all people should understand that show where they are going to play where no Palestinians are available to see is the same as Artists who played for segregated audiences in southern USA in the times of the 50s and 60s .        “Israel overtly uses culture as a form of propaganda to whitewash or justify its regime of occupation, settler-colonialism and apartheid over the Palestinian people. Just as South African anti-apartheid activists had called on international artists, writers and cultural institutions to culturally boycott South Africa, PACBI urges international cultural workers and cultural organizations, including unions and associations, to boycott and/or work towards the cancellation of events, activities, agreements, or projects involving Israel, its lobby groups or its cultural institutions. International venues and festivals are asked to reject funding and any form of sponsorship from the Israeli government. Thousands of artists across the world now refuse to perform in Israel, including a host of global superstars such as Roger Waters from Pink Floyd, Lauryn Hill and Chuck D.”  

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