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Petition to Chair of the National Executive Committee of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Tom Watson MP, John McDonnell MP, Andi Fox

Labour members declaring Israel a racist endeavour ask NEC to abandon full IHRA

We Labour Party members declare Israel to be a racist endeavour. We are  not anti-Jewish.  We challenge our National Executive Committee to expel us from the Party, if you believe that, according to the IHRA definition you adopted on the 4th Sept, we are anti-Semitic. If you will not, we expect you to return Labour to its previous position, which allowed full freedom of speech on Israel.* We also call into question the adopted point 3) "Applying double standards to Israel by requiring of it a behaviour not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation". Israel cannot claim to be a democratic nation. Haaretz noted that the number of Arabs in Israel (including Gaza and the West Bank) will exceed that of Jews by 2020. If it were a true democracy, the country would shortly be ruled by Arabs, a prospect so terrifying to Jewish leaders that they can only maintain their control through denying the 4.4 million Arabs living in the occupied areas the right to vote in national elections. We believe that of 550,000 members, the fact that only 45 alleged cases are active in the LBC leaked dossier shows there is no particular problem with anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. However, adopting the full IHRA will multiply the number of these cases many times over. Please keep the Labour Party united and abandon the added examples that stifle me from expressing my view on the racist nature of Israel and the lack of democracy there. My name is below. More info: *We are aware that Corbyn was minded to add the rider to Labour's IHRA, which was rejected - "It should not be regarded as anti-Semitic to describe Israel, its policies or the circumstances around its foundation as racist because of their discriminatory impact, or to support another settlement of the Israel-Palestine conflict." We urge the party to adopt this rider in full, in order to keep us as members. See article in American Jewish online Mondoweiss based on question posed to NEC candidates in favour of full IHRA  “If it’s passed and I said Israel is a racist state, would I get expelled?” and article on current fallout in UK Labour "Why let Netanyahu write the Labour rulebook?" Understand why Israel is a racist endeavour by reading, also in Mondoweiss, "Israel’s new Jewish Nation State law is a reaction to Palestinian demands for equality — Ben White" On the 5th Sept, Labour MPs voted, with 205 in favour with no caveats and 8 against. One in favour said: “Every other institution in the UK from the police and schools to universities and courts use the IHRA definition. For the Labour Party not to, sets us apart from the entire country and the stories that have come out since, show that the leadership has some anti-Semitism on them. That’s not right for a party and persons that want to lead the country.” But just because the schools and Unis were browbeaten into it by May’s Government, it does not mean that Labour should be too. Also note that 80% of Conservative MPs are members of “Conservative Friends of Israel” so it’s no surprise the Government is on the side of Netanyahu on this. Israel is pulling every UK politicians’ strings, as Al Jazeera’s undercover investigation “The Lobby” shows. Jewish Voice for Peace shows many Jewish organisations also decry the full IHRA. See Jewish Voice for Labour Submission to Labour Party Consultation on Definition of Antisemitism. Also Anti-Palestinian Racism is hatred towards or prejudice against Palestinians as Palestinians . 29 leading rabbis of the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations recently issued a statement where they supported “respected” Corbyn and distanced themselves from “irresponsible claims in the media that the Jews of Britain are outraged towards him. Read it at  [as at 21/9/18, 5 more have signed, so it's now 34 rabbis] The instant Palestinians get support from someone who might gain power– out comes the anti-semitism charge Mondoweiss 5/9/18.  Labour was founded on social justice - and that's what this is about. The abominable treatment of Arabs by Israel, enshrined in law, is the biggest recruiting tool for Al Quaeda, ISIS and the rest. By refusing to allow us to speak the truth about Israel, the world is made a more dangerous place. There are 2.8 million Muslims in the UK. Most Muslims identify with the Palestinians. They see a Labour Party keen to appease Zionists, but deaf to Arab views. The Party ignores this demographic to its disadvantage. Muslims have little confidence that a Labour Government will be serious about addressing the biggest problem in the Middle East. The UK has 370,000 Jews... Please also sign petition "IHRA: WE THE MEMBERS MUST DECIDE NOT ISRAEL LOBBY" We have prepared a model defence if the NEC acts against us- read it here. More info at

Pete Gregson
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Petition to Jeremy Corbyn MP, Theresa May MP, Vince Cable MP, Nicola Sturgeon, Jonathan Bartley, Caroline Lucas, Siân Berry

We demand that all UK political parties disaffiliate with all pro-Israel lobby groups.

