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Petition to Northern Ireland Local Government Commissioner for standards

Reinstate Councillor Jolene Bunting to Belfast City Council - NOW!

Independent-Unionist, Councillor, Jolene Bunting, has been SUSPENDED from Belfast City Council for a period of 4 months, for daring to criticise ISLAM and defend "ANTI-ISLAMISATION" leaflets, distributed by a group, in South/East Belfast. Jolene, was democratically ELECTED to serve the good people of Court Ward (Great Shankill), Belfast, back in 2014. She works dam hard, not only for the people of the Shankill but for ALL citizens of Belfast, who contact her for help and advice with housing, bin collections, benefits, etc. Not only is Jolene, SUSPENDED for voicing concerns about Islam, but she could also find herself DISQUALIFIED from standing for re-election for 5 years, at the end of the Commissioner’s politically motivated 'WITCH-HUNT' It is absolutely APPALLING that anyone with a mandate to represent should be CENSORED, for simply expressing concerns raised with them, by their constituents. "Not to speak would be the great betrayal" Jolene, has NEVER BEEN IN TROUBLE with the police, unlike some Councillors who sit in the same Council Chamber. Convicted, Bank robbers and Bomb makers sit in Belfast’s council chamber, yet, Jolene is the person accused of "Bringing Belfast City Council into disrepute", you couldn't make it up!!! Yes, like everyone, Jolene has made mistakes, the 'MEAN MEME' she Tweeted for example, once she realised it may have made light of the Irish potato Famine she took it down and later apologised on a live radio phone-in show. Maybe you know Jolene, maybe you don't. Maybe you like her or maybe you don't, but whether you support her opinion or not, she MUST be afforded the right to Freedom of Speech. Jolene, is a strong and courageous, young woman, however she cannot fight, the might of the forces against, alone. If you support Freedom of Speech you must SIGN and SHARE this petition: email it to your friends, share it on your social media accounts, please help get the word out every way you can. This is not about Jolene, THIS IS ABOUT DEMOCRACY, why in a democratic society, are we not free to talk about Islam? This case has made history, the action taken against Jolene is completely UNPRECEDENTED, no other Councillor in the United Kingdom has been reprimand for expressing an opinion, no matter how un-PC! Please SHARE this petition with your local elected politicians; Councillors, MLA's, MP's, MEP's, anyone with influence? Ask them, are they prepared to stand for Free-Speech, will they have the balls to support Jolene in her fight for FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY? Keep up-to-date with the latest developments: Facebook- @CouncillorJoleneBunting Twitter- @CllrBunting Other ways to contact Jolene: Phone- 07876743222 Email- If you would like to read more on the LUDICROUS complaints made against her by political opponents, you can do so at: Media coverage of Jolene's case: #JusticForJolene #StandForFreeSpeech  

Wayne Cummings
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Petition to Theresa May MP, Muslim Council of Great Britain, Sajid Javid

Make Birmingham a new Muslim semi-autonomous area of the U.K. called New Medina.

We have a growing Muslim community facing discrimination in England, and Birmingham specifically. Therefore, to alow their culture to thrive and grow alongside Britain, we should transform Birmingham into a semi-autonomous area of the UK - New Medina. It would be the home for Muslims in Britain to control, while maintaining the benefits of being part of the UK. This is similar to the Scottish, northern Irish or welsh governments.  I personally come from a household where Muslims would be very welcome to eat with us (not during Ramadan of course!) and would be welcome to pray in our immaculately designed living room.   So of course, I am not an islamophobe, nor a segregationist, but I have been pondering this idea with my Muslim friends on how to ensure that islamic culture can be kept alive without unnecessary outside interference.  Many have asked me, “But Petey, what about the non Muslims living in the current Birmingham? What happens to them?”  My response is simple; I tell them that, just as in wales or Scotland, they can choose to stay as British citizens, or they can move to another part of the U.K.    Please feel free to ask questions, and no, this is in no way a joke.  Sincerely, Peter Robinson, Chairman of the Birmingham Board of Interfaith Relations (2015-incumbent) and Chief of the Cross Religious Harmony Committee (2012-incumbent).  I have also been chairman of the Hampshire Board of Religious Harmony (2001-2010), a member of the Hamshire Religious Council (1992-2008), a member of the Midlands Religious council (2011-2016) and a member of the South-West Committee for Multifaith Support (1990-1996). I have been parts of many interfaith committees, doing my part to ease relations between faiths countrywide. I have worked in the southwest and midlands. I have been working at this job since I was about 25. 

