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Petition to help bring a change to UNIFIL's leadership

Beary MUST Go!

There’s Still Time to Avert War in Lebanon! The United Nations peacekeeping force, UNIFIL, deployed along the border between Israel and Lebanon has a mission – to prevent Hezbollah from re-arming itself and gaining more power.  UNIFIL doesn't do its job, it doesn't carry out its duties, and its commander doesn't function. Since 2006, Hezbollah has only grown stronger, and today its number of rockets are ten times bigger than that at the end of the Second Lebanon War. It has more than doubled the bumber of its fighters, and the organization grew more vicious, helping Syrian president Assad slaughter its own citizens.. Hezbollah's strengthening is, in part, a direct result of UNIFIL's incompetence and habit to turn a blind eye. How else can they explain that they have no evidence of illegal arms transfers to southern Lebanon? The conclusion is clear - UNIFIL FAILED in its mission! General Michael Berry, the head of UNIFIL, can't get the job done. As the US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nicky Hailey, described him - he is “blind” to Hezbollah's illegal arms trafficking. General Berry's term is about to end, but some European officials are trying to extend it by another term. A new leadership with proper experience, abilities and the will to succeed is the only chance to make a change UNIFIL and the make it possible to prevent the strengthening of Hezbollah. #BearyMustGo! Sign this petition and help bring a change to UNIFIL's leadership, and take a failed organization to a new path. Together we might be able to stop a war. ----- אפשר לעשות יותר כדי למנוע את המלחמה הבאה בין ישראל ללבנון! כוח שמירת השלום של האו"ם, יוניפי"ל, הפרוס לאורך הגבול בין ישראל ללבנון הוא כח האו"ם המופקד על עצירת התעצמות והתחמשות חיזבאללה בלבנון. אלא שמדובר בכח או"ם כושל, שלא מבצע את תפקידו, ועם מפקד שלא מתפקד. מאז 2006 חיזבאללה רק התעצם וגדל, וכיום כמות הטילים שבידיו גדולה פי *עשרה* מזו שהייתה בסיום מלחמת לבנון השנייה. מספר הלוחמים יותר מהכפיל את עצמו וגויסו עוד עשרות אלפי חיילי מילואים. התעצמותו של החיזבאללה היא, בין היתר, תוצאה ישירה של אוזלת היד של יוניפי"ל הטוענים באופן קבוע כי אין להם עדויות להעברה בלתי מורשית של נשק לדרום לבנון. המסקנה: יוניפי"ל נכשל בתפקידו! הגנרל מייקל ברי, העומד בראש יוניפי"ל הוא איש נחמד שאינו מבצע את תפקידו כנדרש. זה לא אנחנו אומרים, זה כבר אומרת שגרירת ארה"ב באו"ם, ניקי היילי, שקראה לו שקראה לו עיוור לנוכח התחמשות חיזבאללה. הגנרל ברי עומד בפני סיום תפקידו, אך גורמים אירופאים לוחצים בכדי להשאירו לכהונה נוספת. רק בעזרת הנהגה חדשה עם ניסיון מבצעי, שינוי הרכב הכוח ומתן כלים חדשים לכוחות, ניתן יהיה למנוע את התעצמות חיזבאללה ואף לפקח עליו בצורה אמיתית ואפקטיבית יותר. בקיצור- #BearyMustGo! חתמו על העצומה ויחד נביא להחלפת ההנהגה של יוניפי"ל, שאולי תיקח את הארגון הכושל לדרך חדשה.

Abba Eban Institute
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Petition to Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu

Mr.Netanyahu – Repeal the Nation-State Law and the amendment to the Surrogacy Law at once!