It is ethically and morally unacceptable for any British political party to nurture affiliations with any apartheid state. Israel 'is' an apartheid state. It is nothing short of hypocritical for leaders of British Political Party's to, on the one hand, praise the legacy of Nelson Mandela and participate in remembering the struggle of millions of South Africans under the fascist South African Apartheid State while at the same time nurturing affiliations with groups supporting another fascist apartheid state, in Israel.Israel has killed thousands of innocent Palestinian men woman and children over many years and has no qualms about shooting or imprisoning young children. Israel continues it's illegal occupation of Palestinian lands and pursues it's campaign to forcibly remove Palestinian families from their homes to make way for illegal Israeli settlements, unabated. In a decades long land grab, Israel has displaced close to a million Palestinian people and today occupies almost the entire Palestinian territory.... Israel has also kettled over 1.8 Million Palestinians into Gaza, a small strip of land which it has effectively turned into an open air prison through blockades. Israel refuses to allow human rights and relief organisations access to Gaza. It also refuses to provide the people of Gaza with access to clean water and a regular supply of electricity and it even blocks access to medicines. In fact it frequently delays or even refuses medical care, including vital cancer treatments, for the people of Gaza. crimes of the Israeli Apartheid state are numerous and well documented and it is wholly immoral for any British political party to continue to affiliate with any group or organisation supporting or promoting Israeli interests under the circumstances. We call on all British political parties to officially declare their solidarity with the victims of apartheid and to immediately disaffiliate with any and all groups supporting the Israeli Apartheid state.

Koser Saeed
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Petition to vegans

Vegans for BDS

How do you define veganism? A movement for compassion? Against violence? Against all forms of exploitation? For most vegans, the core belief is that everyone has a right to life. We need to make it clear that Israel’s sudden appropriation of veganism should not be another calculated step for it to earn support from the international community. Just as the LGBTQ community rejected Israeli pinkwashing, we too will reject veganwashing. Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) is the strongest possibility for an end to the occupation. We are using this Change petition to ask vegans to commit to one element of the BDS campaign: refusing to buy products from illegal Israeli settlements. Ironically, the world’s most oppressive settler-colonizer regime has come to be the face of veganism: PETA says we should take a leaf out of the IDF’s book for providing vegan uniforms, overlooking how these soldiers have been enforcing an illegal occupation for over 50 years. The BBC calls Israel the most vegan country in the world per capita, with 5% identifying as vegans, ignoring the fact that Israel is thriving on trade of agricultural produce from illegal Israeli settlements. Prime Minister Netanyahu has been celebrated for speaking out against cruelty towards animals, overlooking the ongoing war crimes which have killed thousands of Palestinian civilians and caused hundreds of thousands to become refugees. Israel hosted the world’s largest animal rights demonstration in history in 2017, and the international vegan community turned up in huge numbers, ignoring the Palestinian call for international boycott as the strongest possibility for an end to the occupation. As vegans, we encourage people to make the connection between oppression and the food we eat. We encourage people to choose compassion. But how can we expect people to listen to our movement, when we ignore theirs? I’ve been to Palestine, and seen with my own eyes how Israeli settlements oppress and instil fear into Palestinian friends. Violently evicting people from their homes and forcing them to become refugees is NOT vegan by my standards. Is it by yours? We need to say to the world, now, that OCCUPATION ISN'T VEGAN. Let’s tell the world the occupation is not happening in our name. Let’s refuse to buy any products from illegal settlements and take a stance against occupation. Vegans for peace; vegans for the boycott.

Reject Israel's appropriation of veganism
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