Pete Robinson
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Petition to Police Commissioner, Royal Parks, Metropolitan Police

Enforce the rules regarding praying at speakers corner for all religions.

While Britain’s constitution remains famously unwritten (and it was only in 1998 that Parliament formally adopted its own Human Rights Act), this country has had a tradition of respect for freedom of speech and the right of assembly which has not only shaped its own democracy but has also inspired and continues to influence the development of others. One of the most powerful symbols of that tradition is to be found on a parcel of land which lies roughly between the site of the old Tyburn gallows and the Reform Tree in London’s Hyde Park. There for over a century men and women, some famous (including Karl Marx, William Morris, Vladimir Lenin, George Orwell, Marcus Garvey and Lord Soper) but most not, have dissented and denounced, canvassed and converted, preached and proselytised, and in so doing given expression to the fundamental rights of citizens to gather together to hear and be heard. Speakers’ Corner was itself born out the struggle for civil liberties in Victorian Britain and its establishment was a significant milestone in the development of our democratic institutions. It occupies a part of Hyde Park where, in the mid-nineteenth century, the Chartists held mass protests against the suppression of the rights of working people, including the right of assembly, and the Reform League organised huge rallies to demand the widening of the franchise. The Times, reflecting the unease of the establishment of the day, declared after one such demonstration that “it is against all reason and all justice that motley crowds from all parts of the metropolis should take possession of Hyde Park, and interfere with the enjoyments of those to whom the Park more particularly belongs”. In the end the Government had to bow to popular pressure. In the Parks Regulation Act of 1872 Parliament granted the Park Authorities the right to permit public meetings and Speakers’ Corner, already heavy with history, was born. For over a century it has been a focus for protest and debate and the symbol of a free society and a mature democracy. The Royal Parks (TRP) does not permit collective acts of worship or other religious observances in the TRP estate, either in their own right or as part of a demonstration, event or other activity. This includes spoken or sung communal prayers or other events that are primarily religious in focus. Exceptions are made for annual acts of remembrance at the regimental memorials in the Parks, which have taken place since the First World War.As a public body, it is not the place of The Royal Parks to make value judgments between one religious observance and another. We must either permit all collective religious observances or refuse them all. Our approach is to continue to refuse all such observances on the grounds that they are not traditional park-related activities and the disadvantages to the public at large of allowing them would almost certainly outweigh the benefits to adherents of a particular religion or belief. The policy extends to the construction of structures within the estate with a religious significance.Cultural events that do not include collective religious activity are permittedsubject to the standard approval process. My point being the park has never aloud religious prayers it is not permitted for anybody. Yet week after week there are Muslims in mass praying. The police do not stop them. They turn a blind eye. They remove anybody from the area tht questions WHY acts of worship are being allowed.  We have to keep the history of the park and what speakers corner has been used for, for many many years.  Stop ALL religious prayers and worship from all religious groups. 

tasha Johnston
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Petition to Michelle Russell

