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Petition to Mr. Mark Sesnan, Councillor Janet Burgess

GLL: Start listening to your members!

Greenwich Leisure Ltd (GLL) has been making major changes to its fitness programme and business practices across its Islington-based centres without consulting with its members.  We members are losing the very classes and facilities we pay for.  Fees are going up, but we are getting less. If you would like to have a voice in how Islington’s centres are being developed, please sign this petition. In 2014, Islington Council gave GLL a £10 million contact to run its sports and fitness facilities.   At the time, many residents and members expressed concerns that there was no clear commitment from GLL to retain the classes and trainers that the members want and support through their membership fees. Recently, GLL has undertaken a number of changes that have directly and negatively impacted its members, including cancelling some of the most popular classes (those that are consistently full) and reducing the fitness programme across its Islington centres. GLL has not consulted with its members about what they want to see in their fitness programme or taken their interests and priorities into account.  By withholding information until said changes are imminent, members are deprived of the opportunity to raise objections or offer constructive feedback. GLL markets itself as a social enterprise “for the good of the community” that works “for the benefit of everyone” and is “socially minded,” yet the very members who make up this community are being excluded from the process of developing Islington’s sports facilities in a way that will meet their needs- for exercise and healthy social interaction. Members of the GLL-managed facilities are paying for their memberships and as many are also Islington residents, they also pay council taxes.  Both GLL and Islington Council are accountable to the members for changes to the centres that will affect them directly. If you believe that GLL should immediately hold consultations with its members and ensure that the classes/activities/trainers we want are retained, please sign this petition.   Please forward the petition to those who may also wish to sign. Please take care to only complete the survey once.  Duplicate entries will not be counted. Thank you.  

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Petition to The Rt Hon Philip Hammond MP

Freeze the Government's Business Rates Rise!

Huge Government increases in business rates bills for Islington businesses could see small and medium sized businesses forced to close or move out of the borough. The Government needs to freeze the implementation of the business rates rise. The Government has revalued the rateable value of businesses in Islington, which will see massive increases in business rates bills for local companies. The Government’s increase in rateable values for business premises in Islington is the 3rd highest in England at approximately 45%. As business representatives and the local council, we are deeply concerned about the Government’s revaluation of rateable values and the impact increases in business rates will have on local businesses, especially small and medium sized companies. The Government’s increase in business rates could force businesses out of the borough and prevent new businesses from starting up. The Government needs to look again at the impact the revaluation will have on businesses in Islington. Sign the petition to call on the Government to – Freeze the implementation of the business rates revaluation until after Britain leaves the European Union, to provide protection for businesses that will be impacted by the uncertainty of Brexit. Extend transitional reliefs for businesses affected by higher business rates. Give help to small businesses by increasing the threshold for Small Business Rate Relief in inner London, funded by national Government. This petition is jointly organised by Islington Chamber of Commerce and Angel BID and supported by Islington Council.

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