Mr. Prime Minister and members of the Knesset, Public Statement We – leaders of the Jewish communities worldwide, activists, writers, screenwriters, playwrights, academic  scholars, join the Leading members of Israel's  arts and letters community – and would like to express to you our utmost shock and dismay, in light of the recent laws passed by the Israeli Knesset under your leadership, first and foremost the Nation-State Law and the Surrogacy Law. According to a  law recently passed by the Knesset and entitled “Israel: The Nation-State of the Jewish People”, Israel is now defined as a nation-state for Jews only. This is a Basic Law, with quasi-constitutional status, that explicitly allows racial and religious discrimination, rescinds the status of Arabic as an official language alongside Hebrew, does not mention democracy as the basis of the regime, and does not mention equality as a core value. As such, this Basic Law is undemocratic and runs counter to the definition of the State of Israel as a democratic state; moreover, it contradicts the Declaration of Independence, based on which Israel was founded. These are two things no Knesset has a right to do. The Knesset also amended the Surrogacy Law, when it extended the list of people who are eligible to receive the services of a surrogate child-bearer, to include single women who have a medical condition preventing them from having a child, but excluded single men and gay couples. Those two laws exclude Christian and Muslim Arabs (including Bedouin), Druze and Circassians, and violate the LGBTQ community’s right for parenthood. They are part of a long list of actions by the various governments of the State of Israel that you have headed, from 1996 to 1999 and from 2009 to this day, and have unjustly penalized the most excluded and disadvantaged sectors in both Jewish and Israeli society, including Reform and Conservative Judaism, the Arab (including Bedouin), Druze and Circassian minorities, the sick and elderly, Holocaust survivors and differently-abled people, single women, Ethiopian Jews and many more. During your years in office, you and those governments have persistently eroded the foundations of our Jewish-democratic country. You have damaged the relations between Israel and United States Jewry; you have sentenced huge populations to continued poverty and hardship; and you have knowingly and purposely damaged Israel's education system, public diplomacy, culture and economy, defense and welfare. By doing so, you have done severe harm to Israeli society. But the most severe damage has affected the values of equality and mutual responsibility, on which Israel's society is based and from which it draws its strength. We demand that you immediately repeal the Nation-State Law, which has created a rift between Israeli society and United States Jewry; discriminates against Arabs (including Bedouin), Druze and Circassians; and damages the coexistence of Israel's Jewish majority with its minorities. Moreover, we demand your immediate response to the call for equality on behalf of the members of the LGBTQ community. It is unthinkable for the State of Israel to stand between a person and that person's natural desire to become a parent and to establish a family. Felonies and misdemeanors properly defined as such by law fall under the jurisdiction of a court. On the other hand, sins that are infamously written into the law itself by the elected lawmakers – sins that undermine the core of the Jewish people’s existence and its homeland – must be judged by intellectuals and by the court of history. Please stop your government and coalition members from scourging minorities that create the colorful mosaic that is Israeli society and help to guarantee its existence. Do it now! ******************************************************************************************* Hundreds of writers, poets, playwrights, screenwriters and members of Israel’s arts and letters community issued a dramatic call this evening to the Prime minister of Israel, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, to repeal the Nation-State Law and the amendment to the Surrogacy Law, which discriminates against Israel’s LGBTQ community. The public statement was initiated and set in motion by Israeli gay writer Ilan Sheinfeld, a father of twins who were born through surrogacy in India and currently a resident of Tuval in the Galilee. “The public statement that I formulated knowingly and deliberately links the opposition to the Nation-State Law with the opposition to the Surrogacy Law,” said Ilan Sheinfeld. “As I see it, Israel’s LGBTQ community, in its efforts that transcend borders and sectors of the population, and that continue to receive unprecedented support from all strata of Israel’s public, has kindled a struggle that is far greater than the Surrogacy Law itself. It is the struggle for equal rights and mutual responsibility in Israel. Sharing in that struggle are all of the weak and excluded sectors of Israeli society, including the members of the LGBTQ community and everyone who has been harmed by the Nation-State Law. This was also the rationale behind the phrasing of the public statement, which was shortened on the recommendation of David Grossman and with the assistance of Navit Barel and Eshkol Nevo. I thank all those who assisted me in obtaining signatures for the public statement in the course of this weekend, including Tamar Peleg, Nira Tuval, Adiva Geffen, Yair Ben-Chaim, Eshkol Nevo, Zeruya Shalev, Idit Shchori, Prof. Gad Kaynar-Kissinger, Orna Akad, and many others. Thanks also to Amit Alexander Lev-Brinker and Sharon Neeman for the translation into English, and to Michal Sela and Gal Amir for the translation into Arabic.”  

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Petition to State's Attorney David I. Cohen

Tell Connecticut State's Attorney: Drop all charges against anti-apartheid protesters Daniel Fischer and Gregory Williams

On May 12, 2015, two Jewish anti-apartheid activists, Daniel Fischer and Gregory Williams, entered a fundraiser for the Israeli military at Temple Israel synagogue in Westport, Connecticut, and attempted to read testimony of a Palestinian woman whose son was killed during Israel’s 2009 massacre in Gaza. “We were there, first and foremost, because we are Jews,” Williams said, “and we wanted to take responsibility for the racism in our community that fuels Jewish American support for the Zionist Apartheid regime’s continued occupation of Palestinian land.” Temple Israel staff responded by throwing both protesters to the ground and filing a false police complaint that the two were armed. Yet Daniel and Gregory were arrested and charged with breach of peace and criminal trespassing in the first degree. The synagogue’s actions reflect longstanding attempts to silence those who stand up to Israel's ongoing campaign of terror and dispossession against the Palestinian people. We call on State's Attorney David I. Cohen to drop all charges against Fischer and Williams. Daniel Fischer and Gregory Williams spoke truth to power. Let their example inspire others to do the same. The office for State's Attorney David I. Cohen has no email. To demand justice for Fischer and Williams, please call 203-965-5215.

Jews for Palestinian Right of Return
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