STOP Masjid Al - Rawdha From Becoming A CIO

Milton Keynes Islamic & Cultural Association (MKICA) or Masjid Al - Rawdha as we are better known as, is a truly grassroots organisation that came into being in 2001 to meet the needs of the growing Muslim community in Milton Keynes, UK. We gained a registered charity status in 2008 with charity number 1126949 and from there on, we have gone from strength to strength. The entire community pooled their money and jewelry together with the aim of acquiring a suitable building and making it a Masjid for the benefit for the community. By the grace of God and with the help of thousands of our Muslim brothers and sisters in the UK and abroad, we raised enough money to purchase an office block in the city centre in 2012 then soon after obtained a planning permission from the council to convert it into a Masjid and a community centre. It was a remarkable achievement and a joyous moment for all involved. Things where not always perfect in terms of the services offered at the centre and the progress made so far, but we remained optimistic that things would improve soon. Unfortunately though, members of the community have recently discovered very sad chain of events that culminated in upsetting many members and caused a great deal of  concern regarding the masjid and its future. The trustees/management team (they are one and the same) who were entrusted with running the affairs of the masjid on behalf of the community, have in total secrecy and without any consultation or approval from the community, initiated via a solicitor a formal process to change the legal structure of the charity. They have written in secrecy a new and totally unjust and unislamic governing document (constitution) that is not worthy of a Masjid. If this change succeeds, it will put our masjid and its assets at a great deal of risk so it must not be allowed to happen. The trustees want to convert the current unincorporated charity that has served us well for 6.5 years into a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) which is a form of a legal entity suitable to certain organisations who may handle large amounts of money and want to protect their trustees and management against liability. However, this is not suitable for our own charity or our needs. This new form of legal structure brings with it a whole host of risks that the community cannot afford to take for the sake of protecting the trustees alone. The interest of the Masjid and the Community is far greater than that of any trustees. As per the new constitution, the trustees have the powers to do what they want with the chairty, without accountability to anyone. They have given themselves exessive rights and benefits, including the rights to select and appoint trustees alone. No one else will have the power to remove, replace or add new trustees, only the current 6 trustees have this power alone. They have stripped the entire community who have invested heavily in creating the charity, and to date, make 100% of the donations for its regular upkeep and maintenance taking away their basic right to vote and have a say in who will run the Charity and be a trustee. Among other things, the new constitution contains the following clauses. The trustees can: Borrow money using the Masjid assets as security for repayment Buy, sell, lease, exchange, or hire Masjid’s property Hold investments or Masjid property in the name of a Nominee Be reimbursed from the Masjid property / funds Benefit trustees from indemnity insurance purchased by the Masjid Only the current 6 trustees can remove, replace or appoint new trustees. No one else can as everyone else is a non-voting member at best. This means the trustees can remain in control forever if they so wish and no one can remove them. Furthermore: Trustee or a connected person may receive benefits from the Masjid (See below for an explanation of who a connected person can be as defined in the new constitution) Trustee or a connected person may be employed by the Masjid to teach, provide religious instructions/services, guidance etc. Trustee or a connected person may provide goods & services to the Masjid Trustee or a connected person may receive rent for premises let by them to the Masjid Trustees can wind up or dissolve the Charity, or transfer its business to another charity. The new constitution explains the meaning of a connected person as follows: A "Connected person" means: (i) a child, parent, grandchild, grandparent, brother or sister, spouse or partner of a trustee; (ii) a person in business partnership with a trustee or connected person; (iii) an institution controlled by a trustee or any connected person". If the Charity is wound up (bankrupt), each member of the trustees is liable to contribute no more than £10 for payment of Masjid’s debts and liabilities. The full constitution can be downloaded from here and we urge everyone to download and read its entirety to get a clear understanding of it. Finally, we find this action by the trustees totally unacceptable and not worthy of an action expected of trustees of an Islamic charity, a Masjid in particular. We feel that it is a betrayal of trust and a gross misconduct and we therefore request the Charity Commision to: Immediately reject and decline the pending CIO application. Conduct a thorough investigation into the charity to ensure that no other malpractice, mismanagement or misconduct has taken place. Eject and disqualify all 6 trustees who have betrayed the trust instilled in them and who initiated this unjust action on the charity and its community. Ensure that the affairs of the charity is brought back to the community to choose more worthy trustees who are open, transparent and accountable to them.

Abu Ilyas
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